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Road Running Shoes • November 28, 2023

On Cloudeclipse Review: Total Eclipse of our Hearts

on cloudeclipse cover

What You Need To Know


10 oz. (285 g) for a US M9,

8.5 oz. (240 g) for a US W7.5

Stack Height / Drop

37 mm in heel, 31 mm in forefoot (6 mm drop)

Best For

Stacked-up recovery runs

Key Features

Dual-layer CloudTec Phase midsole, Helion superfoam, midfoot speedboard, Dope-dyed upper

On The Run
Comfortable, breathable upper Smooth heel-toe transition Slightly temperature temperamental midsole


Introduction to the On Cloudeclipse

MEAGHAN: It was December of 2022 when On first showed us the Cloudecipse. We were at The Running Event, and the team had us pretty excited about the debut of this max-cushioned trainer. Fast forward almost a year, and we’re finally getting to test it out for ourselves. As someone who loves a thick stack of foam underfoot, I was excited to lace this one up.

The midsole is stacked with On’s Helion superfoam (37 mm in the heel, 31 mm in the forefoot), a double layer of Cloudtec Phase cushioning, and a flexible speedboard in the midfoot shank. The upper is dope dyed, a coloring process that uses 90% less water than standard dyeing techniques, so I guess you can feel pretty good about that. All of this sounds pretty great on paper, but how did it feel on the roads? Let’s get into it.

THOMAS: As DJ Kalid would say, “Another one!” On is on a roll. Or, as Drake would say, they “started from the bottom, now they’re here.” From being one of our least liked run performance brands to one of our team’s favorite. I couldn’t tell you one of their models I enjoyed running in two years ago. Now, I can list out four daily trainers I can recommend, the Cloudmonster, Cloudgo, Cloudsurfer, and now the Cloudeclipse. So yeah, spoiler alert, the Coudeclipse gets high marks from me.

CARYN: On is one of those brands that seems to have American footwear tightly in its clutches. It’s at the gym, the grocery store, at work — heck, even our vet was wearing a pair of On shoes when we stopped in last week. I’m going to give at least partial credit to the Coffee Club Pod here (Morgan, George, Olli, and Gus are four of the best representatives that On could ask for), as the brand is clearly moving into heavy hitter territory (and they haven’t even touched speedwork yet).

Admittedly, when friends have asked about On shoes I’d recommend for running, my response has historically involved the word “athleisure,” followed by a link to the Endorphin Speed. Don’t get me wrong, most of my favorite day-to-day shoes are from On — their designs are sporty, fresh, and the color combos are fabulous — but for actual running? Nah, dawg. Even the Cloudsurfer, which had a great upper and some more familiar-feeling cushion, couldn’t change my tune on the brand. When the Cloudeclipse showed up on my doorstep, I thought I might be in for more of the same. Let’s see what unfolded.

What we like about the On Cloudeclipse

MEAGHAN: The fact that On has removed the speedboard (in its traditional sense) from the Cloudeclipse is just the best news. It makes for a really nice step-in feel, and the double CloudTec Phase provides a fun sensation underfoot. The “clouds” compress on landing and pop on toe-off. It’s a smooth, quiet ride that I’ve really been enjoying. But back to that speedboard — there’s one here, but not how we’ve previously known it. This one is more of a midfoot shank; it’s flexible, and it provides stability without feeling like there’s a stiff board underfoot.

The midsole itself uses Helion superfoam, On’s lightest and softest foam yet. While I definitely think this shoe falls into the traditional max cushion basket (soft and cushy), I will say the foam felt a bit firmer when the temps dropped below 40. This shoe doesn’t have the massive (50 mm) stack of the Adidas Prime X Strung, but it gave me those same fun, tall platform vibes.

The upper has a very familiar On aesthetic, which I like. The mesh is comfortable, light, and breathes well, and there is some decent padding around the collar and heel. The tongue is fairly minimal and stretchy, providing a sock-like fit, while the laces do a nice job of keeping the foot secured down. There’s ample room in the toebox, and I found the shoe fit true to size.

THOMAS: The upper on the Cloudeclipse is what you expect from On, so I’ll mention a couple of highlights and move on. No pun intended. The attached tongue provides a sock-like fit. Once the laces were adjusted tightly, the shoe fit my narrow foot nicely. I had no issues with heel lift or hot spots. The toe box is roomy.

Moving on to the midsole, the Helion superfoam is compliant when the foot crashes down and responsive on take-off. When you land, you feel the Cloudtec Phase holes act like shock absorbers and bounce back to give the runner a little pop. On calls the plastic structure on the bottom a “speedboard,” but don’t be confused. It isn’t their traditional speedboard that felt harsh underfoot. This one adds stability to the foam and a small amount of rigidity to help with forward propulsion. Where I feel the Cloudsurfer can feel mushy after double-digit miles, the higher stack of Helion paired with the shank keeps the Cloudeclipse feeling fresher longer. Speaking of longevity, the rubber on the outsole is holding up well.

The high stack, rubber, plastic shank, and well-structured upper add up to a weight of 10.5 oz./300 g. For my US M10.5. Not the lightest, but the shoe distributes the weight evenly and feels lighter on the feet than the scale indicates.

CARYN: My hesitation to bring On into the world of actual running shoes stems from the traditional On speedboard and firmer midsole foams. Traditionally, the brand uses a type of plate called the speedboard in most models, which sounds quite cool but feels hard as a rock underfoot. That’s not the case this time. Although the Cloudeclipse does have a speedboard, it’s limited to the midfoot and feels significantly more flexible. The Cloudeclipse also mixes in On’s Helion superfoam and two layers of CloudTec Phase cushioning.

Unlike the Cloudsurfer, the Cloudeclipse boasts some serious cushion but also retains its structure and provides some responsiveness on the run. Dreams do come true! I really enjoy the On aesthetic, which is well-represented in this model. The color is vibrant, the upper is soft, and the toebox has plenty of room. I didn’t have any issues with hot spots or heel rubbing, though the shoe wasn’t locked down quite as well as I would have liked (more on that below).

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What we don’t like about the On Cloudeclipse

MEAGHAN: My US W7.5 weighs 8.5 oz (240 grams), which is honestly pretty good, but I had to put something in the bad section. I’ve been spoiled with some trainers coming in under 8 oz, which is always my preference. But honestly, out on the road, it’s not even noticeable.

I also think it’s a mistake for On to use the term “speedboard” in this shoe. The placement of the speedboard is so drastically different than it has been in previous models — you get a much softer feeling underfoot than in On shoes with a more traditional speedboard.

THOMAS: The foam seems to be sensitive to temperature. I’ve noticed it felt especially firm in temperatures right around freezing. The firmness isn’t that bad, but it takes away from the shoe feeling like a max cushion trainer. The other comment I will make is about the roomyness of the upper. For some, it’s a huge perk. For my narrow foot, it is a little baggy. The shoe puckers when I lace it up for a good fit.

CARYN: It’s pretty fantastic that I had to think a bit about what I wanted to include in this section. As Meg noted, this isn’t the lightest shoe on the market, but for shoes in my easy day rotation, it doesn’t bother me much. The fit of this shoe, however, was a little off for me.

It didn’t affect my overall run experience dramatically, but I found the Cloudeclipse to run on the larger, wider side. I had some trouble locking down the upper, and my foot definitely moved around a bit with my preferred thinner socks. It didn’t lead to any blisters or hot spots, but I felt like it just didn’t fit well (and I have a foot that almost makes me eligible to join wide-foot Jarrett’s reviews). I’d keep this in mind if you’re a narrow-footed human or if you bounce between sizes — definitely go with the smaller of the two.

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On Cloudeclipse Conclusion

MEAGHAN: I’ve said this before, but I know I love a shoe when I continue to lace it up day after day. The On Cloudeclipse has been that shoe for me recently (I’ve logged over 100 miles in this shoe over the last couple of weeks). It’s a max cushion trainer that not only looks great but feels great out on the roads. This one will stay in the rotation, for sure.

THOMAS: This one is a winner for me with a fun and forgiving ride. While the CloudEclipse won’t be my choice for tempo runs or race day, it is a perfect shoe for long miles and daily training. The bounce off the toe and the cushioning make the run fun and recovery easy. I would compare it to the New Balance SC Trainer v2. This is high praise. The Cloudeclipse is my favorite On trainer, followed by the Cloudmonster. If you’ve liked the look of On’s running shoes but weren’t sold on their performance, the Cloudeclipse will win you over. I always love shoes that make running fun, and the midsole on this shoe does just that.

CARYN: Ok, On, I see you. The Cloudeclipse is a fantastic combination of structure and cushion that can compete with lots of our max-cushion, daily training faves out there. Whether you’re running a few Klecker Miles or heading out for a Hellen O’Beeri, the Cloudeclipse is a great addition to On’s daily trainer lineup. Having put quite a few miles on this shoe already, I know it will continue to shine in my recovery day rotation as winter rolls on.

You can pick up the On Cloudeclipse for $179 at Running Warehouse (with free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) using the buttons below.

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  1. Derek says:

    The first On shoe that fits AND rolls well. Cloudmonster was the first One that actually fit my wife foot well, but the pods roll and toe off was awkward, clicky, like tank tread. It didn’t work for me. The Cloudeclipse checks all the boxes for fit and comfort. A winner. Big time.

  2. Andy says:

    Completely agree with everything said about this shoe. It looks good, feels great, easily rolls through the miles. But, for me, I am seeing significant wear on the outsole after just 50km – durability does seem to be an issue for a daily trainer that looks like losing all the rubber from the heel after only 150km!

  3. Bob says:

    This is one of those shoes that the specs vary by reviewer. Either has anywhere from a 37 to 42 heel stack height–what’s up with that?
    I have had trouble with lock downs on some of On’s shoes, especially when their tongue is very thin like the CloudMonster. Hope this one is more cushioned.

    1. Robbe says:

      We get it directly from On, so that’s what we go with

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