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Road Running Shoes • November 29, 2023

TYR SR-1 Tempo Review: Better Than Second TYR

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What You Need To Know


7.6 oz. (X g) for a US M9

Stack Height / Drop

Stack Height Unavailable (4 mm drop)

Best For

Short, fast runs on dry ground

Key Features

SurgeNRG+ midsole, monomesh upper, gusseted tongue, Flex Groove outsole

On The Run
Lightweight ride Simple, structured fit Sketchy laces once again


Intro to the TYR SR-1 Tempo

MICHAEL: Ah yes, the humble tempo shoe. In TYR’s burgeoning running shoe lineup, the SR-1 fills that coveted slot. A lightweight shoe with a supercritical midsole, stormtrooper styling, and a bright red insole proclaiming TYR’s “Always in Front” slogan, the SR-1 Tempo is made for lightweight, fast workouts.

It incorporates several design elements from some well-known tempo shoes like the Saucony Kinvara and basically every Skechers Razor model. Unfortunately for TYR, they sent this shoe to a runner who seldom works out or is “in front,” but in an effort to be a good reviewer and get in shape, I dusted off the ol’ legs, took the SR-1 Tempo out to the local multi-use path and really enjoyed myself. Maybe I should do workouts more often after all.

Kaleb and I were both pretty impressed with TYR’s debut trainer, the RD-1X, and the SR-1 Tempo hopes to build on that success by incorporating the same great midsole compound while being noticeably lighter on foot. So far, TYR is 1 for 1 on great debut models, read on to see if they go 2 for 2.

KALEB: There’s a meme (hear me out) with a photo of the Jenner sisters, captioned, “Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait,” always followed immediately by a picture of a more iconic duo: Shrek and Donkey, for example. Well, step aside, Kendall and Kylie, because there’s no greater duo than daily trainer and tempo shoe. TYR recently dropped its debut daily trainer, the TYR RD-1X. Michael and I had pretty good things to say about that shoe, but what is a daily trainer without its speed-oriented compatriot? Michael and I were just as excited if not more so, to review the SR-1 Tempo.

The SR-1 features the same supercritical midsole foam as its cousin, albeit with a 4 mm drop, a lighter upper, and far less outsole rubber. “Always in Front” is quite the claim, but TYR is off to a good start so far. The question is, can they stay at the front? We’ll see.

What we like about the TYR SR-1 Tempo

MICHAEL: Right off the bat, TYR ticks lots of fundamental boxes here that make for a great tempo shoe. Primarily, a tempo shoe needs to be lightweight but not at the sacrifice of too much comfort. TYR walks that line well with the SR-1 Tempo. The shoe’s 7.6 oz weight keeps the pace rolling along, but the slightly plush upper and relatively generous helping of supercritical midsole foam ensures the shoe doesn’t feel particularly harsh.

During my time in the SR-1 Tempo, I tried several runs at several different paces, and I would definitely say it feels most at home in the tempo pace range. There isn’t a ton of cushioning or material there to support long runs or sustained daily mileage, and there isn’t a plate or high rebound for racing. This shoe gets the job done, plain and simple.

KALEB: On my first run, the SR-1 Tempo reminded me of the Brooks Hyperion, a shoe that I didn’t like for a long time, and then suddenly began really enjoying. The midsole, while firm, felt like the kind of compound that would soften over time and reveal its true, bouncier colors. While this didn’t happen (or at least, it hasn’t happened yet for me), the SR-1’s firmness ended up reminding me of another shoe I’ve enjoyed in the past, the Ride 14. I ran exclusively in the Ride for at least 5 years, so suffice it to say it’s a shoe that can truly get the job done. Likewise, the SR-1 Tempo’s light weight and firm platform gives it a reliable response: what you put in, you get back.

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What we don’t like about the TYR SR-1

MICHAEL: In a similar fashion to its daily training sibling, the RD-1X, the SR-1 Tempo upper sits very high on the foot. The heel collar might result in Achilles irritation for some due to this height, and I had to tie the lacing chain almost all the way together to achieve a solid fit.

Despite TYR’s legacy in performance swimwear, the SR-1 Tempo is not at all at home in wet conditions. Like the Saucony Kinvara, there is little to no outsole rubber on the SR-1 Tempo. This sucker is bald foam. Traction in dry conditions is no problem, but exchange the rubberized EVA found on shoes like the Hoka Mach 5 or the Kinvara for the supercritical foam on the SR-1 Tempo, and you’ve got a shoe that can turn any puddle, bridge, or stretch of paint into black ice.

KALEB: When I hear “supercritical,” my mind automatically goes to the adjectives “bouncy” or “responsive.” Unfortunately, the SR-1 did not embody either of these traits. I took the SR-1 Tempo out for a 10-mile run with some speedy repeats in the middle, and the shoe felt dead from start to finish, sending shock all the way up to my hips, where I never normally feel it, even when running barefoot. I will say, on my most recent run (literally just a half mile to get home after a walk), the foam showed some slight signs of softening, and I didn’t feel like my spine was being violently compressed with every step, so I will definitely spend more time in this shoe, and update this review if anything changes.

Anyway, the upper, while breathable, is poorly fitted. Even worse, the same vegan-spaghetti-analogy-inducing laces — one of my few gripes with the RD-1X — are present, which makes the fit ever sloppier. Once I finally got the shoe tight enough to run faster paces in, it started cutting into the sides of my feet, forcing me to loosen it back up.

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TYR SR-1 Conclusion

MICHAEL: Once again, TYR delivers on debut models in their new performance running lineup. When the pavement is dry, I would just as soon recommend the SR-1 Tempo as I would the Saucony Kinvara, Puma Liberate Nitro, or Sketchers Razor. TYR has some really, truly exciting stuff coming down the pipeline, but it’s great to see they aren’t neglecting the bread-and-butter categories like daily trainers and tempo models. If you’re looking for a new option for your next tempo shoe and aren’t deterred for the reasons listed above, I would recommend giving the SR-1 Tempo a try.

KALEB: Between the dead ride and the sub-par upper, I can’t say I would recommend the SR-1 Tempo for anything beyond short runs or cross-training and gym work. For these uses, this shoe is great. For true tempo training, there are far better, far more versatile options when looking to spend your money.

As much as I’m excited about what TYR is cooking up (I’ll always root for a new guy), not every swing is a home run, and right now, at least, the SR-1 Tempo is downright a foul ball. I’m still holding out hope that the midsole will break in and start displaying more of its supercritical characteristics (I’ll probably end up putting at least 20 more miles on the shoe before calling it quits), but for now, I’m going to have to put TYR’s record at an unofficial 1 and 1 — which is still batting .500, to be fair.

You can pick up the TYR SR-1 for $150 directly from TYR using the buttons below.

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