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Running Apparel • September 6, 2023

Ultimate Direction Cirriform Collection Review: Isn’t That a Cloud?

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What You Need To Know

Not just hydration

Ultimate Direction keeps adding more apparel to its ranks

Cool, collected

The Cirriform collection uses special antimicrobial treatment

Reasonably priced

Under $60 ain’t half bad these days

Introduction to the Ultimate Direction Cirriform Collection

MICHAEL: From a company better known for hydration on the trails, the Ultimate Direction Cirriform collection comes as the brand’s latest foray into the world of high-end, trail-focused apparel. Consisting of a short sleeve, a long sleeve (not reviewed here), and a singlet (called a vest for some reason?), the Cirriform collection is built for essentially one purpose: to keep your runs feeling light and cool. Let’s get into the details of what makes these tops perform better than your average dry-fit tee from TJ-Maxx, or in my case, old cotton t-shirts from college.

MELISSA: Ultimate Direction has had my back when it comes to keeping me hydrated over the years, and now they’re here to keep me dry as well. The Cirriform collection is designed with an array of cool features to keep you comfortable during your runs. Let’s dig in.

Men’s Ultimate Direction Cirriform Tee and Vest

MICHAEL: As I mentioned before, the Cirriform collection is built to keep the body feeling cool and light, so my typical morning runs in 85 degrees and 90% humidity proved to be pretty great testing grounds for the t-shirt. The fabric is not thin per se, so it doesn’t feel like a crazy light racing singlet or papery-thin, but rather a higher-end polyester blend.

Despite their thicker construction, these shirts are seriously breathable, aided in part by a perforated back of even more breathable mesh material. If you’re feeling like you want to pull a Walmsley in your daily running wear and poke holes in your shirts, no worries. The Cirriform collection has you covered in that department.

Other details I appreciated in the shirts were the flat-locked seams and seamless shoulder construction that made running with a pack very comfortable. And while I didn’t get a chance to test the long sleeve (we don’t exactly have the conditions for that yet), I have no doubt this will be a pretty well-loved piece for me during those weeks of early fall. I love the looser fit in my size M, and it’s also worth mentioning that the material provides UPF 20 sun protection and is also anti-microbial. I was skeptical at first, but sure enough, I do think these shirts didn’t smell quite as bad as others I’ve tried after literally ringing out the sweat in them after morning runs in AL.

Lastly, I would like to clear up some confusion about the vest name for the sleeveless shirt in the collection. This isn’t a vest or even a sleeveless tank; it’s really more like a singlet. So even if UD says this piece is vest-compatible, I personally wouldn’t attempt the sleeveless shirt/running vest combo. I’m just not cool like Billy Yang, and that’s okay.

PRICE: Tee – $54, Vest – $54

Shop UD Cirriform Tee - Men Shop UD Cirriform Vest - Men

Women’s Ultimate Direction Cirriform Tee and Tank

MELISSA: First off, I love the colors. A lot of running clothes I see lately feature crazy colors and patterns. I’m all for simplicity — my street clothes are mostly solid-colored tees and jeans — but of course, that’s just my preference. The fit is true to size, too. I’m 5-foot-2, 115 lbs, and the XS fits very nicely.

In particular, the tee has a very flattering and comfortable fit. It’s form-fitting, yet loose where I’d like it to be. The material and cut make the likelihood of bunching and pilling minimal when worn with a hydration vest. Overall, it’s solidly constructed, and I have no doubt that these pieces can endure many, many miles. The material breathes well and dries quickly — perfect for those long summer runs. I also appreciate the mesh design over those key sweaty areas.

Some other neat features include SILVADUR, an antimicrobial polymer technology designed to prevent the growth of bacteria that contribute to odor and staining, and UV protection. However, I’m a bit confused about the extent of UV protection, as the tags claim UPF 50+ while the UD website claims UPF 20+. Either way, it’s better than goin’ bare.

PRICE: Tee – $54, Tank – $49

Shop UD Cirriform Tee - Women Shop UD Cirriform Tank - Women

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