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Tribesports Performance Gear Review

TribeSportsTribesports Performance Review

Tribesports launched in 2011 as a place where sports people from around the world could gather to motivate, celebrate and educate one another to improve in their chosen sports.


Meaghan’s take: I had little to no expectations about the Tribesports performance line. I had never even heard of the brand until they recently contacted Believe in the Run. I appreciate their overall goal to provide quality products at a lower price point by removing all endorsements and marketing costs.

I tested out the women’s long sleeve performance tech tee. My first impression of the shirt was great. It’s a relatively slim fit, so it has a nice feminine feel. My first few runs in this shirt were paired with a jacket (it’s cold in Baltimore this time of year!) The shirt felt super comfortable and I never had any issues with chaffing. I happened to be traveling down to Florida for the holidays so I was able to get in some runs without an additional layer. It’s a super light, breathable shirt but it keeps you warn enough for the low 50 degree weather I was running in. My one and only complaint is that when it gets wet (or you sweat profusely, as I do), it really clings to the body and leaves little to the imagination. If you want to flaunt your six-pack abs, this shirt is totally for you!

Overall, I like the shirt. You really can’t beat the price point of $28.00. If you haven’t had a chance, check out Tribesports the next time you’re purchasing some new performance gear.

Thomas’ Take:
I received Tribesports men’s Performance Thermal Base Layer. I was impressed with the styling and details of the garment. The stitching is so clean you can wear the shirt inside out and it would still look cool. The fit of the base layer was snug like Under Armour’s Cold Gear. The panel placement made the Tribesports Performance Thermal fit better than the Cold Gear shirt. The fleecy interior of the base layer provided warmth and comfort. There is a rubber beaded cuff around the bottom of the shirt which helps seal in the warmth without gapping or letting in a draft. If this shirt is in my clean pile I will wear it. It is warm, comfortable, and cool looking. The cost of the shirt is about $15 less expensive than the Under Armour Cold Gear top at $35, but you are actually getting a more tailored and feature packed shirt for your money. Alas, I did run into one pretty serious problem with the shirt. Where the shirt rubbed against any jackets I wore, pilling and friction marks appeared. See the detail picture below. This really bummed me out and it showed up after my first wear. I tried different jackets to see if it was just something with the first jacket. Other jackets also turned out to duplicate the results. The functionality of the shirt remains intact, but it looks jacked up.

Tribe SportsTribe SportTribe SportTribe Sport


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  1. Thanks for these reviews. Thinking of picking some up

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