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Running Apparel • February 9, 2021

Tracksmith NDO Collection | Winter 2021


What You Need To Know

  • NDO stands for No Days Off, but don’t take it literally, we don’t need your injured asses suing us
  • Top-tier winter running gear made with premium fabrics
  • Wind-blocking, temperature regulating
  • Protect ya neck, pocketbooks

Here in Maryland, we’re stuck tight in the jaws of winter because f-ing Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week, and as everyone knows, groundhogs are the worst. So we’re super grateful that we got in a couple of Tracksmith NDO pieces to help us get through these last six weeks.

If you’re not familiar, the NDO collection stands for No Days Off, though Tracksmith tells everyone not to take this literally, presumably to protect themselves from litigation. For the days that you’re on, the NDO collection is made for the long haul of winter. Of course, Tracksmith knows a thing or two about winter, hailing from snowy New England.

With the NDO collection, you get premium materials, Merino wool, reflective elements, streamlined fashion – it’s all there. And while the price tags are *just a bit* higher than your local outlet mall, no corners are cut in the construction of the NDO and it shows.

Anyway, let’s get on with the review.

› NDO Jacket

tracksmith ndo collection jacket

ROBBE: I’ve been running solely in this jacket for the last few weeks and I’d be lying if I said it’s unlike any other jacket I’ve run in. At first touch, it seems that the weight of this jacket would belie the ability to manage heat levels on the run. After all, we all know how much we warm up after a couple miles, and how difficult it is to regulate that warmth at just the right level. Too thick of a layer and we’re overheating and sweating and becoming cold again. Too thin and it’s just a mental battles.

That’s where the magic of the NDO Jacket comes in. While it is thick, the bonded Merino wool liner regulates temperature in a way that only Merino wool can do. To assist things, panels of nylon-elastane in the underarms and side gussets allow more heat to escape while providing nice range of motion.

The outer shell is made of Schoeller Dryskin, a water-resistant, wind-proof, and breathable layer. It works well in pretty much any condition.

I also enjoyed the thumbholes, the reflective elelemtns on the cuff and back, and just the general overall feel of the jacket.

One of my favorite parts of this jacket is the insane amount of inner pockets. Large bucket pockets all around the jacket at the base of the hem provide easy storage and quick access for anything you need. Need to stash your hat? Perfect, we have a place for that. Additionally, there’s a stretch pocket inside the left breast that can securely hold a phone, gel, or other small item.

And let’s not forget the zipper – this is how I judge the real quality of almost any jacket or gear item that I own. I know if a company pays attention to the zipper then they’ll get the other parts right. This zipper is top-notch. Thick and sturdy with a rubber tip for glove grip – it’s exactly what a winter zipper needs to be. Which is great, because the zipper on last year’s NDO absolutely sucked. It’s also a two-way zipper, so you can pull up the bottom for more comfort while driving, or extra ventilation while running.

What’s bad about this jacket? If you want a hood, look elsewhere. That said, the hood on last year’s version awkwardly weighed down the jacket in the back, so we were glad to see it go. I didn’t miss it, but just know you won’t have that extra protection for your dome with this version.

Lastly, DO NOT PUT THIS JACKET IN THE DRYER. Now, the care tag explicitly spells this out, but Thomas threw it in for 10 minutes to speed up the hang dry and – lo and behold – the reflective sash on the back peeled off faster than an Ethan Hunt face disguise. So, yeah, just follow those directions that you always ignore.

Also, $300 is a lot. Even we get that. We’re talking Arc’teryx puffer kind of money. But consider this your all-winter wear that should last for years. There is value to be found if you can find the value in your wallet.

You can pick up the NDO Jacket by using the shop link below.

Shop NDO Jacket – Men Shop NDO Jacket – Women

› NDO Tight

Photo courtesy of Tracksmith

As far as the tights, let it be known that the Tracksmith Turnover Tights are still my go-to, forever and always. They are hands-down the best tights I’ve ever owned. Luxurious is the best word to describe them.

However, the Turnover Tights are a lightweight player in the game. When the temps dip and you’re trying to go hard in the paint, you’re gonna want to post up with the NDO tight.

What’s different? The NDO Tight are wind-blocking, for one. And as anyone who runs in the cold knows, it’s easy to deal with the cold, but the wind is another animal. I’ve literally yelled curse words at the wind on my runs, much to the surprise of random passersby.

A double-sided construction with two-tone bodywear fabric provides all the protection you need, and the Italian-made bonded stretch wind lining in the front thighs is the icing on the cake.

I really dig the overlapping pockets on the waist because they provide a bunch of storage opportunities for small to large items.

The large reflective elements on the thigh and back leg help keep you seen at night or in the early mornings.

It was hard to find anything bad about these tights. If I had to dig deep, I’d say that it’s just that with any thick tight, it does constrict the range of motion a bit and gives the feeling that they may ride off your ass. I should note it “feels” that way, but on the run everything was perfectly fine. Great range of motion and no exposed crack.

Oh, right, the one bad thing is that I think these tights run too long. Over-the-ankles long in my case, whereas the Turnover Tights are the perfect length for me. Wasn’t a dealbreaker, but I didn’t love it.

Again, the price tag isn’t for the faint of heart. At $198, the NDO tight sits above On, Patagonia, or almost any other high-end apparel manufacturer. Also again, the quality is undeniable. This is apparel that will last and last.

And oh yeah, it looks dope.

You can pick up the NDO tights by using the shop link below.

Shop NDO Tight – Men Shop NDO Tight – Women tracksmith ndo collection

Tracksmith NDO Conclusion

If you’re looking for the creme de la creme of running gear, well, look no further. It’s all here for the taking, provided your stimulus check comes through or you’re holding the line on BTC. For real though, every piece of Tracksmith gear we’ve reviewed over the years has stood the test of time and we’ve got our money’s worth and more. The good news is that this NDO set is the best one yet in our opinion, so if you’ve been waiting to go all-in on it, now is the time. Be bullish.

You can pick up the NDO collection (or any other Tracksmith gear) by using the shop link below.

Shop Tracksmith – Men Shop Tracksmith – Women

NOTE: Believe in the Run does not receive compensation for reviews. We receive all shoes and gear in exchange for review. We may receive affiliate commissions from shop links within our reviews.


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