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Running Apparel • September 17, 2019

Territory Run Co. Hat Review | Fall 2019

Territory Run Co hats

What You Need To Know

  • Territory Run Co. is an apparel company based out of the PNW
  • Both Long Haul and Gorge caps will keep you cool and dry, even in humid East coast weather
  • They just look really good and switch seamlessly from running to regular human life
  • Robbe looked so good he stole the spotlight from his one-year-old’s birthday party (dad of the year)

Dave: Territory Run Co. is up to some serious stuff up there in the PNW. They’ve had a special place in my runner’s lungs since I discovered that their founder Brett Farrell grew up in New York State and went to Binghamton University as well.

These guys and gals have a genuine love for nature, dirt, and rolling along single track, and oh yeah—they make great gear.

The BITR team got an assortment of the Long Haul and Gorge caps, and we were all stoked to try them out.

territory run co. long haul hat

Long Haul Cap – Trail Brand Edition

The Good

Dave: Quality is where Territory Run Co. shines. I own a sweatshirt from last year’s product cycle and it keeps me real cozy on those cold SoCal nights. Getting’ soft! The caps are just as good.

I spent some time in the Long Haul cap when I was in upstate New York last month. The Forest Edition in orange/grey colorway covered my dome on a muggy 75-degree morning, the kind where you’re soaked with sweat three miles in. I ran for 3.5 hours and the cap kept literally everything out of my face. Especially bugs. They can be nasty on the summertime trails out East.

The Long Haul really wicks! The nylon front panel— where many tech running caps tend to attract sweat— instead repels it. Was it wet to touch? Yes, but it never got soaked and it kept sweat rolling off the sides of my head, not straight down onto my quads and feet. That’s a big win for a running cap!

The Long Haul can go the distance for those, well— long hauls— in the mud. It never got uncomfortable and the nylon closure strap keeps it secure. If you get a little hot, flip that brim up for a row of righteous palm trees (underside of brim) and you’ll look like you just rolled out of the woods during a Maui ultra.


Long Haul Cap – Forest Edition

The Gorge Cap was also great, especially for road days. It boasts a sweet Territory Run logo, with that badass “Run Wild, Run Free” slogan. To me, that’s one of the best lines of any brand in the game right now. It also speaks the truth to me. That’s how I feel we need to run as a population.

Back to the cap. The crown of the cap doesn’t seem to be as trucker-like as the Long Haul. I like that for road days. Trucker style caps can get hot when exposed on the roads to sun and heat.

The Gorge fits like a glove and throws you a little style as well. It can be rocked forward or back and Territory’s color combos match most singlet/short combos. If you’re gonna run, you may as well be lookin’ fresh. The 50/50 nylon and polyester mix is gold no matter if you have a big carpet on your head or are hangin’ with Mr. Clean in the “no hair, don’t care” category.

territory run co. gorge hat

Gorge Cap

Robbe: I mean, Dave covered everything that I love as well. The Long Haul in orange/blue is probably one of my most favorite hats in recent memory. I pretty much wear it all the time, running or otherwise. Hell, I wore it at my son’s first birthday party a few weeks ago, because it was a summer cookout in the blazing sun. I looked so good that I could tell my son was jealous that I was stealing his party thunder.

My favorite way to wear it is backward, but I do love the palms underneath the bill when worn forward.

Thomas: The details on these headcovers were impressive. Very clean designs with the athlete in mind. Breathable sweat-wicking and stylish designs that meet up to give you the well-seasoned trail look.  The Gorge Cap with the tech trucker look and unstructured front panels was my favorite out of the pack.

Jarrett: Believe In The Run blessed me with the Loowit hat. I’m a fan of hats. A big fan. But nothing sucks more than when the sizing strap doesn’t have enough material to fit my large cranium. Territory Run Co provides an adjusting band long enough so this is going to give a nice fit for all size heads!

While the front panels of the hat weren’t that breathable, the remaining ¾ is a superlight mesh that lets in as much air as possible. If your head gets hot, just turn it around. 

The moisture-wicking sweatband and brim are glorious. A+, Territory.


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Territory Run Co. Long Haul hat

Proof that Robbe ruined his kid’s bday

The Bad

Dave: There’s not much to really say other than I wish they made a couple of caps where you could fold the brim old-school baseball-cap style. Everything is straight-brimmed. Which is popular, so I get it. But offering another style may help appeal to the older runners who may not like the straight brim. I know my dad (he’s 73 and still truckin’) loved the caps but said he would like to be able to curve the brim like his old ball cap.

Robbe: I agree with Dave, a bit more variety in the styling would help for those with different tastes. Worn forward, the Long Haul is definitely more of that west-coast slacker vibe that’s in right now, so it may be a little off for Gen-X and older.

Thomas: I’m 80% road and 20% trail, so the bad is, I need to do more trail running next year so I feel like less of a poser when wearing trail-specific gear.

Jarrett: I do wish the hat was machine washable. Long trail runs mean lots of sweat and dirt. I don’t have time to hand wash stuff. This ain’t the year 1492. We have the technology!

I’m also envious that my hat didn’t have a cool design under the brim when I had that chill flip going.

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Territory Run Co. Loowit Athletic Trucker Hat

Loowit Athletic Trucker Hat

Territory Run Co. Hat Conclusion

Dave: The real deal. Do not sleep on Territory Run Co.! Check out the apparel too—it’s fresh and seriously comfortable, from the tees to the singlets and gear. The socks boast some swag too and can even be worn casually with a classic low top skate shoe from Adi or Converse.

Robbe: Yeah, you’re gonna want to pick one of these up. At $32, they’re not the cheapest, but you’re getting quality goods from a company that loves the outdoors and is keeping the PNW great again. Pick them up using the shop link below.

Thomas: If you like wearing hats and running trails, treat yo self.

Jarrett: Territory Run Co clearly knows what they are doing and their variety of stylish and practical running hats is proof. The Loowit is now a solid mainstay in my arsenal of BITR and Ciele hats.

Shop Territory Run Co.



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