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Apparel • September 12, 2019

Rabbit Gear Review | Fall 2019

running in rabbit

We’re still enjoying our rabbit gear from the spring collection that we reviewed (some of the gear in this review are updates to those), so we were excited to get some new items to help get us through our peak mileage during racing season. Woman-owned and made in the USA, rabbit is beginning to emerge as one of the finest running clothes companies out there, with no signs of stopping.

hopper splatter shorts (women’s)

meaghan: If you’re familiar with the rabbit hopper shorts, nothing has changed outside of the colorway. They’re perfect for everyday running. They come with two hidden pockets in the waistband and a zippered pocket in the back. Plenty of space to keep your keys or a Gu (or two). They’re lightweight, breathable and come with a 4” inseam. The shorts are considered “slim fit” but they’re not super tight. There’s no drawstring, but I didn’t seem to need one. They’re a quality pair of running shorts.

price: $54

rabbit gear hopper splatter

bunny hop heather (women’s)

meaghan: The bunny hop is a racerback tank that everyone should own. It’s designed with rabbit’s proprietary heather rabbitMESH: a perforated, tight-mesh fabric that’s breathable, cling-free and sag resistant. And it is honestly all of those things. There have been some SOUPY mornings here in Baltimore and the bunny hop heather tank made me as comfortable as I could be while still wearing a shirt.

price: $45

rabbit gear bunny hop

utiliBRA-vo (women’s, duh)

meaghan: I gotta say rabbit killed it with this sports bra. Comfortable? Check. A perfectly sized pocket for your phone? Check. In a place that doesn’t give you chaffing or irritation? Check. Rabbit designed the phone pocket so it’s nestled nicely in between your shoulder blades–you can reach it when you need to, and forget it’s there when you don’t. The bra also features a higher neckline for more coverage. I’m a big fan, and I legitimately get excited when I see it hanging on the drying rack.

price: $50

shop rabbit


ez tee heather rabbitKNIT (men’s)

thomas: Who would guess wearing wood could be so comfortable and soft? The ez tee is made from a combo of 86% Tencel and 14% polyester. What is Tencel? Tencel is a cellulose fiber, which is made by dissolving wood pulp and using a special drying process called spinning. Before it is dried, wood chips are mixed with a solvent to produce a wet mixture. Tencel turns out to be fantastic for performance gear– along with the luxurious feel, Tencel wicks perspiration.

All that is great, but if the tailoring is off, the shirt might as well be a rag for cleaning your car. Lucky for us, rabbit gave the shirt a flattering fitted cut without being too tight. Think sculpted, but not form-fitting. You will feel comfortable in the shirt before, during, and after your run.


rabbit gear ez tee


daisy dukes 2.0 3″ short (men’s)

thomas: I am down with the sunwash styling. The shorts look unique and the tailoring moves with the body. I like short shorts, but sometimes it’s hard to find the length between “is that dude wearing anything?” and “who is up for basketball?” The 3″ cut of the daisy dukes falls right into the sweet spot for me. I like to feel the air on my quads and less material means less sweat means less sogginess. Mid-waist on the back there is a zippered pocket that is large enough for an iPhone Plus, while the front liner has a key pocket. I have had the previous daisy dukes from rabbit, and I have to say–these are a big upgrade.

shop rabbit


best in show splatter (men’s)

robbe: The best in show shorts now come in a “splatter” colorway, which would’ve been perfect for Jackson Pollock back in his marathon days. It’s also perfect for any racing day, as the 2-inch inseam and split leg make you look like you belong up front, even if you don’t. Pair these with a Vaporfly and you might just win the race.

For real though, they are super comfortable and light and feature a combination of 89% poly and 11% spandex for slight stretching. The waistband lays flat and soft. Storage space is limited with just one front key pocket, but there ain’t much to these shorts, having a pocket would be weird.

Just make sure you have a good leg tan going on. You don’t want a reputation as the worst in show.

price: $48

rabbit gear - welcome to the gun show

welcome to the gun show perf (men’s)

robbe: I basically reviewed this same tank/singlet back in May, so I’ll give you the same rundown. The new version comes in new colorways, which I actually like a lot more.

That said, I felt a little disingenuous wearing a singlet of this name since I’m working with pea-shooter biceps of the .22-caliber variety, but I’d rather run 10 miles than do 10 pushups, so here we are.

The singlet is made of 96% poly/ 6% spandex, and is incredibly comfortable. It uses perforated fabric that allows for more breathability, which is needed because the fabric itself isn’t as moisture-wicking as other 100% poly singlets. Nevertheless, unlike your typical running singlet that will get you weird looks at a pool party, this singlet can pull double duty as both a running singlet and a casual tank.

price: $42

shop rabbit


thomas and robbe in rabbit



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