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Skins K-Proprium Review

Tights, you think you know tights. I mean, tights are everywhere. I see more people wearing tights than jeans these days. So there can’t be anything new about tights, right?

Yes and no.

Skins K-Proprium Tights

Targeted compression has been around in tights for awhile. Companies like CW-X and Opedix have put out tights that support joints etc. for years. So what makes the Skins K-Proprium different?

The K-Proprium tights are harder to get in and out of than a wetsuit. These are by far the most like a second skin of any of the targeted tights I have tried. The bands that offer the support to your muscles and joints do feel like they help with proper form. The K-proprium tights come up high over the abdomen, which is an odd sensation at first but aids the core.

I ran in the tights on recovery runs, that’s when I benefit the most from the external support. One run in the K-Proprium was right after 70 miles of running (in a week). My body was pretty beat, so I strapped on the tights with the thought that any help with form would be welcomed. I have no science to say they kept me upright and moving, but the bands and compression did put some life into my legs. The best way to see how the bands work is to try squatting in them. That is when you feel the support the most. I attempted the Pistol Squat challenge, it turned out to be quite comical. You can check out the challenge on Instagram.

The K-Proprium are set up more for workouts than pure running. There are no pockets for gels, keys, etc. If you are modest you will want to wear shorts over them. They sculpt your legs in a flattering way but it is pretty thin with regards to covering your junk. Ideal use for these tights is in the gym or box. These are definitely suited to the serious athlete. For more information, you can check the tights out here.

Skins K-Proprium

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