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Recoup Fitness Stinger Ball Cold Massage Roller

Every once in awhile we get to try a product that we normally wouldn’t come across. This was the case with the Recoup Fitness Cold Massage Roller. We were sent a sample and it’s become one of our favorite post-run accessories.

Meaghan: The Recoup cold massage roller is so simple, yet so amazing. It’s like foam rolling and cold-relief all in one. I’ve seen a lot of people freeze water bottles to try and accomplish the same solution, but they’re not nearly as effective nor convenient. You only have to put the roller in the freezer for two hours and it stays cold for six! It’s true. I tested it. It’s especially convenient if you’re driving out to a run. You can throw it in your car and have a nice chilled roller when you get back.

I love using the roller after a long run – I could try and explain the science behind it, but I’ll just let the recoup fitness team explain why it’s so good.

Thomas: Holy crap! Stinger is right. This icy torture device feels like a needle on sore muscles. Then the magic happens. The burning starts to feel soothing. It definitely takes some getting used to.

The ball itself is pretty handy in or out of the grip. The grip was good for rolling over larger muscle groups while pulling the ball out was good for targeting the bottoms of your feet or using body weight to really pinpoint trouble spots.

The Stinger keeps his cool too. I had the ball out of the freezer for a good 45 minutes and it was still icy as when I took it out. They should make smaller ones you could use with whiskey. Speaking of size, the Stinger is packable and small enough to bring recovery with you on a trip.

I recommend trying it with something between your skin and the ball until you are ready to turn it up a notch.


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