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You Saw Me LED Reflective Vest Review and Give Away

by Thomas Neuberger

The nice people at You Saw Me would like to give one of our readers a FREE vest. Enter the contest below for your chance to win! If you can’t wait, visit You Saw Me and use code believeintherun8 to get free shipping.

The Good: By far the best visual safety device I have ever worn. This thing is INSANE. The reflective elements by them self would probably suffice for most runners, but was that good enough for the folks at You Saw Me?! No way this thing goes totally disco on you. Tron doesn’t stand out as much as this vest. I am not kidding when I say cars that had green lights stopped for me. I don’t know if they thought I was an ambulance or a cop car, but they yielded to my awesomeness. While on the same run I had to pass a couple pedestrians, the light show made them jump out of my way and I heard one gasp “oh sh#t! WTF was that?” Later we passed a toddler that thought I was a moving x-mas tree. I felt like a star. There is no missing this vest. The LEDs pulse, flash, and change colors. The vest is waterproof and washable, so you will only shock people with the lights not the odor. People will see you if you are wearing this vest.

The Bad: the vest is powered by a 9 volt square battery, you have to unplug it to turn the vest off. The wires and switch to control the modes of the vest need some refinement. The vest is clearly in the early stages of development.

You Saw Me

Conclusion: You won’t find a more eye catching device out there. This thing is a wearable carnival. With some adjustments to the vest’s fit and a more user friendly power, control button configuration, this will be a must have safety device for predawn and night runners. Check out more on the You Saw Me website.


You Saw Me

You Saw Me from Adam Forkner on Vimeo.

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  1. Chad M says:

    I was just looking for high viz options. This looks promising.

  2. Best product review I have read in a long time! Wearable carnival? LOL for real!

  3. Calter Moore says:

    I run almost every morning before sunrise and my city lacks sidewalks in many areas. This looks like a great option in addition to my headlamp.

  4. patrick voo says:

    i’m terrible at low-light visibility, and i love running pre-dawn … especially in the winter!

  5. Allen says:

    In that first picture, it reminds me of that head-turning swimsuit Borat wore. . . which would also get motorist’s attention 🙂 Safety first!

  6. Ben says:

    This looks awesome! Would be perfect for those late evening/pre-dawn runs. Safety First!

  7. Jim in Maine says:

    With the shortened hours of daylight I inevitably am sometimes running in the dark … this would be great to be seen!

  8. Gordon says:

    Great review! Sounds like an awesome product, sure would like to win one.

  9. Don Kiely says:

    I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and the sun will soon be above the horizon for four hours each day. This looks great for my frequent dark-time runs!

  10. Mike says:

    I could use one of these. I always run early in the morning.

  11. Brad Patterson says:

    This looks like a great visibility option for running at dark. I do almost all of my runs in the early pre-dawn hours, so it really looks like a fantastic product to keep me safe on my runs!

  12. Love this idea. Can’t wait to see version 2 with the battery and control issues worked out

  13. Dave says:

    As a walker and a biker, I would love to have this vest to increase my visibility at night. Thanks for sponsoring this great contest.

  14. Would LOVE this. I do a lot of zero dark thirty running in the city and this would be perfect!

  15. I live in a rural area with lots of night drivers. I have to really watch the traffic as there isnt any sidewalks to run on. This would really help me from getting hit by a car!

  16. Seamus Carson says:

    My club runs a 5K every Wednesday evening 52 weeks a year…rain or shine or snow or hurricane for the last 10 years straight. As we start at 6:45pm about half of runs are n the dark or low light so visibility is a must…this looks like a great solution.

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