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Bryton Amis S430 Watch Review

Meaghan and guest reviewer, Matt Katz, test the latest running watch from Bryton, the Amis S430

The Good

Meaghan: The Bryton Amis S430 running watch is easy to use and comes with a lot of cool features (not all of which I was able to use – more on this later). The battery life is ideal; lasting 180 days in clock mode and up to 16 hours in exercise mode. I’ve only had to charge mine twice since receiving it (a couple weeks ago). The interface is probably my favorite part of the watch – it has a large square screen that’s easy to read on the run. It displays 4 data metrics which you can customize to view whatever you want (pace, overall time, etc). The design is sleek and it’s thin enough that I’d be comfortable wearing this for casual occasions. It feels much less bulky than the Garmin 620 I’m used to. Another nice quality is the vibration confirmation. Each time you start, pause, or select something using one of the four buttons, the watch vibrates. You can upload customized workouts or use some of the pre-loaded workouts the watch comes with. I didn’t try out any of the pre-loaded training, but it was easy enough to program my own plans.

Matt: Bryton Sport’s Amis S430H is billed as their entry-level runner’s device. The design is simple, not quite elegant, but certainly durable. Think utilitarian; this device will not garner you admiration from the fairer sex, but it will withstand your abuse. Given that its mass is only 47g, this is no small feat.

The display is pertinent and customizable. It defaults on run time, distance, and pace all of which are plainly visible even while breathless and in early-morning light.

I am very fond of the four-button interface with a confirmatory buzz. A runner can begin recording or pause with a simple single-button push. This is ideal for pre-dawn starts, and mid-sprint stoplights. And in case one is caught up in the excitement of the run, the device is equipped with a smart pause feature that stops the clock for any time spent stationary. One can opt for Bryton Workouts such as “tempo run” and “40 minute easy run.” Keep yourself on program with alerts for distance, pace, time, heart rate, and stride.

The S430H comes with a heart rate belt and monitor; both are simple and comfortable. The S430E comes without these features, but both are available for aftermarked purchase and synchronization with the S430E.

The Bad

Meaghan: There is one major issue with this watch. The Bryton Mobile App doesn’t exist for the iPhone. Without the app, you’re unable to sync the data to your phone, upload workouts, or use the Bluetooth settings which allow you receive incoming call notifications.

Matt: I genuinely love this device, I do. This is why it pains me so deeply that I have such difficulty incorporating it into my life.

The $266.99 pricetag stands well above entry-level devices marketed by competitors. The Amis S430H does however come far more equipped than most entry-level devices.

The accompanying smartphone app exists only in Android format. This is not clearly labeled anywhere on the packaging, and buried only within the fine print of the website. Is Bryton Sport truly prepared to marginalize such a large proportion of their potential clientele?

Couple this with dubious product support. No phone support exists. I sent three emails within a week to email support and failed to generate any response.

Finally, I find the process of uploading run data cumbersome and awkward; even more so for trying to sync information with Strava. This feels a bit like trying to overhaul a Soviet engine with Slovakian gears and Burmese bearings. If this analogy doesn’t work for you, picture trying to explain Black Metal to your mother.


Meaghan: The Bryton Amis 430 sport watch is great for tracking data in real time. That’s the extent of the watch if you’re an iPhone owner. While the ease of use, sleek look and general features of the watch are great – it’s hard to justify purchasing this watch unless you’re carrying around an Android.

Matt: I will close by saying that I want you, Bryton Sport Armis S430H, to want me. I’d love for you to love me…
But alas it was not meant to be.


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  1. Steve says:

    Iphone functionality was available soon after your review. Check it out, may work for you now!

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