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Apparel • May 1, 2023

Running Gear We Love Right Now | May 2023

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We get a lot of gear to review here at Believe in the Run. Sometimes we get a whole seasonal collection to review, but more often than not, we get a bunch of items meant for different purposes. Some nutrition here, a couple hats there, tack on some casual pants and maybe some socks.

If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to read a review about just one pair of socks, or a backpack, or whatever. But if we’re using something all the time– if it’s become part of our running life– we want you to know. That’s where this monthly roundup comes in.

Each month, we give you a list of 10-12 items that we really, truly love. Everything on this list is something we keep coming back to again and again. Maybe it’s the fit, maybe it’s the performance, maybe it’s just something we can’t explain. But at the end of the day, we love it, and we hope you do too.

Of course, we’re always looking for new gear to fall in love with, so if you have any recommendations yourself, please leave them in the comments below.

The Running Gear We Love Right Now

Thomas’s Picks

may gear we love patagonia strider pro

Patagonia Strider Pro 5-inch Short


The short is listed for trail running, but I find that it works both on and off the trail thanks to a less baggy profile than most competitors. Patagonia’s Strider Pro shorts have four pockets for stowing essentials, which is already impressive given the silhouette, but what’s even better is the light airy feel. Maybe this is the spiritual successor short that all of the TNF Better Than Naked fans have been waiting for. Since the shorts are from Patagonia, you know most of the materials are recycled from ocean plastic and made in factories certified as Fair Trade operations. That means the workers are paid a premium for their skills — so don’t complain about the slightly higher price.

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tracksmith run cannonball run tee

Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Tee


You won’t catch me wearing running tops as casual wear that often, but the fit and feel of this shirt are on fleek. Kids still say that, right? Anyway, the fabric is buttery soft, and the cut looks more like one of our favorite washed and worn concert tees than a boxy technical running shirt. The pocket adds a touch of class for those days you have to put on airs.

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Meaghan’s Picks

may gear we love article one avalon

Article One Avalon


These sunglasses are the perfect mix of performance and lifestyle. They’re constructed with CR39 polarized lenses and an anti-reflective coating that blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays and prevents road glare. The frames come with adjustable nose pads, rubber temple tips, and spring hinges for a comfortable — and customizable — fit.

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may gear we love new balance more trail v3

New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail v3


I’m not typically one to run trails, but I found myself with some unstructured running time and a max cushion option that I couldn’t resist. The New Balance More Trail v3 is not only great for trail running but doubles as a lifestyle shoe (if you can keep the all-white colorway clean). Comfortable, fashionable, and all the stack. This one is a fast favorite.

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Robbe’s Picks

may gear we love adidas adilette slide

Adilette Comfort Slides


We were lucky enough to find these in our Adidas welcome bags when we arrived in Boston, and I gotta say – the Adilette Comfort has to be at the top of our list for recovery footwear. With over 10,000 reviews on the Adidas website, it’s clear it’s at the top of a lot of other people’s lists as well.

With a slip-on construction and contoured footbed that feels very memory foam-ish, it’s everything you want from a slide at a very affordable price (and often on sale for $21 for AdiClub members).

Adidas had a classic green and gold classic colorway and design when I first made my list, but it’s completely sold out at the moment. No worries, there are like 50 other variations, so you can probably find one you enjoy. Summer is coming, so pick up a pair to activate vacation mode.

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nike sunrise trail short 5-inch

Nike Trail Second Sunrise 5-inch Short


Just like Thomas, I’m comin’ at you with a pair of trail shorts as part of my favorite running gear right now. Unlike the Patagonia Strider Pro, Nike’s Second Sunrise Short is a little bit in your face — both in terms of design and materials. I’m a big fan of the ripstop booty panel because you know I’m bound to tumble at least once with my trusty… er, rusty ankles.

The previous version of this short was good, but not great– the waistband was ‘meh’, relying on the drawstring to keep the shorts up, and it could’ve used more pockets. All that has changed with this version. The waist band is just the right amount of tight, and we now have more pockets than any other short I’ve worn. More isn’t always better, but in this case, it’s the best.

There are seven in total: two envelope pockets for gels, three zippered pockets (two side hand, one rear), and two small drop pockets for keys and cards (or more gels) — now you can squirrel away all of your Robbe Raccoon goodies while you run along. Nike’s 5-inch inseam is just the right length, which means they’re also kind of great for summer casual wear.

After a couple runs in this short, I’m considering them for race day and with a little bit of luck, they may come close to The North Face Better Than Naked level, which has remain unmatched for the past five years.

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Brandon’s Picks

may gear we love wandrd backpack

WANDRD PRVKE Camera Backpack


Ok, I’ve sort of had this product for a while now, but it deserves to be in the spotlight this month. It’s by far and away the best camera or lifestyle backpack I’ve ever invested in. Yep, that’s right, I paid out of pocket for this one. And honestly, it’s top quality. First off, it’s a beautiful-looking bag. I can mix and match this pack with basically any outfit, especially in my Wasatch Green Colorway. This bag has been a lifesaver on several occasions and a total convenience factor to my rigid and continuous travel schedule.

As far as functionality goes, it’s extremely reliable in basically any instance. The bag protects my equipment, is weather resistant, and has all of the right pockets for my running gear, camera equipment, and water bottle. Whether you’re creative or not, this backpack is perfect for any athlete. I can’t stress it enough; this one is one of my favorites.

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may gear we love moment 45l backpack

Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack

On sale for $199

When I first tested this bag, I was hesitant. Not because I was questioning the quality or the brand, it just had everything to do with all of the weight on my back and all of the hiking I was about to do through parts of the Shenandoah Valley for two days. I’m happy to report back that this bag really did the trick for me.

My biggest priority was making sure that all of my camera equipment was stored safely, and this bag does exactly that. The Strohl Mountain Light 45L Backpack endured the mud, rain, and wind with ease. Sure, it got a bit dirty, but it was easily able to store my clothing, tent, trail running shoes, and camera equipment. The best part was the chest and hip straps allowed me to run, walk and hike, all with the correct posture and no pain. The bag is lightweight and nimble and provides all of the zipper pockets needed for a perfect trip. For my next trail run or hike, this bag is coming with me.

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