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Apparel • April 1, 2023

Running Gear We Love Right Now | April 2023

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Here’s where to find some of the best gear out there that doesn’t make it into reviews

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We get a lot of gear to review here at Believe in the Run. Sometimes we get a whole seasonal collection to review, but more often than not, we get a bunch of items meant for different purposes. Some nutrition here, a couple hats there, tack on some casual pants and maybe some socks.

If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to read a review about just one pair of socks, or a backpack, or whatever. But if we’re using something all the time– if it’s become part of our running life– we want you to know. That’s where this monthly roundup comes in.

Each month, we give you a list of 10-12 items that we really, truly love. Everything on this list is something we keep coming back to again and again. Maybe it’s the fit, maybe it’s the performance, maybe it’s just something we can’t explain. But at the end of the day, we love it, and we hope you do too.

Of course, we’re always looking for new gear to fall in love with, so if you have any recommendations yourself, please leave them in the comments below.

The Running Gear We Love Right Now

Thomas’s Picks

adidas adizero adios pro 3

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3


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While training for the Boston Marathon, the Adidas Adios Pro 3 has been clutch for both speed work and long Saturday runs. Really, I’ve been switching between the Adios Pro 3 and the Prime X Strung, but I find myself leaning toward the Pro this time. The Prime X Strung is fun and bouncy, but the Adios Pro 3 is all business, and I’m feeling business casual for Boylston Street.

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gear we love cheribundi juice

Cheribundi Cherry Juice

$25-30 for 12 bottles

For juice made from a sh*t ton of pressed cherries, this stuff is amazing. Why tart cherry juice? According to Cheribundi, it has the highest possible level of antioxidants, which aids in inflammation suppression, improves joint health, and builds immunity. And this is the real deal — no concentrate, just full-on cherry juice. It tastes so good, especially refrigerated after a warm day. Sometimes I cut the juice with a seltzer for a treat that also hydrates.

We also take the melatonin version at night; before you know it, Mr. Sandman is there to whisk you off into the world of rest and recovery.

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gear we love bandit tight

Bandit Superbeam Next Gen Half Tight


These half tights are pretty rad. I love a half tight for rainy weather, and Bandit’s version is made from SuperBeam Italian wicking compression fabric. The shorts fit tight against the thighs, so you won’t have loose wet material shifting around, leading to chafing issues. Last week’s 20 mile-run was perfect for letting the tights shine while the heavens were pouring down on us. There are also pockets that can hold all your race-day nutrition.

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Meaghan’s Picks

gear we love tracksmith session long sleeve

Tracksmith Session Long Sleeve


The Session long sleeve from Tracksmith has got to be one of the most versatile pieces out there. It’s made from a soft, wicking stretch knit selected for its comfort and mobility. It’s finished with a Polygiene odor-repelling treatment. It’s warm enough for 40 degrees but cool enough for 55 degrees, and the super stretchy material works for all paces.

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gear we love overnight oats

Holos Overnight Muesli

From $4.42 per serving

We just got these to review, and I gotta say I’m loving the samples we got. If you listen to our Fuel For The Sole podcast, you know we’re big on protein to rebuild muscle stores, and this muesli blend has 20 grams (!) packed into it. It’s a solid superfood that contains whole grains, seeds, probiotics, and dried fruits. The creamy/crunchy texture is just right, and it’s an easy setup — add milk to the oats in your favorite serving jar and let Holos do the work overnight.

It comes in six flavors; so far, Apple and Cinnamon is my favorite. I add a bit of maple syrup for an extra touch of sweetness, but you do you.

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Robbe’s Picks

man walking through airport with a black backpack

Ortlieb Metrosphere Daypack


We used Ortlieb in our travels to Japan, and the Metrosphere daypack has become my trusty companion ever since. Made in Germany, the Metrosphere adheres to Ortlieb’s long standard of excellence.

Fully waterproof with welded seams and a roll-top enclosure, the Metrosphere is also the perfect volume for travel at 21 liters. It’s sleek and simple enough to double as both a business pack and a bikepack or daypack; a padded laptop compartment with a tablet divider can be removed to create extra room within the pack. Two quick-access outer pockets provide extra storage for small items or a passport. It’s a heavy duty pack in a small package, and if you’ve ever used Ortlieb, you know they’ll last a lifetime (they are lifetime guaranteed, after all).

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Tracksmith Midweight Crew


I’ve pretty much just been wearing this nonstop since I got it. It’s the perfect weight for spring and the best weight of any Tracksmith long sleeve, in my opinion. The looped French terry is quite possibly the most comfortable situation a sweatshirt could have going on. I wouldn’t say this is running apparel, per se, but I would say it’s great for everything else.

I especially love the new straw colorway for spring, but honestly, they’re all pretty solid.

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gear we love swiftwick sock

Swiftwick Flite XT Socks


Good socks are always essential for running, and you can’t do much better than the Swiftwick Flite XT, which is especially great for me because it’s designed for stability. The sock has arch support, as well as Ankle Lock technology which has a strong elastic that wraps the heel and ankle. Of course, it’s moisture-wicking as well. Great for all activities, from running to hiking to whatever else you’re doing.

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Brandon’s Picks

gear we love fractel cap

Fractel M-Series Cap


Functional and fits great for any occasion. Whether it’s to hang out, workout Wednesday or race day, the Fractel M-Series Cap does the job. The soft brim and shape of the dome make it a solid cap all around. Fractal has a ton of unique and fun styles to choose from, so you can’t go wrong with finding a colorway or design that fits into your running wardrobe.

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gear we love asics jacket

Asics FujiTrail Jacket


This jacket served me well through the spring months and on our journey to Tokyo. It’s the highest level of Asics wear, featuring a waterproof Pertex Shield fabric from japan. Unlike many waterproof jackets out there, this one was tested by Asics trail athletes in technical mountains with plenty of rain and wind. It’s fully seam-sealed and offers a hood with three adjustment points, making sure your dome stays dry in any condition. The burnt orange colorway with neon yellow accents completes the package.

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gear we love on tee

On Performance Tee


Even though we collectively looked like a pack of clone troopers at the On Running Cloudsurfer Launch in NYC, I personally dug this one. The pearl off-white color and contoured cut made for an appealing and functional look. Not only does the shirt look great, it feels great too. The shirt is as light as you can get, which means it’s both breathable, quick-drying, and airy. The singlet is equally as impressive in the summer months.

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  1. Tim says:

    I’m going to have to get used to gear pricing after all the inflation. $215 for a jacket seems absurd, but I guess with some shoes now above that level it’s not that bad relatively speaking. But I do fondly remember my first pair of “high end” Asics running shoes in the early 90’s, when I was debating between the 1000 series for $32 or the 2000 for $38!

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