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Running Apparel • September 21, 2021

Rabbit Running Trail Collection Review


TAYLOR: Summer weather might be slowly fleeing us here in the mountains, but rabbit is preserving the vibes with a late summer release of some trail goods. They have established an identity for their soft, stylish, and high-performance running clothing. Even more so, the company shows a deep level of support for ALL athletes. Their craftsmanship and care come through in the newest additions to their trail line. 

ALEX: Running in Rabbit gear just feels good. The materials are consistently among the lightest and most breathable on the market, and the style is fresh and functional. The Cali brand’s new Summer Trail collection is no exception. Read on to hear me gush over the line. 

EZ Tee/Tank Trail Perf SS/LS (Women and Men)


ALEX: The long-sleeve EZ tees are the perfect piece for shoulder seasons, crisp mornings, and cool evenings. The fit is perfectly relaxed and comfortable, and the material is incredibly soft.

As for the tank, I’m loving the fresh new Salsa color. On hot days, the EZ Perforated Tanks are my go-to. The material is buttery soft and lightweight which promotes maximum cooling. There are no major updates to report on this one, because why mess with perfection?

TAYLOR: This garment has blown my eyes and heart wide open for rabbit gear. If I could switch up my whole wardrobe, these would be every one of my shirts. Anything made from Rabbit’s EZ material is worth grabbing for its softer-than-a-newborn-lamb feel. Add a thousand pinprick holes to it and it becomes the softest AND most breathable shirt known to man. 

I find the short sleeve to be perfect for late summer miles when the weather can either be sweet and breezy or stupid hot. As a warm-bodied runner, the long sleeve has been my go-to for those really cool late summer/early fall mornings here in the mountains (35-45 degrees). The ONLY negative with the perf versions is durability. Because they’re so thin and light, a single branch snag coming down the mountain could unravel the shirt quicker than your homemade sweater.

PRICE: $45 for tank and SS, $50 for LS

Shop Perf Tank –  Women Shop Perf SS –  Men Shop Perf SS –  Women Shop Perf LS –  Men Shop Perf LS –  Women

EZ Tee SS Trail (Women and Men)

ez trail tee-men

TAYLOR: On paper this is a nearly identical shirt to the aforementioned EZ tee perf, however, it doesn’t have the exact same feel. 

Let’s talk looks first. I love it. The layered mountain/topographic look is straight-up any trail runner’s alley. 

Performance-wise, the classic rabbit characteristics are there: soft, light, and luxurious. The fabric blend is said to be the same as the Perf, but it feels like the EZ tee trail has a different type of spandex or more of it to give the shirt a more fitted and durable feel. I definitely see myself reaching for it on race day because of the performance-ready feel.

PRICE: $48

Shop EZ Trail –  Women Shop EZ Trail –  Men

EZ Tee/Tank Pro (Women and Men)

ALEX: Both of these tops have been updated in the rabbit trail line. The material of the EZ Tee and Tank Pro is made with the impossibly soft Quick N’ Fit fabric. It’s cool to the touch and silky smooth with a tailored fit for both garments. If you prefer a more relaxed or loose fit, rabbit recommends going up one size.

PRICE: $50

Shop Tank Pro –  Women Shop Tee Pro –  Men

Ascender HP Pro (Men)


TAYLOR: There’s no better way to showcase my trail farmer’s tan than wearing the new Ascender HP PRO. Old McDonald got nothing on me. 

That’s not all this singlet is good for. It’s truthfully the lightest garment I’ve ever worn. Rabbit’s goal with the Ascender is peak performance, including slimming down seams to reduce weight. A combination of RabbitLite and RabbitKnit blends performance and comfort beautifully. The Ascender wicks moisture and breathes well, and dries quickly. What more do you want from a high-performance top?

PRICE: $65 

Shop Ascender Pro –  Men

High Country (Women and Men)


ALEX: Rabbit is keeping the Performance Plaid game going strong with a fresh new Salsa colorway. This piece transitions effortlessly on and off the trail.

TAYLOR: Nothing makes you feel like a mountain man or woman more than wearing plaid. The High Country performance plaid brings casual flair to the trails.

Plaid may be the printed pattern, but this shirt is made from a polyester-spandex blend that’s more than capable of slammin’ single track and beverages post-run in total comfort and class. A perforated back panel helps the already breathable material feel airy on the body. 

As of now, men have a short sleeve option, and women a sleeveless option. I hope we see both styles brought to both genders in the future.

PRICE: $65

Shop High Country –  Women

Strappy Pocket Bra

strappy bra

ALEX: I really like the fit and function of the Pocket Bra. The pocket in the back is large enough for my phone and fits comfortably and securely between my shoulders without any bounce or rubbing. The wide panel in the back and minimal straps limit chafing and contribute to a secure feel. 

PRICE: $55 

Shop Pocket Bra –  Women

Crop Hop Built-in (Women)

crop hop

ALEX: The Crop Hop now has a bra built-in! This no-fuss design is super comfortable and offers great support. I love gear that has multiple functions.

PRICE: $60

Shop Crop Hop –  Women

FKT 5″ Short (Men)

TAYLOR: There’s nothing that I don’t love about the FKT’s. These are the classic, flowy trail shorts from the California-based company. I’ve used them for racing, daily runs, and everything in between. 

A broad, flat waistband sets the stage for an extremely comfortable fit. A super-soft polyester/spandex blend easily wicks moisture and provides all the stretch and durability needed to go on any adventure.

A few pp’s make the FKT’s essentially a no-brainer choice for any run… ya know, practical pockets? A rear zipper pocket is large enough for most phones, though it’s a bit too bouncy for faster efforts. Two side pockets make it easy to stash a glove in each, a gel or two, or trash from the trail. The FKT’s are all-around winners. 

PRICE: $68

Shop FKT 5″ –  Men

Dirt Pounders 2.0 Short (Women)

dirt pounders

ALEX: The Dirt Pounders 2.0 have the same great fit as the original version, but they somehow made the material EVEN SOFTER. They look and feel great and are super lightweight and fast-drying, making them the perfect option for hot days on the trail and run-swim-run adventures. The wide, flat waistband is comfortable with front internal pockets and a large zip pocket in the back.

PRICE: $68

Shop Dirt Pounders –  Women

Shredder 5″ Short (Men)


TAYLOR: Combine running shorts and a running belt, and you get the rabbit Shredder shorts. These are basically the FKT shorts with a custom waistband suitable for carrying all gear, featuring 360° storage. Most of the waistline is comprised of four open mesh stuff-style pockets. I’ve had keys, gels, and more in these pockets with no issue of stuff hopping out. On the backside, a large zippered pocket is big enough to fit a large phone. 

What sets these apart from similar shorts? Loops. Easy store-and-go pole loops add a whole new dimension to the crossover gear. The combination of comfort and ability to accommodate nearly everything I want for a long run or race makes the Shredder shorts a top contender in the apparel category.

PRICE: $75

Shop Shredders –  Men

Mountain Climbers 2.0 Short (Women)


ALEX: The mountain climbers have been my go-to short for every long run, race or adventure for the past 3 years, and they just keep getting better. I’m a huge fan of the 2.0 updates: higher and flat waistband with built-in storage, softer material, and larger pockets. My only complaint is the new material tends to show wear in the form of piling and it snags more easily.

PRICE: $68 

Shop MTN Climbers –  Women

Smashems 2.5″ Pro Short (Women)


ALEX: LOVE these. The storage capacity of these shorts is far beyond anything I could ask for on long training days. The waistband has six pockets built-in with a large zip pocket in the back. 

I was a little concerned about how these would feel fully loaded, but they stayed in place just fine. These shorts are a great option for balancing weight between your waist and your hydration vest. For shorter efforts, there’s plenty of comfortable storage to ditch the vest entirely. Trekking poles fit ride securely in the Smashems, at the cost of using the rear pocket. 

The new lightweight rabbitDRY material combined with bonded seams offers a super comfortable fit with complete freedom of movement. I noticed some mild chafing where a stitch rubbed on my leg, but that’s by no means a deal-breaker.

PRICE: $80

Shop Smashems Pro –  Women

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