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Running Accessories • September 14, 2021

Deckers X Lab Releases The NVRSTP Pack

deckers lab nvrstp pack

What You Need To Know

  • Limited edition, custom pack with – count ’em – 19 pockets
  • Designed for micro-adventures, from running to fastpacking
  • Water bladder compatible
  • Also features an extra wet compartment and roll top
  • Available now for $275

I love pockets. Pockets on pants, pockets on jackets, pockets on backpacks – I can’t get enough of them. And then there’s the Deckers X Lab NVRSTP pack. An action pack for any adventure, this thing has a whopping 19 pockets. Napoleon Dynamite would lose his mind with all the tot storage available in this thing. 

If you’re not familiar with Deckers X Lab, well you should be, because they make the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever worn and legit probably wear them more than anything else we own. Long story short, Deckers X Lab is the innovation department of Deckers Brands (made of HOKA®, UGG®, Teva®, and Sanuk®), and they like to do weird stuff.

deckers lab nvrstp pack believe in the run

Like the NVRSTP pack. Along with its 19 pockets, it also has a 25L capacity that can extend to a 40L capacity by utilizing a unique roll-top closure, hydration bladder compatibility, and a detachable organizer that can be cinched tightly against the bag to secure a jacket, wet clothes, or extra equipment. 

Personally, I took this bag on a bike trip to the grocery store and appreciated putting my produce in the roll-top section so the tomatoes wouldn’t get squished.

In the front of the bag, you get three adjustable side release buckles (most packs have two) to keep it extra tight against the chest. Now, I did feel the strap length was a little excessive but they do have loops on the end that you can use to double back on.

Is this pack for running? Kind of. There’s a lot going on. But if you love separating different items into different spaces, you’ll love what this offers. It can also transition to just about anything, whereas a typical hydration vest is just for running and not much else. The NVRSTP was designed for anything from an ultramarathon to speed hiking to just wearing around town.

That said, it is gonna cost you. This custom limited-edition pack is available now for $275.

Shop Deckers NVRSTP

Additional features:

  • 25L Capacity (40L with expanded roll top) 
  • 19 Pockets (9 in front) 
  • Pockets within pockets 
  • Trekking Pole Holders 
  • Carabiner Assist 
  • Water Bladder Compatible 
  • Wet Bag 
  • Customizable/Flexible 
  • Advanced tech and materials for functionality, breathability, and durability
Shop Deckers NVRSTP

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