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Running Apparel • November 5, 2021

Rabbit Fall Casual 2021 Apparel Review

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What You Need To Know

  • Signature Rabbit comfort with cool-weather style
  • Taylor hasn’t taken the flannel off in weeks
  • EZ material is great for recovery, or all the time
  • Can we get like 10 more flannel colors? Please?

TAYLOR: If you ask me for any recommendations on running gear, you can bet that Rabbit clothing will be all up in that conversation. Every piece I’ve had from the California-based company bleeds comfort from quality.

Here they come with even more goods in their Rabbit Fall Casual drop. Some are familiar. Some are new. All are geared toward comfort, but this time, in the pre and post-run sessions.

〉EZ Tee LS

An image of the Rabbit Fall Casual EZ Tee LS in front of yellow leaves

TAYLOR: The classic EZ Tee is the one that will get you. It’s the gateway drug for sure. It’s the softest, most comfortable performance material that I have ever experienced. Just putting it on gives me that “oh yeah” feeling like when you initially crawl into bed at night.

The long sleeve version has been my go-to lately for these early cool mornings. It has been in the upper 30’s or 40’s lately. The forty-something degrees is a perfect temp to be wearing this garment. Performance-wise it keeps you dry, it’s comfortable, and moves effortlessly with your body.

I have a singular complaint about all EZ tee gear that I’ve owned and it is that it does seem to get that runner’s musk smell decently quickly. I can’t say I care too much though, because it is just so dang comfortable.

ALEX: The new RabbitKNIT material is sweat-wicking and quick drying. It offers a fun new Rabbit Fall Casual print in a classic favorite.

PRICE: $50

You can pick up the Rabbit EZ Tee LS from Running Warehouse at the buttons below with free two-day shipping.

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〉EZ Joggers

An image of the Rabbit Fall Casual joggers in front of trees

TAYLOR: The EZ material has become what I crave as a runner, now. I want its comfort all the time while running or not. Thank you Rabbit for swinging out to the pre and post-running goods realm and making these pants. These are going to be the ones that 10 years down the road my wife will be trying to throw them in the wood chipper because I’ll be wearing them day in and day out until they shred themselves. Yes, they are that cozy.

These are made of the same blend of materials as the EZ tee performance tops. Uber soft and supreme fitting. What more do you want for any time but especially on your off days or to relax post long run?

I’m ready for the next step here, Rabbit. Bring on the EZ Jumpsuit.

ALEX: These joggers offer the super soft and comfortable feel that we have come to know and love this brand for. They feature two front pockets and an external drawcord. The Quiet Gray color is light and fresh.

If you want a more relaxed fit, size up in these. I typically wear a size small and they fit a little tighter than I prefer for this style of pants.

PRICE: $85

You can pick up the Rabbit Fall Casual EZ Joggers from Running Warehouse at the buttons below with free two-day shipping.

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〉High Country Flannel

An image of the Rabbit Fall Casual High Country Flannel

TAYLOR: As soon as daylight hours get to the less than 12 range, I’m all in on the plaid button-ups. In fact, flannel is about all I wear from late fall to early spring — comfortable and practical for mountain life.

Rabbit went there too. The High Country Flannel is different from their performance plaid in the trail line. This one is for casual comfort. Those two words actually describe the fit and feel of the shirt very well. It’s very soft as compared to a traditional flannel shirt. It also seems to have equivalent durability. Easy snap buttons up the front make this a perfect lazy day shirt to slip in to or out of depending on when you get your run in. The High Country is also easy to throw on the overtop of an EZ tee when you’re trying to sneak a lunch run in or get off the job quickly to hit the trails. I would know. I’ve done both.

The High Country Flannel brings a lot to the table for runners for not even being a running garment itself.

ALEX: I love this shirt. It is the perfect layer for pre and post-run lounging. The colorway is bold and beautiful and the material is soft and warm. Size up for a more relaxed fit if you want to layer underneath.

PRICE: $85

You can pick up the Rabbit Fall Casual High Country Flannel from Running Warehouse at the button below with free two-day shipping.

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