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Apparel • November 6, 2021

Decathlon Trail Line Review

decathlon alex kalenji gloves and evadict quarter zip

TAYLOR: Trader Joe’s of running gear, eh? I love me some TJ’s, so that’s a pretty high claim around here. Decathlon isn’t a new brand, but it’s just showing up state-side, and there’s a lot of potential for them to become a household name.

I received a few fall weather and trail-specific pieces from the Decathlon trail line. As with any large company schlepping low-priced gear, I had questions on comfort and quality. For the price, these garments are pretty sweet.

 ALEX: Decathlon has been around for 40 years, and I am disappointed that this is the first time I’m learning about them. Their business is delivering high-quality, cost-effective products that minimize manufacturing and retail costs while minimizing their retail footprint. 

Evadict Trail Running Jersey, SS and LS (Men and Women)

An image of the long sleeve Evadict jersey

TAYLOR: I’ve never felt more European than wearing the Evadict trail running shirt. For one, the 9.5″ zipper lets all the chest hairs feel the breeze for miles. As hot days hang on into fall, I love this feature. There’s tons of ventilation in the underarms and low back for a breathable fit. Speaking of which, this shirt is form-fitting, flexible, and moisture-wicking without feeling restrictive. This shirt shines on warm trail days or as an underlayer when wearing a pack. 

ALEX: This jersey is only $19.99! It’s super lightweight and made of durable, wear-resistant polyester. It was designed to withstand abrasion caused by a backpack or hydration vest. This jersey wicks sweat and has a strategically placed mesh panel that runs the length of the underarm all the way down the side. There are also two small pockets on the lower back to stash a key, gel, or trash. It runs small and has a slim fit, so size up if you prefer a more relaxed fit.

PRICE: $35 for Men’s SS, currently $20 for Women’s LS

Shop Short Sleeve –  Men Shop Long Sleeve – Women

Kalenji Run Warm LS (Men)

An image of the Decathlon Trail line Kalenji long sleeve

TAYLOR: Fall mornings can be pretty nippy here in the mountains. But with no wind just yet, a garment like the Kalenji Warm Long-Sleeve Running shirt comes in clutch. Light, warm, and breathable all fit the description. 

A microfleece fabric gives some insulation and softness next to the skin. Add in a half-zip and thumbholes for regulating temperate, and this long sleeve has to be one of the best values out there. Pair it with a thin t-shirt, and you’ll find warmth and comfort all fall long.

 PRICE: $15 

Shop Kalenji LS –  Men

Evadict Trail Running Shorts (Women)

An image of the Decathlon Trail line Evadict shorts for Women

ALEX: You can snag yourself a pair of these for $29.99. The shorts have all of the features we now look for: a wide waistband with at least 36 pockets (kidding, six pockets), lightweight, moisture-wicking, quick-drying material, and freedom of movement. These check all the boxes. The Evadict trail shorts allow you to move freely and simultaneously provide great coverage. 

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PRICE: $30

Shop Evadict Shorts –  Women

Evadict Trail Comfort Tight-Shorts (Men)

An image of the Decathlon Trail line Evadict shorts for men

TAYLOR: It’s all in the name. This is a true trail-specific short that’s focused on comfort. 

At its base lies an integrated tight runs the length of my quads and keeps chafing at bay. I usually have to size up to fit my legs into shorts while sacrificing an appropriate fit in the waist. There is no difference here, as the mediums fit great around the waist, but the tights are a little too tight for my liking. A light and breathable outer short provides more protection and added comfort. 

The integrated waist belt is the real star of the show for the Evadict Trail shorts. Seven separate pockets nearly match a whole pack’s carrying capacity worth of gear with impressive prowess. I carried a light jacket, keys, phone, gels, and a small headlamp at one time. A small soft-flask would fit nicely in the rear or front pockets too. The shorts carry gear more securely than any other integrated shorts that I’ve worn. 

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My only true negative of the shorts is the third bikini-style liner. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary. Tights over top of the liner are a perfect storm for crotch rashes that’ll develop over the long run. Cut ’em out, and you have a super solid pair of trail shorts for $39.99

 PRICE: $40 

Shop Evadict Shorts –  Men

Kalenji Tactile Running Gloves 

An image of the Decathlon Trail line Kalenji gloves

TAYLOR: The Kalenji Tactile Running Glove seems to fit the fall niche. They’re the thinnest gloves I’ve ever worn. It’s just enough to bring actual warmth to your hands but not enough to turn your hands into mini-ovens. If you’re a warm-bodied runner like me, these are the type of gloves you might be looking for. I’ll likely wear these to the onset of true winter, where blocking from the wind becomes the biggest priority. 

 ALEX: Just $8.99 gets you a pair of these gloves. Simple and functional, this lightweight glove’s interior is brushed and soft for added warmth. The conductive fabric on the index finger and thumb allows you to use your smartphone. I love the weight of these, they work great on their own during the shoulder seasons and as a liner when it gets seriously cold. The Kalenji gloves are much less painful to replace at this price point when one inevitably goes missing.

PRICE: $9 

Shop Kalenji Gloves

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  1. Stephen Szibler says:

    Do you know if Kalenji still makes the Decathlon 10L Trail Running Bag or something like it? I saw a great review for it on YouTube, but it doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon, etc.

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