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Pearl Izumi BioViz™ Run Apparel Review

Last December we chatted with the Pearl Izumi Team at TRE (The Running Event) and they gave us the rundown on their Fall ’15 apparel, primarily the Pearl Izumi BioViz collection. This line focuses on being seen out on the run (or ride) during all hours of the day. The BioViz collection can be broken down into three parts: fluorescence, reflectivity, and contrast. Pearl Izumi uses true fluorescents throughout their apparel. Regular colors reflect 90%, while fluorescents reflect 200-300% so you can be seen, sooner. To figure out where best to place reflective pieces, Pearl Izumi turned to biomotion. Biomotion describes our brain’s ability to recognize patterns of movement from limited information. You need three zones of reflectivity–static, tempo, and flicker–to immediately understand your shape and context. Pearl Izumi recreated these three zones throughout the apparel. In addition to biomotion, our brains are wired to notice graphic patterns. The apparel incorporates blocks of contrasting colors to catch the eye more quickly.

Meaghan received three items from the Pearl Izumi Bioviz lineup:

  1. Women’s Flash ¾ Tights (XS)
  2. Women’s Fly Jacket (S)
  3. Women’s Flash Insulator Run Jacket (S)

Thomas received two items from the Pearl Izumi BioViz lineup:

  1. Men’s Fly Jacket (M)
  2. Men’s Flash Run Pant (M)

Women’s Flash ¾ Tights

The tights are great. They’re form fitting; snug but not too tight. I received the black/yellow florescent colorway. The fluorescent yellow blocks are strategically placed on the outer calf for visibility. Pearl Izumi also placed reflective logos on each leg (one on the front, one of the back) for some added reflectivity. The tights are designed with two pockets: a zippered back and a stash pocket on the thigh. I never used the thigh pocket, but the back pocket is perfect for a key or GU. The wide waistband sits just above the hips and is really comfortable. I never had any issues with chaffing.


Women’s Fly Jacket

I love this jacket. It’s the perfect additional layer when it’s a little cool, a little windy, or a little rainy. The jacket is primarily pink with two fluorescent yellow blocks placed on the forearm, right below two reflective strips. The sleeves end with what Pearl Izumi calls “internal fist mitts,” to keep the warmth in. Basically, they’ve added a spandex-like sleeve with thumb holes. I dig them. The jacket has a full center front zipper and a waist cinch at the bottom that also helps seal in warmth. The back is designed with ventilation pockets that are really nice on those warmer, rainy days. There’s also a zippered pocket in the back that could fit a phone, keys, GU or whatever you need. The fabric is wind and water resistant. I took this jacket out for an 18 mile run in the pouring-rain. It did really well for the first 6 or so miles but after awhile, it soaked through, which is to be expected.


Women’s Flash Insulator Run Jacket

This jacket is made for the colder, windier, rainier days. It’s like an insulated Fly jacket. The thermal fleece fabric panels provide warmth, and the Primaloft insulation helps your body retain more of the heat you generate. It’s slightly fitted, has a full zip up mock neck and an internal zipper flap to help seal in the warmth. There are two big zippered pockets on the front perfect for keeping your hands warm or holding your phone. Similar to the Fly Jacket, the arms end with extended thumbhole sleeves that hug the wrist. It’s a really nice, lightweight jacket. If you plan to train through the winter, this is the perfect additional to your running closet.


Men’s Fly Jacket

The fit on this jacket is near perfection. The Fly jacket feels light and was good on warmer days with a light shirt and performed surprisingly well on colder days with thicker cold gear under the wind breaking material. Strategically placed venting on the chest and upper back helps your body breath. There is a nice size zipper pocket on the lower center back that is big enough for gloves, a hat, or a phone. The sleeves have “internal fist mitts (to) seal in warmth” it is a flap that you can tuck your hands to keep your fingers warmer. People will see you coming in this jacket. The jacket fits snug, but is not restrictive.


Men’s Flash Run Pant

I am more of a tights guy in the chilly temps. I like trapping the heat in and I don’t like stuff flapping around. With that, I did like these pants as a change up. They don’t feel like they would be that warm, but they did the trick in some really cold spring mornings early 2015. I am talking about those polar vortex days. Meaghan liked the fit of them, I think the could use a little more of a tapper. I like the jogger cut lately. These are great for the days you have to get a run done and then be in public. A little less uncomfortable for the people around you versus tights.


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