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Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 Review

The HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 (HQVP2) takes a different approach to solving the hydration challenges of running. In the past, I have tried numerous hydration packs, handhelds, and belts. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 removes bottles from your hands and puts them high on your back. When you are ready for a drink you reach back like an archer taking an arrow from… your quiver.

The Good

The HydraQuiver carries two 25 oz. (50 0z.) water bottles, fully loaded you’re ready for plenty of miles. Bottles are way easier to refill than bladder style reservoirs in hydration packs. I assumed it would take some practice pulling the bottle out and getting them back in their sleeves, it is actually easy. With the bottles situated high on your back, the weight of the water feels more natural than a bladder in the middle of your back. Having your hands free on long runs is a nice break from handheld bottles. The HQVP2 has two chest pockets and two shoulder pockets, so there is space for carring nutrition, iPhones, credit cards, and the like. On the back, there is an elastic cage that you can add a third bottle or carry a light jacket. The pack was easy to wash in the machine with the rest of my gear. There are reflective elements on the pack for safety. The product is solidly put together, you can see and feel the quality.

The Bad

It takes a little work to get the fit dialed in. I found my first run a little uncomfortable and somewhat awkward. For your first run with the pack, I recommend taking a shorter run. By the second run, the pack fit well and worked out nicely. The strap under the arms that is crucial for proper fitting can cause some irritation. In future versions of this pack, I would love to see some improvement there. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it stood out in the packs performance. With the bottle sloshing around sometimes, I felt like a washing machine. The pack is not cheap coming in at $150 +S&H. There team hooked me up with a discount code to share with you: BITR10 or you can just use the take 10% off button on the site.


I will grab the HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 over a hydration pack with a bladder every time. For long runs, the HQVP2 is now my go to solution for hydration and gear stowing. With two 25 oz. bottles, this pack only gets pulled out for runs over 15 miles. Anything shorter than that I’ll use a handheld or nothing. There still isn’t a perfect solution for carrying water on the run, but the HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 gets us closer. See tips on fitting below.

Sidenote: Brands send us products for many of our posts on I paid for the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 with my own money.



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