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OOLER Sleep System by Chili Review

ooler sleep system

What You Need To Know

  • Temperature settings can be controlled through the Chili app
  • Control unit is sleek and small, easily sliding under the bed
  • Features white noise control
  • Much more energy-efficient than cranking the A/C to try and keep cool at night

MEAGHAN: About a year ago, we reviewed the ChiliPad, a mattress pad with a cooling and heating control system. I am totally obsessed with it, so when I heard the Chili brand was coming out with an updated system, I had to try it. Introducing: the OOLER Sleep System. 

The OOLER comes with some major upgrades to the original chiliPad sleep system. Most notably, it is app-driven, which allows users to:

  • Set the temperature from their phone
  • Set sleep schedules for automatic and precise temperature changes throughout the night
  • Rate sleep to continuously improve the nighttime experience

The Good 

MEAGHAN: Just like the Chilipad, the OOLER Sleep System regulates the surface temperature of your mattress using water. The system comes with a hydronic pad, a control unit, and a new OOLER App. 

The pad is soft, designed with a high-loft jacquard stretchable fabric. It has elastic straps at each corner to hold it in place on your mattress and comes in several sizes. Inside the pad are small tubes that fill with water. Despite what you might think, you can’t feel them at all. 

The control unit is definitely an upgrade! The one complaint I had about the ChiliPad was the size/look of the control unit. It screamed hospital ward. The OOLER unit has a more sleek, modern design and its low profile size allows it to fit under our bed (and most beds). 

ooler sleep system control unit

What’s most exciting about the new system is the OOLER App! Now you can schedule your OOLER to automatically turn on/off during your normal sleep schedule. You can also program the “warm awake feature” which acts as an alarm clock. It heats you up once it’s time to get up, and it honestly works. 

THOMAS: There are a few products that have a big impact on the quality of my training. Having a treadmill in the house, foam rollers, our Air Relax sleeves, and the OOLER Sleep System. Once you have them you can’t go back to when you didn’t.

The original chiliPAD we had was fantastic, and the OOLER system is the evolution of that product. The addition of the app and the ability to schedule a sleep temperature cycle makes the OOLER an amazing tool for getting the best night’s sleep you can.

With a sleek redesign, the system unit now fits under the bed. One of my complaints about the chiliPAD was that it looked like you had hospital equipment in your room. With the OOLER, you don’t even know it’s there.

I also like the addition of white noise control. You can set the system’s fan to three different modes: silent, low white noise and high white noise. This thing really will get you addicted to a good night’s rest. If you are following training trends, you know how much value is being given to sleep. Side note: check out this podcast for some good information on rest.

Shop OOLER Sleep System

The Bad

MEAGHAN: The only real downside to the OOLER System is the price tag. Depending on your bed size, it costs between $699 to $1499. However, it’s kind of justifiable. Chili products are up to 95% cheaper than air conditioning. So, if you’re like my brother whose thermostat is continually set to 59 degrees, this will not only make your family love you more, but it’s economically responsible. 

THOMAS: The setup may need to be tweaked to get the right settings, but that’s like any system. I’ve had some issues with it not always following the sleep schedule, but honestly, this is probably user error.

Shop OOLER Sleep System

OOLER Sleep System Conclusion 

MEAGHAN: I can’t recommend this thing enough. Not only do I fall asleep faster with the OOLER, but the warm awake feature is a game-changer. Waking up is so much nicer when it’s not a jolting noise from your bedside iPhone.

Plus, there’s all the science behind it: “Multiple studies show that optimized deep sleep is proven to enhance muscle recovery by as much as 30% and improve physical performance by as much as 9%.” That’s 4% more than a pair of Vaporflys and it’s not going to wear out in 3 months! What other stat do you need? 

THOMAS: If you run hot as I do, then you have two choices: 1) suffer from night sweats and sleeping with just a sheet over you, or 2) get an OOLER and drift off for a night of deep sleep in the cool comfort of your bed. Like a treadmill or leg recovery sleeves, the OOLER isn’t cheap, but it becomes indispensable.

We stayed at a hotel the night before the Harrisburg Half Marathon and I was well aware of the absence of my OOLER. In the middle of the night, I awoke and stumbled through the room, waking Meaghan while I fumbled with the air conditioner controls. Waking up at 2 am added stress to pre-race prep. As I got back in bed, I tried to fall asleep thinking about my OOLER back at home.

If you can, get one of these, you will love it too. You can pick up any of Chili’s sleep systems using the shop link below, and check out the product comparison as well.

Shop OOLER Sleep System


chiliPAD™ OOLER®
  • Comes with a mattress pad, one cube per person and remote(s)
  • State-of-the-art hydronic layer, one control unit per person and app
  •  Temperature range from 55-110°F (13-43°C) with the remote or display buttons
  • Set sleep schedules for automatic and precise temperature change throughout the night
  • Low-maintenance with quarterly ChiliPad cleaning solution
  • Rate your sleep to continuously improve your night experience.
  • Simple, practical, tried and tested
  • Self-cleaning with UV light
  • Unit dimensions are 12” x 12” x 12 “and can fit under the bed (but may need the help of bed risers)
  • 3 fan modes (silent, regular, and boost mode).
  • Unit dimensions are 15″long x 10″ wide x 6″ high and can fit under most beds.



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