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Running Apparel • September 10, 2019

Janji Apparel Review // Fall 2019

Janji is back with their second line of 2019 apparel (see our spring review) inspired by places around the globe where they partner with NPOs to develop clean water initiatives. The Janji apparel 2019 fall line embodies the spirit of Mexico, with colorful designs and patterns. As usual, 5% of all proceeds will go back to the NPO partner in that country.

Thomas: I love the mission behind Janji and every year their fit and materials continue to get better. I used to support them solely for their philanthropy, now I can say I thoroughly enjoy the gear. The 5″ AFO Middle Short will be in heavy rotation this fall (more on that below). 

If you’re already a fan of Janji apparel, you’ll dig these items. Pick them up using any of the shop links below.

AFO Orbital Singlet in Midnight H2O Olympiad (Men’s)

Robbe: Janji says this singlet is nearly weightless—and they’re not wrong. Folded up it’s about as thick as small as a wallet. I feel like I’m always losing it in my drawer. It’s made of Janji’s AirFlatOut fabric, with bonded seams to eliminate any chafing. The fit is on the looser side, due to the atypical cut of the material. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it works fine on runs, and actually looks pretty solid. It features Janji’s “Water is a Human Right” slogan in bright letters on the back (which I thought was pretty cool).

Price: $58

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janji orbital singlet

3” AFO Split Short in MA Artist Series Print (Men’s)

Featuring a bold, geometric design with strong primary colors, Janji collaborated with Mexico City based art-and-social-entrepreneurial project M.A for the third Janji Artist Series Kit. M.A typically works with Oaxacan artisans to translate contemporary, abstract designs into traditional textiles and ceramics, promoting skilled Mexican craftsmanship.

Robbe: The design and patterns in Janji’s Artist Series are once again like nothing else you’ll find in the running scene. Bold and head-turning, the 3” AFO Split Short embodies that spirit. In terms of comfort, you can barely feel that they’re there. They’re made from Janji’s fast-drying AFO fabric, and feature a back zip pocket and elastic drawstring.

Price: $58

janji mexico 3 inch


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5” AFO Middle Short in Miel Lace and Indigo (Men’s)

The 5” short is the bread and butter of the Janji line. We reviewed a version back in the spring, but the newest versions feature a striking black and gold Miel Lace design, and a can’t-go-wrong Indigo colorway.

Like the 3” made of AFO stretch woven material, the short is quick-drying and impossibly light. Also features a moisture-wicking brief liner, knit waistband with drawcord.

Robbe: While the AFO Middle Short struck Thomas in the “just right” spot, I struggled a little bit on both ends of the sizing. However, I also had this problem in the shorts I reviewed earlier this year, so it’s just how the AFO short runs on me (the small was a bit too small, the medium a bit too much material). Size up if you’re in-between.

While I don’t love the diagonal-zip pocket in the back (easier for things to fall out when you’re reaching for a mid-run gel), I did love the design and overall feel of the shorts.

Price: $60

Shop Janji


miel lace shorts

Deviation Tight in Runner’s Path (Women’s)

Meaghan: These are some daring tights. The multi-colored print was inspired by the bold, sharp colors found throughout Mexico City’s modern architecture and art. They’re comfortable tights, designed with Janji’s ReFlex Stretch Knit fabric, which is stretchy and soft. They’re considered ⅞ tights, but they are full length for me. The wide waistband adds to the comfort and there’s a dual-access back zip pocket for a phone or whatever else you need to carry on your run.

Price: $86

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deviation tights

Runpaca Long Sleeve (Women’s)

Meaghan: Although not new to the Janji Fall 2019 line, the Women’s Runpaca Long Sleeve is your standard long-sleeve shirt. It works for the run, or just lounging around. It’s a relaxed fit, made from a mix of pima cotton and alpaca fleece. It breathes pretty well so it works for a variety of temps. If you need a new long sleeve, you might as well get one that goes to a good cause.

women runpaca long sleeve

[Re]Run Cap in Royal Tok Dot

Robbe: Technically the summer colorway, the [Re]Run Cap is actually one of the best hats I’ve worn while running. First off, the zippered cash/card pocket on the side panel needs to be in every running hat. Who doesn’t love an extra stash space? It’s perfect for those small items that are annoying as hell to put in your short’s gel pockets.

On top of all that, the hat is foldable but still maintains its shape, fits (and looks) great, and does what a running cap is supposed to do—keeps your head covered while providing adequate ventilation.

They also use leftover fabric from their shorts line to create part of the hat, which is cool.

Price: $30

Shop Janji



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