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Running Accessories • July 29, 2021

Article One X Mission Workshop Active Sunglasses Review

article one sunglasses - thomas

What You Need To Know

  • Design collaboration between Michigan-based Article One and California-based Mission Workshop
  • Modern take on the classic aviator shape
  • Italian hand-crafted frames featuring Italian Divel polarized lenses
  • Available now for $255

Last year, we reviewed and wore (and continued to wear) the Article One x Ciele GTGlass collaboration, featuring a modern take on the aviator design. The quality was exceptional, the lenses top-notch. Honestly, it was nerve-wracking trying not to wreck them because we’re so used to abusing our typical throwaway sunglasses.

Suffice it to say we were pretty excited to get our ears under the arms of the newest Article One collab with Mission Workshop, another modern, more geometric take on the classic aviator. For the unfamiliar, Article One is an independent eyewear company based in Flint, Mich., but all their frames are handcrafted in a small village in Northern Italy by a family of workers who are passionate about their craft. It’s undeniable that the quality is there, and Article One is intentionally transparent about every step in the design and production process.

San Francisco-based Mission Workshop embraces the same mindset as Article One, combining durable materials with elegant design since 2009. In the past, they’ve been known for the urban gear, like their cycling packs or this weatherproof commute pack designed in conjunction with Tracksmith.

For the AO X MW model, the focus was to create a frame appropriate for any occasion, whether that’s cruising cross-country by foot or with Airstream in tow. The frames are made in Italy with a TR90 polymer, an incredibly durable and lightweight material, made to hold its shape in e

ven the hottest temperatures. The design is probably best described as abstract hexagon, and honestly – it looks fantastic. Just enough to stand out, just enough to fit in. I will say, from the moment you take these out the case, the quality is apparent. Nice things just feel, well – nice. If you know, you know.

A silicone nose pad with a wire core skeleton allows for custom molding to the bridge of the nose, while silicone pads on the tips of the arms allow for additional comfort and grip.

Shop AO X MW article one sunglasses - nose

All of that is great, but the polarized Italian Divel lenses are the star of the show here. Vision is crystal clear, road glare is nonexistent, and the backside has an extra coating to counteract any reflection coming from the eye. The clarity of the world through the AO X MW almost makes me forget my entire field of vision is filled with floaters (shout-out to my fellow squiggly-line sufferers out there).

Lastly, I’m always grateful for a good spring hinge on the arms, because I know it’s an extra layer of insurance for when my kids get their hands on these.

So how are they on the run? Well, it’s an interesting pickle when dealing with quality sunglasses. By nature, unless you’re using hyper-performance carbon fiber, durable construction generally equates with added weight. (By the way, I’ve snapped carbon glasses in half like a twig before, so you’re sacrificing in that case as well.)

All that to say, the AO x MW does work on the run, but the weight is noticeable. It’s not a deal-breaker, it just doesn’t disappear the way that other running sunglasses do. Personally, I added a sunglass strap to them (which I like anyway, and last year’s AO X Ciele pair came with one), for a bit of added security.

article one mission workshop sunglasses - bike

I also wear these for commute cycling in the city, and I appreciate the spring-loaded arms for helping to get these onto my face with my helmet on. That said, the construction combined with the clarity makes this a pair of sunglasses to wear all summer and fall and winter and spring and … wherever we’re running or not running.

The AO X MW is available now for $255 and is available in four different colorways.

Article One offers a two-year warranty on all products. For an inside look at Article One’s production process, featuring two Italian families passionate in the pursuit of both relationships and craftsmanship, watch their short film, A Labor of Love.

Shop AO X MW article one mission workshop sunglasses - arm

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