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Running Accessories • October 31, 2018

Jaybird Wireless Headphone Review

Meaghan and Thomas had the opportunity to try out two of Jaybird’s wireless headphone options for runners, the Tarah, and the Run.

The Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sports Headphone

Jaybird Tarah

Thomas: The first thing I will say about the Tarah wireless headphone is… SIX HOUR BATTERY! That is a funk load of battery time. But who cares how long the battery lasts if the sound is lousy, am I right? Good news the Tarah delivers booming sound with customizable low range, mid-range, and high range acoustics through the Jaybird app. You can also choose to listen to some of their curated playlists through the app, which includes celebrity playlists from some of your favorite running heroes. Of course, you can skip the Jaybird app altogether, connect to your Bluetooth device and listen to whatever the heck you want. You can even make phone calls. However, if you can talk on the phone, you aren’t running hard enough.

I like the Jaybird Tarah for more than the 6-hour battery and the superior sound quality. Jaybird makes it easy to get a good fit with their soft silicone ear gels that come in three sizes. The earphones fit nicely and block out a lot of ambient noise. I run with my Apple Airpods sometimes, living in the city they can let in so much noise you can’t hear your music. The Tarah block out enough that you can enjoy your pop-punk songs without making you deaf to your surroundings.

These headphones are a terrific training partner. The Tarah can go the distance, stay in your ear comfortably, and sound sublime. When you throw in the extra goodies with the app, the $99 price tag for the Tarah seems like a bargain. Did I mention they are sweat & waterproof (IPX7)? Jaybird also offers free Shipping On Headphones & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, for more deets on the specs you can check the shop link below. The only downer on the Tarah is that it has a custom charger, lose the charger or forget to pack it, you will be SOL.

Shop Jaybird Tarah


The Jaybird RUN Wireless Sports Headphone

Jaybird RunMeaghan: The Jaybird RUN are true wireless headphones; Nothing connecting the two earbuds, just two pieces of soft plastic you tuck away in your ears. They come with several ear tips and fins, so they’ll fit just about any ear shape and size. I was nervous they would pop out mid-run, but they stayed in place through all types of workouts and all types of weather.  They are sweat proof and water resistant (a must).

The battery life on these earbuds is 4 hours. However, the portable charging case provides an extra 8 hours, so technically, they can be used “up to 12 hours.” I can count the number of times I’ve run for more than 4 hours at a time on one hand. And if I never do it again, I’d be okay with that. I should also note they charge SUPER fast. I’m talking 5 minutes of charge for an hour of listening. Good stuff.

The only awkward thing about these headphones is the button on the outside of each ear pod. To answer a call, pause or skip a song, etc. you have to push this button – and when you push the button, you’re pushing it into your head. It’s weirdly uncomfortable.

Outside of that, these are my favorite headphones to date. I even prefer them over the very similar Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Headphones because of the fit and comfort. These suckers will run you $179.99, but they’re worth it if you run with music often, as I do. If you want to learn more about the headphones or buy a pair, check out the Jaybird site by using the shop button below.

Shop Jaybird Run

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