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Accessories • November 16, 2018

Tifosi Sunglasses Performance Review

Sunglasses are an underrated piece of gear for runners. We spend so much time outside, and sunglasses can protect you from more than harmful UV rays, they shield us from branches and debris on the trail, prevent fatigue from squinting. Quality lenses make obstacles easier to see, and of course, they can help you look like a badass.

Tifosi Swank

Tifosi SWANK

Of the two models we tried out, the SWANK is the more casual looking pair. They can easily be worn from running to the pool, driving around without looking like you just hopped off your tri-bike. The frame style is very en vogue with runners mostly because Goodr sells tossable sunglasses in a similar fashion for $25, but Tifosi beats Goodr in value. The Polarized lens in the SWANK is a big leap in quality over the Goodr lens. Don’t get twisted, Goodr sunglasses have their place. If you are the kinda person that can’t be trusted with beautiful things, invest $25 in a pair of Goodr sunglasses, when you lose them, drop them, leave them at a coffee shop, just buy another pair.

If you want to up your game get yourself a pair of Tifosi SWANK with full UV protection and optional polarized lens. The SWANK ranges from $40 – $50 and comes with a lifetime guarantee. There are plenty of colors and lens to pick from. The Swank is comfortable on the face during runs and did an excellent job staying in place. The no-slip rubber on the nose helps keep them in the right spot. The frames are light and feel sturdy; I especially like the feel of the hinges that pop the arms into place.


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Tifosi TYRANT 2.0

The Tyrant 2.0 is a pure performance sunglass option. The $79 glasses come with three lens options that will cover any conditions you will encounter. The lightweight frames lasted me one run. Not because there were any issues with the quality, but because of my clumsiness.

I wore the Tyrant 2.0 on a 22-mile training run that ended at a local brewery. After many delicious pints, I stepped outside to catch an Uber. I miscounted the stairs leaving the brewery and took a sweet fall. The sunglasses were on my hat and must have catapulted to the streets. Slightly embarrassed, I did the quick pop up and got in the Uber accidentally abandoning the sunglasses.

Although my relationship with the Tyrant 2.0 was brief, 22-miles was a good test for the specs. The UV lenses are top notch and provide high definition. The vented lens never fogged even in the swampy Baltimore humidity. The frame on the Tyrant 2.0 is designed to be flexible while the lenses are polycarbonate to withstand force without shattering. The nose and earpieces have no-slip rubber and are adjustable to get a perfect fit.


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Tifosi can stand head to head with Oakley sunglasses but cost a lot less. Check out their website to see all the styles, you will be sure to find one that compliments your face.

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