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Running Apparel • May 6, 2020

Janji Spring 2020 Apparel Review

The running company that slays in both design and creative utility, Janji is back with their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. For those who don’t know, Janji is an apparel company out of Boston, Mass., whose mission is to give back through their business, specifically with a focus on water. You’ll often find the phrase “water is a human right” throughout their brand, and they back it up by donating 2% of every purchase to clean water initiatives around the globe.

Each season they partner with a local organization somewhere abroad and work with local artists to design apparel that reflects the spirit of that locale (this season it’s the Manila Water Foundation in the Philippines (learn more)). We’re really loving some of the updates to the gear, and the designs are wild and fresh, which we always appreciate. Check out our thoughts on both the men’s and women’s collections, from shorts to singlets to outerwear.


Transit Tech Half-Zip

ROBBE: The TT Half-Zip isn’t new, but it’s new for me, and features some updates. Perforated underarm gussets provide breathability, while the lightweight fabric repels light moisture. I love the half-zip design because I’m a big fan of anoraks, and the zippered kangaroo pocket is a nice touch. I wore this running in temps between 45-55 and it worked nicely, especially on windier days. Plus, it just looks good and travels light. Also features shoulder bungees for hanging in a locker or wherever.

PRICE: $88

Shop TT Half-Zip

AFO Singlet – Flora

AUSTIN: I own less than five singlets, but the Janji AFO Flora singlet is by far the lightest. Paper-thin light. A singlet that disappears during a run or race is a telling characteristic about the quality. The Laguna design is a unique pattern, but races call forth apparel that sparkles as the miles fall one at a time. All that’s left is to find a matching pair of Goodr sunglasses to accent the Laguna singlet and short.

ROBBE: I agree with Austin, this thing is light (and stretchy). The design is completely insane, you’re either going to love it as a summer look or hate it like your grandmother’s curtains, but like I’ve said before, I love that Janji takes some risks and does weird stuff like this.

PRICE: $58

Shop AFO Singlet

AFO 3’’ Split Short

AFO 3″ Split Short – Manila Orange

JEREMY: To start things out, the AFO shorts are my go-to long run apparel choice now. As the weather gets warmer here in Maryland, I’ve broken these shorts out for some workouts and long runs where I’ve sweat quite a bit. The material used, AFO (AirFlatOut) fabric is light and wicks away sweat really efficiently. There’s a built-in liner that feels comfortable and snug, and everything about this short just fits right. There are two pockets, with one small front internal pocket designed for a key or other small item, and a zippered back pocket. The back pocket can fit cards or gels, but I will say it’s a tight squeeze to fit my phone in there. The back pocket comes with zipper pull so you aren’t grabbing at your butt for five minutes while running, desperately trying to get that gel in the latter portion of a long run or race (something I’ve personally struggled with many times). Overall, a good looking short in bright orange, a comfortable fit, and extremely functional.

AFO 3″ Split Short – Flora

AUSTIN: I have two unwavering principles that inform running short purchases: a length of 5” or less and a minimum of one zipper. The Janji 3” split short is race-ready and provides a zippered pocket on the backside to store a key or nutritional product. The shorts also feature a soft, built-in liner and reflective strips for additional visibility. More importantly, race shorts are intended to stand out amidst the throes of runners. Black is a classy choice for sure, but why not ditch it in favor of the Flora Laguna print? Pair the split shorts with the Laguna singlet for a look that will undoubtedly ooze cool.

PRICE: $58

Shop AFO Split Short

Runpaca Short Sleeve

AUSTIN: Wow! Yes—wow. The Janji Runpaca SS tee is a thin, relaxed piece that’s made of cotton (“the fabric of our lives”), pima cotton, and alpaca cotton. Temperatures are ramping up in Georgia, but I can say with certainty that the Runpaca tee will be versatile across all four seasons. There’s also a “worn-in” feel that adds to the comfort factor, meaning it will be a shirt that I wear again and again. Odor-resistant fabric and hypoallergenic are icing on the cake.

PRICE: $54

Shop Runpaca Tee


AFO 3″ Middle Short

AFO 3″ Middle Short – Steadfast Indigo

MEAGHAN: These shorts are definitely going to be in my rotation all summer long. They’re crazy comfortable and light. This AirFlatOut woven fabric that Janji is using has got to be some of the lightest stuff out there. And it dries super fast — I’m actually wearing them, post-run, as I’m writing this review (hi quarantine double days). 

The knit waistband is snug and comes with an internal drawstring — though I should add you won’t need it. Janji noted this on their website, but the shorts are running more snug in the waist than previous ones — so if you’re in-between sizes, probably best to size up. 

One of my favorite features of these shorts is an internal pocket with a key loop bungee. Does anyone else panic mid-run that their house key is going to fall out of their pocket and they’ll be locked out of the house forever? Well, the bungees got ya covered. The shorts also come with a zipper pocket in the back that can fit most phones. A nice feature.

PRICE: $60

Shop AFO Middle Short

AFO 3″ Middle Short – Reef

AFO Singlet – Steadfast Indigo

MEAGHAN: Just like the AFO Shorts, the AFO Singlet is crazy light, breathable, and dries insanely fast. The racerback design is somewhat loose-fitting, but flattering. The bonded hem means no chafing in a sleek design. I tried both a small and x-small and opted for the x-small. This is going to be the perfect staple for those hot, humid summer days.

PRICE: $48

Shop AFO Singlet

7/8 Groundwork Tight in Paprika

The ⅞ Groundwork Tight is a brand new option from Janji and is specifically designed to hold all of the things. I’m talking four pockets. You’ve got two deep side pockets that can easily accommodate a mini-computer (ok probably just the world’s largest phone), plus an internal waistband pocket for your key or credit card and a back pocket for your gel packet or whatever else you might need. These tights are little more compressive and snug-fitting than the Deviation Tights I reviewed in the Fall, which I honestly prefer. I received a size small, which fits well and feels true to size. The Paprika color is a *little* bold for my liking, but there are no rules during quarantine.

PRICE: $88

Shop Groundwork Tight



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