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Apparel • September 25, 2019

Five Days of Fall: Brooks Running Apparel | Fall 2019

Brooks LSD Pullover Feature

Brooks Running is known as perennial producers of reasonably-priced-but-great-quality running shoes, but they also put out some nice running gear in general. We were excited to test out some of their new stuff, especially the LSD pullover, a psychedelic take on a wind shell (yes, I know it stands for ‘long slow distance’).

Brooks Running is also known for some wacky shoe releases (like this summer’s Melts), and since I got put onto a Five Days of Fall review, I was hoping all my gear would be pumpkin spice flavored/scented. Turns out they’re just typical “running clothing” flavored, which didn’t make the shortlist for Starbucks’ fall 2019 menu.

brooks lsd pullover running

Not Jarrett Running in the LSD Pullover

Brooks Running LSD Pullover

The LSD Pullover has gone through a handful of changes throughout its existence. This time, Brooks switched from a full zip to just a pullover and updated the fabric to be more breathable.

This jacket is touted as being a lightweight option for running that is also windproof and water-resistant. If you start to warm up, the men’s jacket even stashes into itself and becomes wearable as an armband. For the ladies out there, your pullover has a hood and converts into a drawstring bag! That’s genius.

I received the dark green colorway and damn is it good looking. Even though I like obnoxious colors, this is just so classy. It makes me wish I ordered the iPhone 11 Pro for the green instead of the regular 11 in black. Regrets, I’ve had a few

While wearing it, I loved the lightness and vents throughout the back and in the front kangaroo pocket. Speaking of the kangaroo pocket, it’s connected so you can try to warm your hands up. But why are there no zippers? I know it’s to cut weight, but are kangaroos not worried about things falling out of their pockets?! Luckily I don’t have any kids that fit in there, and I don’t jump around except when listening to House of Pain.

I’ve got a good selection of light windproof jackets for when it gets colder out, but this one is hopping (eh?!) to the front of the line because of the armband option. When I got hot, I stashed it and then wore it on my arm which is much better than tying it around my waist like a cool 90’s kid.

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Brooks LSD Pullover packed

Brooks LSD Pullover Packed

Brooks Running Interval Jogger

Can we first just talk about joggers? I get that they are fashionable. During the fall and winter, I pretty much live in the different pairs that I have. But people actually do jog in them?! I thought it was just a confusing name!

Brooks made these joggers using their DriLayer Threshold fabric to wick away sweat and keep you warm while also providing added stretch for comfort. It’s an interesting feeling material that comes off as more plush than your standard sweatpant.

Personally, I get real hot while running, so I have some clothing rules. I run in shorts if it’s above 40 degrees. If it’s below that I’ll put on leggings and shorts on top. I’ll only wear sweatpants if it’s absolutely freezing out. Like with a windchill of zero degrees. So, unfortunately, I didn’t get to attempt to run in these considering it’s been 80-90 degrees out and I didn’t want to perish. I did hang out on the couch in them for quite a while and that was super comfy. Honestly, for any real runner, this will be their number on usage. Post-long run lazin’.

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Brooks Interval Jogger

Brooks Running Interval Hoodie

The Interval Hoodie was the weakest of the three pieces I was sent. However, I think this was because of the sizing. The website states this is a Semi-Fitted hoodie. I’d disagree. I was sent a medium and it was very big on me. It’s flattering to think it, but I’m definitely not a small.

Brooks does provide their True Blue Guarantee, so if you’re curious but have issues with something like sizing or just not loving it, you are able to return it for free within 90 days.

Since the hoodie is also under the interval line, it’s also made with the DriLayer Threshold fabric giving it the same qualities as the joggers. Again, I wish the pockets had zippers. Again, this should probably be only used for amateur to professional level Netflixing.

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Brooks Interval Hoodie

Brooks Interval Hoodie


Brooks Running Fall 2019 Conclusion

The LSD Pullover is the bread and butter of the new items in the Brooks Running Fall 2019 collection. The highly breathable jacket is exactly what I like. There’s nothing worse than running in a light jacket that has no venting and feels like you’re wearing a trash bag. This hits the marks and looks good while doing it.

While I don’t really foresee myself running (at least with any effort) in the Joggers or Hoody, they’ll still make great post-race clothes or lounge gear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get basic. Pumpkin spice everything, please!

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