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Apparel • September 26, 2019

Five Days of Fall: Saucony Apparel | Fall 2019

Saucony Reversi-run Vest

For our third fall entry, we look to the Saucony Reversi-Run line, with a vest and tights designed to both hide and highlight you. Both come in all-black stealth colorway, which we’re more than okay with. However, on the inside, the apparel is a bold highlighter yellow, meant to reverse during nighttime running to make you more visible.

Disclaimer: It’s been freaking 90 degrees in Baltimore since about May, so while we didn’t get any miles in the vest, we’ve been around enough vests and tights to have a pretty good idea how it’s gonna turn out, and the pros and cons of both.

Thomas, Meaghan, and Robbe review.

Reversi-Run Vest

A vest is always a nice thing to have in the running apparel arsenal. It keeps your core warm, while not roasting you. And hell, you can wear a good vest anytime during the colder months, running or not. I guess you can wear running tights anytime too. If you’re in the Robin Hood reenactment at the Renaissance Festival.

The Reversi-Run vest will definitely keep you warm. I got a little chilly in the office and threw it on and I got toasty real quick, thanks to the 133g Primaloft® Eco Black insulation. It’s not all insulation, like a typical vest though. The Reversi-Run includes spacer panels at the shoulders to allow for stretch.

It’ll also keep you somewhat secure from the elements with a wind- and water-resistant DWR ripstop 100% poly shell at chest and back.

It fits well, but not snug (for a men’s small), so it does allow for some range of motion or layering beneath. I personally would’ve liked a bit more streamlined fit, but I’m probably being too picky.

So let’s talk about reversible gear. I get the usefulness of it, but both Thomas and I have a hard time ever employing it. We want the color we want, not the one that’s inside. I think just because we both like wearing black. And hate wearing fluorescent.

I really loved the black side of the best, but just did not like the yellow peeking out from the collar. Same went for Thomas and Meaghan. We’d like to see that mitigated in future versions.

That said, if you: a) live somewhere where you have to run on dark roads, or 2) are a cheap runner, then both the vest and tights will be a great asset for you.

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Saucony Reversi-run Vest1

Thomas about to burn Robbe alive at the stake

Reversi-Run Tights

Thomas, Meaghan, and I all got the tights, and have to agree— they fit like running tights. Nothing groundbreaking here in the fit department (although at 5’6” inches for a size small, I felt that mine ran a little long).

I was a little concerned about the pocket situation; with reversible gear, you’re not gonna have your typical zippered back pockets or gel holsters. Never fear— Saucony included a cargo pocket on the side of each leg. Let me tell you, we love these pockets. I personally have them on a pair of Ultimate Direction compression-style shorts, and they’re so nice for holding a phone or gels. It’s basically a stretch pocket that holds anything right against your leg with no bounce.

Like any tights, these will keep you warm and seen in the winter months. The men’s high-vis side comes in fluorescent yellow, while the women’s comes in a fluorescent red.

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saucony reversi-run tights men

Men’s Reversi-Run Tights

saucony reversi-run tights

Women’s Reversi-Run Tights


Saucony Reversi-Run Conclusion

Saucony’s been around the block and they know how to make gear. If you’re looking for that reversible option during the dark days ahead, then pick up some Saucony Reversi-Run using the shop link below.

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Robbe the witch


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