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Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide: Our Favorite Gifts for Dad Runners


What You Need To Know


Gear that your dad will love as much as (or more) than he loves you


Hand-picked by us, featuring plenty of high-quality brands


After all, who just wants a card and a beer?


Mother’s Day has come and gone, and if you’re like us, you nailed it with some great running-related gifts. Now it’s time to get back into it for the other parent. Who knows, maybe your mom doesn’t run (mine doesn’t), and this is your first trip into the wonderful world of running gifts. Either way, we have a few solid picks for you to check out. Cards and beer are pretty basic — even though we have beer on our list — so we’ve done our best to spice things up. Here’s what to get your dad for Father’s Day 2022.

Even if your dad doesn’t run, there’s a good chance something on our list will work for him. We’ve got some books, water bottle accessories, running clothes, and more. Some of our picks don’t even fit into these categories, but they’re still worth buying. You don’t even have to be a dad to go shopping — you can treat your fur babies as your kids and decide that the gift is from them. We don’t judge.

As always, our picks come from our own experiences. We’ve tested almost everything on our list, or we know someone who has. We even called on our entire team of reviewers to get their input before putting our list together. Don’t worry — we stuck to gifts that you can actually buy. Alright, let’s get into it.

Roark | Roaming: Roark’s Adventure Atlas

father's day roark roaming atlas

Yeah, it’s a book | Chock-full of adventurous inspiration

Dads like books, and we like Roark. Some of us are dads, so why wouldn’t we like a book from Roark? I think that’s how the Pythagorean theorem goes or something. Anyway, we really do dig Roaming: Roark’s Adventure Atlas. We might not have quite the same adventure budget, but it gives us something to shoot for. The book packs journeys to 16 different destinations, all taken on the road less traveled. Who isn’t ready for some adventure after a few years stuck under COVID-19 lockdowns?

Want more books? Great Running Books You Should Probably Read

Roark’s Adventure Atlas packs beautiful photos from world-renowned shooters like Chris Burkard, Drew Smith, and more. You might not have the same photographic chops they do, but that’s why you get the book. We have no idea how much any of these adventures would cost in real life, but that’s what the book is for.

You can also grab a limited-edition deluxe version of the book that’s hand-numbered, linen-bound, with custom-screened box housing. It also includes an exclusive embroidered Roark Roaming Cap and limited edition zine.

PRICE: $45 standard, $100 deluxe

Shop Standard Version Shop Deluxe Version


Rabbit | Low Tide Button Up

father's day rabbit low tide

Classy enough for church, comfy enough to run in | It’s a shirt for cool dads only (all of them)

Is there such thing as a dad shirt for summer? I mean it’s probably a t-shirt tucked into cargo shorts, but it’s high time to elevate the look. It wouldn’t be a Father’s Day 2022 roundup (or any other roundup) without a little love for Rabbit, so we’ve gotta go with the Low Tide Button Up. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like low tide, and you won’t be lacking in style, either. Right now, the Low Tide comes in two summery colorways — Blue Sapphire Cali and Multi. Best part about the Multi? It matches literally every pair of cargo shorts.

Rabbit’s short-sleeve button-up is designed with a ventilated panel in the back for breathability and snaps up the front for easy on and off. After all, sometimes you just have to hulk out before you hop in the pool. What we’re really trying to say is get your dad both versions for Father’s Day. You won’t regret it.

PRICE: $68

Shop Rabbit Low Tide


Satisfy | Cloud Merino Long Tee

father's day satisfy merino

Yeah, it’s a little expensive | Robbe swears it’s the most comfortable shirt he’s ever owned

We’re not saying you have to spend a shit ton of money for Father’s Day 2022, but it might help you become dad’s favorite. If the cost doesn’t, the quality of this Satisfy shirt is bound to do so. This hand-dyed Merino long-sleeve tee is perfect as a first or second layer, and it’s a good way to get your dad into the art of style. If he wears it tucked into cargo shorts, we’ll give you the right to take the shirt for yourself — but you could always buy yourself one anyway.

Satisfy boasts that its CloudMerino is the thinnest wool in the world, and we’re not gonna argue. That probably means you can wear it throughout the summer and definitely into the fall. Robbe called it the most comfortable shirt he’s ever had, and the dude has had a lot of shirts. It comes in four colors, too, so why stick to just a Father’s Day gift?

PRICE: $265

Shop Satisfy Cloud Merino


Path Projects | Wheeler 9-inch Short

father's day path projects

Plenty of pockets for everything dads carry | Yeah, there’s a built-in belt

Ya know how Mary Poppins has a bag that fits literally everything? Well, dad pockets work kinda the same way. Unfortunately, that means they wear out after a while and could use replaced. It might be time to give your dad an upgrade for Father’s Day 2022. The Path Projects Wheeler is the perfect dad length at 9-inches, whether he’s hiking, running, or going to breakfast. You can even get the full range of dad-approved colors, from khaki to gray or black.

Robbe and Thomas were fully ready to give these away upon arrival (after all, what respectable runner wears anything over 3″?). Then they put them on, and rarely take them off, except when they switch into the equally comfortable Graves PX short, which Robbe wore almost every day last summer.) The shorts are cut properly as well, so they’re not baggy or roomy. However, the stretch material allows for flex, so there’s no need to worry about constriction.

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Make no mistake, this isn’t your average dad short (though it has plenty of space to rival the cargo cousin in the family). This is the short for dads who don’t do dad shorts. As for pockets, the Wheeler packs five hidden zip pockets, two slant-cut side pockets, two rear welt pockets, and a left side media pocket. Suck it, Mary Poppins.

PRICE: $49

Shop Path Projects Wheeler


Athletic Brewing Company | Run Wild IPA

father's day athletic brewing

How can you go wrong with beer? | Plenty of styles to choose from

I don’t know if it’s a rule for all dads, but mine sure likes beer. Runners generally get down with a brew or two, too. It makes perfect sense to combine the two, and Athletic Brewing Company gives you a way to do it responsibly. We’ve all seen the classic non-alcoholic beers, but Athletic is injecting a craft kick. You can get IPAs, stouts, and more, with less than 0.5% ABV in them. Does it take some of the fun out of a beer on a hot summer day? Yes, but you can drive responsibly afterward.

For a long time, Athletic Brewing Company was a sponsor of one of our favorite big cat runners, Molly Seidel. Not to say your dad will win a medal in the Olympics or anything, but he could. That would be a pretty sweet Father’s Day 2022 present, wouldn’t it? As for nutrition, the Run Wild IPA only packs 70 calories, 16g of carbs, and it’s a vegan product. The 35 IBUs aren’t too high, so at least it won’t totally taste like a pinecone.

PRICE: $14

Shop Athletic Brewing Run Wild


Ombraz | Dolomite Sunglasses

You might get a sunglasses tan, but it’ll be a cool one | No arms, no problem

Do you remember your dad spending most of the summer with a sunglasses tan? No? Just me? Well, maybe we need to share the love then. Runners are used to the watch tan all year round, so let’s add another one to the mix. Ombraz sunglasses are some of our favorites right now because they’re super comfortable and have no problems staying on. Instead of traditional arms, you get an adjustable cord that you can tighten for the perfect fit. You may think this doesn’t work, but it works perfectly for everything. We’re talking running, swimming, skiing, rafting, cycling, base jumping, etc. They don’t move and you don’t lose them. And if they accidentally fall on the floor while you’re taking a nap, guess what– no arms equals no kids breaking them just for fun.

Keep shopping: The Best Running Sunglasses

If you’re ready to roll with the Dolomite frame (it’s the rounded one), you can choose from two different frame colors. They’re also rolling out some new designs next week, including the round-framed Viale. Ombraz also offers three different lens colors, and each one is polarized. Overall, there’s plenty of room for customization, and nobody will be making fun of your dad’s style for Father’s Day 2022.

PRICE: $140 (use code BITR25 to save $25)

Shop Ombraz Dolomite


Oofos | Ooahh Recovery Slide

father's day oofos

Recovery is key, especially for older runners | Rubber shoes are so hot right now

Any good runner knows how important recovery is. We might not all do it as much as we should, but there are easy ways to get better. One of our favorite ways is with a reliable pair of recovery shoes. Oofos are a great pick, and they’re way better looking than Crocs. The Ooahh is an update to the Ooriginal, and it features a more flexible strap for added comfort. You can even choose from a boatload of bright colors, from Forest Green to Water Drop.

If your dad is feeling sore ahead of Father’s Day 2022, it might just be a not-so-subtle sign that he wants some Oofos. The Oofoam absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear, and you can even wash it once the slides pick up some stank. You can also check out recovery shoes and clogs if your dad isn’t really a slides guy.

PRICE: $60

Shop Oofos Ooahh


Soar Running | Eco Tech Tee

father's day soar tee

Finally convince your dad to ditch his old tees | Recycling is still cool

Never underestimate the power of a good new tee. I know my dad has plenty of beat-up old ones that he still takes for a mile or two, but they look like they’re ready to fall apart. It’s high time for some new ones, and the Eco Tech Tee from Soar is a great pick. As the name suggests, it’s made with recycled fabric, and the design is breathable with antibacterial treatments. Right now, it’s available in three colors — black, Gleam, and Ashley Blue — but you might want to size up since Soar is designed for tiny Europeans.

Soar recommends its Tech Tee for everything from mild to hot weather and up to a muggy summer day. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like every day from Father’s Day 2022 until Labor Day or later. There are even some reflective hits in case your dad prefers to run at night, and the flat bonded seams should keep chafing to a minimum.

PRICE: $80

Shop Soar Eco Tech Tee


Swiftwick | Pursuit Socks

father's day swiftwick socks

Some of the most comfortable socks around | Designed just for runners

I don’t have a problem saying it: Dads hang onto socks for way too long. I don’t know what flavor of stubbornness it is, but Father’s Day 2022 seems like a good time to change that fact. Luckily, Swiftwick has just the right socks to kickstart a change. The Pursuit is an ultralight Merino sock that comes in a few different cuts, including the ever-stylish no-show. It’s not a cheap sock, but it’s a well-padded and comfortable one, and the managed compression helps to promote proper circulation.

See also: The Best Running Socks

Swiftwick chose a natural fiber blend for its socks, and the Merino means it should keep your feet smelling fresh — or at least a little less stinky. The seamless construction also helps to reduce blistering and irritation, which can definitely crop up in the hot summer months.

PRICE: $17

Shop Swiftwick Pursuit


Long Run Coffee

long run coffee

Electrolyte-infused coffee | Whole or ground options

This ain’t your average joe. In fact, we didn’t know there was such a thing as electrolyte coffee; we just assumed coffee dehydrates you (which recent studies have shown to be not true). And of course, a lot of us like to get some pep in our step before our morning runs or on race day, if only to get some other things moving as well.

Enter Long Run Coffee, designed for runners and infused with essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The offerings are pretty standard– light, medium, dark, and decaf, and we enjoyed the sample of the Technical Trail (light) that we received.

One nice thing is that they only prepare and package their coffee after an order is placed and hand-write the packaging date on each bag so you know it’s fresh. Options for whole bean or fresh ground, 8 oz. or 12 oz., and free shipping over $30. They also have a subscription service as well.

So while you’re grabbing that caffeine boost before your next run, add some electrolytes to help you recover afterward!

PRICE: $12-$15 (use code BITR15 to save 15%)

Shop Swiftwick Pursuit

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