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Apparel • June 10, 2022

Run Guam Apparel Review: Running on Island Time

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What You Need To Know


Running gear with a Pacific twist


Definitely made for warmer weather


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RENALDO: I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you look good on the run, you’ll feel good on the run. Do I have science to back it up? Nah. Should you care about science anyway? Also nah. What you should care about is the island-inspired running gear coming out of Run Guam. It’s a whole damn fashion statement.

Summer is basically here, and the hustle of getting a run in while everyone is making plans can be a little bit of a grind. With Run Guam’s DriKwik performance technology, you don’t have to worry when you’ve got a 5k at 10, a cookout at noon, and time with your crew at 3. It’s always island time with Run Guam. I realize that sounds like the most sponsored statement you’ve ever read, but they’re not paying us. I promise.

The luxurious patterns and designs are inspired by the beautiful island of Guam, and the colorways are just as eye-catching. I got three singlets to try out but was blown away by the Autumnless Maroon. It’s super light and breathable with a barely-there feel. It checks my must-have boxes.

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JORDYNN: The Run Guam shirt has quickly become one of my favorite tops. Not only is it stylish, but the fit is just right, and the material kept me cool. I put it through its paces on a warm Texas afternoon and found the shirt plenty breathable. It didn’t even stick to my body, no matter what kind of sweat I worked up. I like the slim fit, which isn’t too tight and still allows enough airflow in my upper arms. Run Guam got the length right, and I hardly noticed any riding up.

As Renaldo said, Run Guam tops come in heaps of cool color combinations. The shirt I tested became a fast favorite because the colors reminded me of the Bahamian flag. I was invited to run in the Bahamas a few years ago (which I obviously took them up on), and it was hot and humid from start to finish. These Run Guam shirts would have perfect to work out in, especially in that tropical climate.

I can’t wait to keep busting them out for my summer runs in the Texas heat.

Shop DriKwik – Electric Teal run guam singlet

JAYTON: Run Guam brings the heat while keeping you cool. I had the privilege of testing out the RNG 2-in-1 shorts and the RNG DriKwik shirt, and I was stoked with the quality. The patterns transported me to a tropical location that makes all summer runs feel like a vacation. I have even more praise for the ventilation, and the color scheme made me feel like a dolphin trainer (in a good way).

The liner of the 2-in-1 shorts was a little tight, but I like the compression shorts design with full coverage. Another win for the shorts is not one but three zipper pockets to squirrel away all of your needs on the run. I can leave with a phone, wallet, and keys and still have leftover space.

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Run Guam gear just makes you feel good while hitting the road, and the price makes you feel even better. My RNG 2-in-1 shorts cost a very reasonable $35, while the DriKwik top cost just $32.

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