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Fabletics Athletic Apparel Review

A review for our female readers! Fabletics is a collaboration between actress Kate Hudson and the founders of JustFab. Similar to JustFab, the company uses a subscription-based model that sells affordable athletic apparel. You can shop at the online store with or without membership, but to receive the cost benefits, you’ll need to join the VIP program. Basically, each month you select a complete outfit (top, bottom, sports bra) for $49.95. If for any reason you don’t want a new outfit that month, you can skip it, free of charge. They offer free shipping, returns and exchanges and they even provide customer support to help you select outfits. Plus, every month they come out with new, fun outfits to chose from. Here’s what I got:

  • Embra tank – White – XS
  • Suva short – Building Block Print -XS
  • Ayni Bra – Black – S
  • Leon Tank – Sweet Pea – XS
  • Ayni Bra – Heather Grey – S
  • Lima Capri – Black – XXS

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with regards to quality, so I was very happy when I tried everything on. The clothing feels and looks very well made. I love the sports bras. I pretty much live in your basic Nike sports bra, so these were a nice change. They come with moisture release technology and a supportive strap across the back (okay, really they’re just super cute.)

The capri tights and both tops performed great out on the road. Now that the summer heat is in full effect, so is the chafing. Both tops are structured with a chafe-resistant design, that I have to say, works well. I never had any issues with under arm chafing, which is almost a guarantee with sleeveless tops.  The capri tights come with a small zipper pocket in the back, perfect for a key and XXS fit like a glove. I love them.

The sizing is a little weird. It’s similar to Lululemon; a typical 0-2 is an XXS. I wasn’t sure what to order, so I asked my contact at JustFab who suggested and sent everything in a XXS.  With the exception of the sports bras (the XXS barely fit over one arm), everything seemed to fit fine. I prefer my running clothes to be pretty loose and comfortable, however, so I sent them back for a larger size. That was probably a mistake. I got away with the shirts being a little large but the shorts were wayyy too big. I wore them around the house, but I never took them out for a run.

All the Fabletics clothing I tried was well made and super cute. As long as you can nail down your size, I’d recommend trying them out. This isn’t your “badass” athletic apparel, but it’s certainly a nice, affordable option.



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  1. Kelly says:

    I actually really liked the stuff from Fabletics, but shit I do not need that many running clothes sent to me regularly.

  2. MJ Moore says:

    Hi! I have been trying to subscribe via email, but I keep getting an error message saying “something went wrong”. I tried with both Chrome and IE. So maybe you could just add buterflyrouge(at)yahoo(dot)com to the email list. Thanks!

  3. What r ur measurements? I can’t decide on size. I’m 32 bust, 25 waist, 36 hips. Usually wear an xs in other clothes. But I’m worried the xxs might b too small? I like my clothes fitted but not too restrictive… So confused

    1. Hey Sara – our measurements are almost identical. I found the clothing varied a bit by piece… I think you’d be safe with XS across the board. They were really great about exchanging so hopefully you can try them out and exchange anything that doesn’t fit. Sorry if I made things more confusing for you!

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