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Running Accessories • October 16, 2019

Q&A with Caleb Simpson, Founder of Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD

Hemp Daddy's - Caleb Simpson

We’ve been partnering with Hemp Daddy’s to get its full-spectrum, organic CBD products in front of our followers (check out our product review), so we wanted to interview founder Caleb Simpson to find out what drives him.

As an ultrarunner and father of three, Caleb’s values align with our own, which include living a healthy and active life and experiencing freedom through a life well-lived.

He also answers some of our CBD questions regarding its benefits for runners, and gives us some insight into where the whole CBD industry is heading.

As you’ll find in the interview, Caleb is a super down-to-earth guy and willing to directly answer any questions you may have. What’s not to love about a company like that?




BITR: Tell us a little bit about your running background.
CS: I first started getting into running for the sole purpose of hiking and climbing Longs Peak in Colorado. Around that same time, I switched to a vegetarian diet. I noticed an immense improvement to my health and decided to stick with it.

I ran my first half marathon within a few months of getting back from my Longs Peak Trip. I continued running when I moved to Austin a few years later where I was introduced to trail running. I was pretty much hooked and ran my first 50-miler, Cactus Rose. Since then I’ve run numerous ultra distances, including Wasatch 100.

BITR: How did you get into the CBD industry?
CS: For years I was struggling with chronic Achilles tendonitis. I was fed up with it and finally bit the bullet and tried CBD. Pretty quickly I noticed a reduction in pain, and over time I started seeing overall improvements in my capabilities. My ankle felt stronger and I was seeing dramatic improvement.

Around the same time, I was going through the process of selling my last business, an organic energy bar company. It was immensely stressful. CBD was the only thing that helped me keep a cool head and get sleep at night.

Since I was selling my previous business, I needed a new endeavor. Obviously, I was a superfan of CBD and all the benefits it can bring people (not just related to athletic performance), so I decided to go down that path.



BITR: How do your personal values guide your company’s mission?
CS: They all go hand-in-hand. There really is no separation in my personal values and the company values. Our core values are: Family, Health, Freedom, and Nature.

We want people to experience, “Less Pain and More Trails,” no matter your pain or your “trail.” We just want to see people happy and experiencing more of the things they love in life.

I’m a firm believer in not working oneself to death too. That is why I value freedom and nature so much. Nature is restorative and should be an important part of all our lives. Family plays into that too— if we are constantly working, we can’t enjoy our family.

And of course, there is health. Which is where CBD and an overall healthy lifestyle come into play for us. And we encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle as well.




BITR: A lot of people are skeptical about CBD’s claims. Tell us how CBD is legit.
CS: Great question. I will give the simplest answer I possibly can for this.

Our bodies have a regulatory system called the “endocannabinoid system” (ECS). The ECS is a regulatory system in the body that helps promote homeostasis and overall health within the body. Think of it as your body’s “governing force.”

When CBD is introduced into the body, it “supercharges” this ECS system and helps it regulate numerous things, including cardiovascular health, the nervous system, and immune system functions inside cells.

This is why there are so many health claims surrounding CBD. It works in harmony with our own body’s ECS system.

BITR: How can Hemp Daddy’s CBD benefit runners?
CS: Simply put, it can help reduce pain and inflammation, help speed up recovery times, and help you get better sleep.

Basically it helps with overall wellness and helps us to recover quickly so we can do more of the things we love.

It can also help with certain chronic injuries in the sense that it will reduce inflammation and pain enough that we can get through a workout or complete strengthening exercises.

It’s definitely not a miracle cure, but it’s one more tool for the runner’s toolbox.



BITR: Which of your products is most effective for runners?
CS: It depends. For overall health and wellness and reducing overall inflammation, and for better sleep, definitely go with one of our tinctures/oils. For runners, I recommend at least the Extra Strength formula.

If you have an injury or any localized pain, the transdermal cream is often the best bet.

That said, everybody responds differently, so if you find the tincture did not cut it for you, you might want to try the transdermal pain cream. Same is true if the transdermal did not provide enough relief, you might get more benefit from the tincture.

The key is to experiment and figure out what works best for you.

BITR: There’s a TON of CBD companies out there. Why should a runner buy Hemp Daddy’s?
CS: Many CBD companies are sourcing their CBD from many different locations, sometimes even overseas, where consistency and quality is unreliable.

Hemp Daddy’s sources all their hemp from a single USDA Organic farm in Longmont, Colorado. Our grower handles the extraction process, so we can ensure a consistent and safe product every time.

We also provide third-party lab results for our products. Not every company is doing that. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the lab results. Those can be found on our site.

Also, I’m easily accessible to answer your questions and help coach you through your CBD journey. I’m just an email away. Literally just reach out to me.




BITR: We always see “full spectrum” on CBD products. What does that actually mean?
CS: Full Spectrum means that the product contains a whole array of cannabinoids found in the plant, including trace amounts of THC. This helps to create a truly effective product, vs. a CBD isolate which is exactly how it sounds: CBD only.

One study done in Israel concluded that full-spectrum CBD was more effective in treating pain than CBD isolate.

BITR: How do you see the CBD market changing in the coming years?
CS: I think a lot of the people just dabbling in the market or looking to “get rich quick” will go by the wayside. The same will be true for companies offering crappy products.

I think pricing will eventually come down too, but it’s still a few years away. The supply and demand dynamic is still uncertain, so most companies are holding strong at their pricing. Just this year a lot of the Colorado farms got hit with an early snowstorm, destroying a large part of their crop.

So until things settle down a bit, we won’t see prices coming down.

There are also a lot more companies coming onto the scene like Hemp Daddy’s with high integrity. This will help weed out the nefarious sellers in the industry. So expect more reliable and trustworthy sources in the coming years.

You can purchase Hemp Daddy’s by using the shop link below, and save 15% by using code BELIEVE15.



caleb simpson running

Caleb running up a dang mountain



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