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Running Accessories • November 4, 2019

XOSKIN Socks Performance Review

XOSKIN 5.0 Anklet Sock

XOSKIN is a sponsor of Believe in the Run. However, as always, all of our reviews are done independently of sponsorship to give you the best feedback possible from our actual testing of the product, including both good and bad.

I’m going to start our review with this, which I found to be mind-boggling:

Jake Jackson of the U.S. 24-Hour World Championship Team just wore XOSKIN socks a couple weeks ago and ran 165 miles straight through in one pair of toe socks, with not a blister to be found. He posted the below photo on Instagram following the race; his feet look better than mine after I finish a Netflix ultramarathon.

Jake Jackson, post-race of 24-Hour World Championships

As reviewers, we get it, there’s a million sock companies out there all claiming to do something different. At the end of the day, most of them are the same, and most of them are made in some factory overseas and sold to you at stupid high margins.

XOSKIN socks are different.

With a 100% made-in-the-USA development and production cycle, and multiple patented technologies, their socks are changing the game for ultrarunners, and runners in general.

For real, the amount of ultrarunners who post no-blister feet pics after 100-mile races is honestly kind of shocking. If you’re one of those “no-pain no-gain” weirdos who likes to post tore-up foot photos post-race, you’re not going to get it with these.

XOSKIN Puts in The Work

How does XOSKIN do it?

They put insane amounts of testing developing their advanced 3D fabrics, featuring seamless knitting with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibers combined with and their proprietary copper yarn.

In layman’s terms, the PTFE fiber is the same thing used in breathable waterproof jackets. It wicks moisture like a duck’s back, keeping your feet dryer and warmer for longer than you thought possible. In doing so, it prevents abrasion against your skin, so you can say goodbye to those blisters.

Copper is the New Gold

Oh, but that ain’t all. The PTFE fibers are combined with copper yarn, forming XOSKIN’s RAPIDriCOPPER material, which comprises all of their socks.

Copper in your sock fibers? Sounds… unnecessary. It’s not. The copper allows for seamless construction (eliminating chafing/blister points), all while reducing odor and improving skin hygiene.

Thomas and I didn’t have any trail ultras or long-ass trail runs on the calendar during the review cycle, but we took a few pairs on our regular training runs. However, we have a couple friends who have done 100-mile races in the socks, completely blister free.

We did some work in both the Anklet XOTOES and the 5.0 Anklet Sock, both of which contain several different XOSKIN proprietary technologies to help with things like arch support, air flow, heel slip prevention, and more. Additionally, each sock is anatomically designed for its specific foot.

5.0 Anklet Sock

I’m pretty sure I wore these a few times without washing them, and they really don’t smell like normal socks. The RAPIDriCOPPER works. The seamless construction is key to these socks as well.

The fit is great for my size 1 (XOSKIN socks use a 1-2-3 sizing structure, much better than the typical two-option sizing a lot of sock companies use). I wear a size 8 shoe, and the fit was perfect.

While I didn’t get to take these on any super wet and muddy runs (it’s been pretty dry around here lately), Thomas took these on some long runs up to 17 miles and thought they worked great in the moisture/sweat-wicking department. He really liked the copper element and felt that they reduced odor while keeping his feet fresh and dry throughout.

Thomas preferred these to the toe socks because he’s admittedly lazy about putting on socks and would rather grab-and-go. I ain’t judging.

These are performance socks through and through, so don’t expect a lot of cushion or padding. These socks are meant to keep your feet light and dry, for a long time. You want super soft cushioning? Get it from your shoes.

The only downside is that I don’t love the design. I’d like to see some more interesting colorways and patterns than what they got going now.



XOSKIN 5.0 Anklet Sock

XOSKIN 5.0 Anklet Sock


For those concerned with foot splay and protecting each piggy during a long race, then the XOTOES are the way to go. Yeah, there’s that “other” toe-sock company, which I’ve worn before. Which I’ve still gotten blisters with before.

The XOTOES are thinner than the other pair of toe socks I have, and are much easier to get on, with really no extra fabric hanging off my smaller toes.

I ran a harder 10K in these and was surprised at how little moisture I had at the end. XOSKIN ain’t lying— they wick.

As evidenced in the earlier photo of Jake Jackson, they also protect.

I’m really bummed I didn’t get to take these on a sloppy trail run. But from talking to all my trail running friends who have used these in such conditions, I have no doubt they’ll perform admirably.



XOSKIN Socks Conclusion

Look, do you need these for a 5K or a short daily run? Probably not. You can wear any sock, or hell, even none at all. But if you’re serious about running and protecting your feet long-term, you really should get something that will protect your most valuable asset.

We’re definitely going to make these our go-to socks for longer races, and especially wet and muddy trail races. I’m excited to take these on some snowy winter runs through slush and see how they hold up, and no doubt I’ll wear those during my next ultra.

If you’ve had foot problems before, or if you’re just looking for a solid sock that’s made in the USA by people that care, check these out or put them on your holiday shopping list.

And if you’re not satisfied with any portion of the sock, XOSKIN will replace it or refund your purchase price.

Shop below and save 20% by using code BITR.





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    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      You’re right, fixed. Thank you for your feedback.

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