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Apparel • May 19, 2023

Brooks High Point Trail Apparel Review: Headed to the Mountain

brooks high point trail apparel cover

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What You Need To Know

Get up and go

The Brooks High Point Collection covers summer-ready trail gear

We love a sale

Most pieces are discounted at Running Warehouse right now

Colors, colors, colors

Does it get any brighter than pink and blue? Probably not

The Intro

SETH: The Brooks High Point Trail Collection is here and ready for your next adventure in the wild. I’ve actually never owned any apparel designed for trail running before, so as you could probably guess, I’m super excited to bring you this review.

I’ve always worn cotton T-shirts and some typical gym shorts I found for a good deal at Ross Dress For Less as my standard running uniform. So, the moment I slipped on a piece of this Brooks apparel, it felt like I leveled up. It deserves to be verified without paying $8 per month. No wonder the Brooks logo looks like a sideways checkmark! I’ll tell you right now that there are very few things I didn’t like about this apparel. With that being said, let’s jump into each piece.

Atmosphere Short Sleeve 2.0

brooks high point atmosphere short sleeve

SETH: As I mentioned earlier, as soon as I put on a piece of this apparel, I felt like I leveled up. Why? The fabric of the Atmosphere shirt is so smooth, lightweight, and breathable that I knew that my old apparel just couldn’t compare. I ran over 50 miles in the Brooks High Point trail apparel, I can tell you right now you won’t have to worry about chafing or blisters.

Like I said, the shirt is lightweight, soft, comfortable, and doesn’t cause any blisters. There’s not much more a runner could ask for in a shirt, so there’s honestly nothing I’d change. I would just keep in mind, however, that if you want a tight fit, you may want to go down a size in what you normally wear.

PRICE: On sale for $43.95

Shop Brooks Atmosphere Short Sleeve 2.0 - Men

Sprint Free Short Sleeve 2.0

brooks high point free sprint short sleeve

ALEX: The Spring Free Short Sleeve is a lightweight, breathable, no-fuss shirt. The fabric is soft and comfortable with a flattering fit that is athletic without being overly restrictive. It’s engineered with moisture-wicking properties, promoting quick evaporation and keeping you cool and dry.

The fabric is so light and comfortable; you can put this one on and forget it. The flatlock seams prevent chafing even on long, hot days.

PRICE: On sale for $40.95

Shop Brooks Sprint Free Short Sleeve 2.0 - Women

Brooks High Point 2-in-1 Short

brooks high point shorts

SETH (7-INCH INSEAM): I’ve previously run in some 2-in-1 shorts that had seams inside the liner that crossed areas that they simply shouldn’t cross. There’s nothing worse than finishing a marathon (or any run), hopping in the shower, and feeling your Vienna Sausage start to burn. Thankfully, these Brooks High Point Shorts shift the seams so that they go around your chicken nuggets to avoid unwanted contact. Good thinking, Brooks. Now when I start the hot water for my post-run shower, I don’t have to wince in fear.

I love how the compression liner hugs my legs and stays right in place. You can feel secure knowing that you won’t have to stretch or pull the liner to fix a wedgie, or any other riding up, for that matter. The Brooks High Point Shorts are definitely secure but, at the same time, not restrictive. Each time I raised my knee for another stride, I felt nothing holding me back.

The pockets provide a great amount of storage, too, with more than enough room for five gels and your keys. Now all I need is a built-in hydration bladder so I can ditch my current vest setup.

As said during the Brooks Running YouTube video starring Hillary Allen, “The High Point Collection features durable, technical apparel — built for motion, protection, and storage.” I can verify that is an accurate description, Brooks definitely hit the nail on the head.

Despite all the praise, these shorts have just one zipper pocket. The other four storage pockets around the waistband are better for holding gels and other things you may need to have access to in a hurry. However, I would rather have zippers on each pocket, so whatever I decide to put in there, I know for a fact is fully secured. If I’m running over 50 miles, I’ll be a bit more careless and fatigued, and I wouldn’t want anything falling out of my pockets to be a risk or even a worry on my mind. If you want a tighter fit, you may want to size down in the shorts as well.

ALEX (3-INCH INSEAM): The High Point shorts are versatile, comfortable, and jam packed with all the features you want in a short that you can stay out all day in. I place a high value on comfort and functionality when it comes to what I wear out on the trail, and these shorts checked all of the boxes.

The overall design of these shorts is very well thought-out, with a lightweight, breathable outer layer that keeps the air flowin’ and allows for complete freedom of motion. The inner compression liner provides a snug, supportive, chafe-free experience with fabric that’s soft against the skin, and the waistband sits comfortably without digging in or slipping, even when the pockets are in use.

The secure zippered back pocket is perfect for your keys, card, or a small phone. Additionally, there are four small pockets situated around the waistband for all of your running fuel.

PRICE: On sale for $70.95

Shop Brooks High Point 2-in-1 Shorts - Men Shop Brooks High Point 2-in-1 Shorts - Women

Brooks High Point Waterproof Jacket

brooks high point waterproof jacket

SETH: The Brooks High Point Waterproof Jacket is designed with the company’s Drilayer Seal Fabric, which is 14k/14k rated. Do you know what that means? Well, I don’t.

Editor’s note: 14k/14k refers to the level of water the jacket can withstand, as well as how breathable the fabric is. Above 15k is generally rated as the best for heavy, intense rain, while jackets below 15k can handle lighter rain but don’t breathe as effectively. Higher ratings are better. Now, back to Seth.

It’s definitely waterproof, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take it through a proper storm. However, when it drizzled here in Texas, none of the moisture made it through the jacket. Well, there was some sweatin’ in there, and even though the High Point Jacket is vented, the Texas heat could convince you I was in a sauna.

This was also the piece of the Brooks High Point collection that fit me the best. I could have gone down a size on the shirt and shorts, but this jacket was perfect in my natural size. To add to how great it fits, the High Point Waterproof Jacket looks good, too. The Pacific / Hazelwood / Ochre (brown, blue, and orange) colorway is unique and bright, and I love wearing it out.

When running in a waterproof jacket, it can get pretty hot at times. I really love how Brooks added vents to the jacket in order to help keep your body temperature down while also repelling heavy rain.

As a rain shell, this jacket performs great. You can tell that it’s a high-quality design, and it will keep you dry while out running. The flap on the front of the hood looks a little funny, but it’s there to deflect rain, not win a beauty contest. I appreciate the purpose; you just might not see me wearing the hood in public.

The one drawback is that this jacket retails for $198. I think $100 for a thin jacket is already pricey, but $200 is another level. If you live somewhere that gets consistent rain, it might be worth the purchase, but I personally wouldn’t spend the $200. However, it’s designed to repel water, and it’s definitely going to do so.

ALEX: I love testing rain gear and outerwear because, with the right gear, you can weather almost any storm. I’ve been caught in severe mountain storms and downpours more times than I would like to recall. Out on the trail, I’ve seen everything from garbage bags and gas station ponchos to full Gore-Tex rain gear.

That being said, this one missed the mark for me. First, let’s start with what I did like: I appreciated the soft material on the outside layer. It’s smooth and silent — big win. I also like the snaps that allow you to vent the front without it being fully zipped and the other strategically placed vents on the front and underarm.

Brooks nailed the overall functionality, too, thanks to fully taped seams. The hood and adjustable waist also provides good protection from the elements.

There were a number of areas where it fell short, however. First, the SuperSeal fabric lining the inside of the jacket feels rubbery and sticky, even when it’s dry. The feel also makes it hard to rate the breathability, as it always feels kind of damp and sticky. The jacket has a slim fit, and while Brooks claims it fits over a pack, you might want to size up if that’s your intent. Finally, $198 feels like too high of a price point for this one.

PRICE: $198

Shop Brooks High Point Waterproof Jacket - Men Shop Brooks High Point Waterproof Jacket - Women

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