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Running Apparel • May 18, 2023

Roark x Ciele Team Up For The Perfect Summer Drop

running shorts in the jungle at night

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What You Need To Know

The Collaboration

Roark and Ciele team up for a 5-piece summer collection

What's Included

Two shorts, two caps, one shirt

Price & Availability

Available now

All running imagery of Travis Weller and Rio Lakeshore was shot by Drew Smith while running through the mountains of Tahiti.

Lost and Found in Tahiti

We’re not saying Roark and Ciele are frenemies, but we will say that they both kind of hold some similar turf on the fringes of that grey zone between lifestyle and running. Roark leans more towards the lifestyle side– West Coast cool with laid-back, bonfire on a beach vibes, while Ciele exists as the outsider kids of running. If you see someone on the street wearing a Ciele GOcap, well, you know what they’re about. Stay golden, pony boy. 

Lately, Ciele has been the queen of collabs, partnering with everyone from Salomon to Article One to Norda. So it would only make sense that they team up with Roark Run Amok for a limited edition drop, The Lost and Found Collection, available now.

man standing in the woods with arms outstretched

Fever dreams in Tahiti

Inspired by the colors and climate of Tahiti, the capsule features an array of designs in teals and blacks, which, according to Run Amok, “speaks to runners who are willing to showcase personal style and want to express their creativity on the trail.”

The set contains five standard pieces from the Roark Run Amok line; those in the know will recognize the styles ranging from the Mathis Tee to the Alta 5” Short (by the way, we’ve worn all of these before so can give you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting).

Learn more about the collaboration below.

roark x ciele - exploring

The night is dark and full of terrors

Roark Run Amok x Ciele

Mathis Tee ($55)

Featuring a DriRelease jersey knit, the Mathis tee is supremely comfortable and 4x faster drying than a typical cotton tee. We know, because we own a few designs of this shirt and can say it’s one of our favorite t-shirts out there. The construction is slim fit, but not too slim. It’s pretty much just perfect. Premium details include a stitched-in outer label as well as a climbing cord hang loop for setting out to dry after a run or whatever it is you do in the summer.

Buy the Mathis Tee

roark x ciele - mathis tee

Roark Run Amok x Ciele

Bommer Short ($95)

The Bommer short is the most premium item on the list, and for good reason– it features a built-in compression liner with a thigh-positioned cell phone pocket, antimicrobial properties, and a 4-way stretch outer shell with 3.5” inseam. Throw in a couple magnetic closure slash pockets and back zip stash pockets and you’re good to go for any adventure.

Buy The Bommer

roark x ciele - bommer short

Roark Run Amok x Ciele

GOCap ($45)

If you know about Ciele, you know about the GOCap. It’s been around since they’ve been around and there’s a reason it’s become a legend in the run culture scene. The lightweight Coolwick mesh is breathable and quick drying, while the soft brim makes it packable and stashable for on-the-go activities. A strapback design allows for customizable fit. Reflective elements top off the look, and we think the co-branding is on-point on this one.

Buy The GOCap

roark x ciele - run cap

Roark Run Amok x Ciele

Alta 5" Short ($89)

The go-to short for Roark is the Alta, which makes sense because it has everything you need in a running short. From the 4-way stretch nylon with a water-resistant finish to the moisture wicking liner, it’ll get you through the hottest of summer days. Speaking of, the waterproof rear pocket is one of those things every short should have, but few do. It’ll keep your phone dry from sky sweat and your ass sweat, which we fully appreciate.

Buy the Alta Short

roark x ciele - alta

Roark Run Amok x Ciele

BKTHat ($70)

The bucket boys are back in town .Stay cool and keep the sun off you with 360-degree shade. Just like the GOCap, the BKTHat features a Coolwick construction and soft brim for ultra transportability. It also comes in two sizes for both you lizard brain and big skulled humans. A bungee cinch cord allows for additional adaptability.

Buy the BKTHat

roark x ciele - run bucket
man running through the woods at night

Making the Nike Zegama look cooler than they already are


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