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Running Apparel • October 17, 2023

BRANWYN Essential Innerwear Review: Queen-Level Comfort

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Santoni seamless knitting technology, biodegradable packaging


Merino, as far as the eye can see



EMILY: Rarely do I seek out specific undergarments to throw on for any particular occasion, even when heading out to run for a quick nine hours — mostly because trying to find a single article of anything in the ocean of clothes that is my basement leads to extreme crankiness and is a solid reminder of how disorganized and ADD I am. But Branwyn Essentials are worth the effort of adventuring into the gutted closets and gym bags of two adults and two children — and I’ve done it thrice now.

Branwyn’s Performance Innerwear — kinda does just that — it performs like a boss. The brand boasts Merino wool in all of its products — key for keeping you dry and regulating body temperature while also minimizing carbon footprints. Apparently, these essentials weren’t born to be ordinary — they were forged in the fires of empowerment. Bring on the boob sweat!

BRANWYN Essential Bralette

LINDSAY and RUBY: BRANWYN sent over its Warm Nude color in a size Small, and it fit my 34B petite bod just right. Honestly, this is a simple piece — a bralette and nothing else. It’s so simple, in fact, that I probably wouldn’t wear it for running or any other high-intensity activity. I mostly blame the exposure, but even if it was covered with a t-shirt, the Essential Bralette isn’t exactly supportive. You could probably get a little more support if you sized down, though, because the material is plenty durable, and the straps are adjustable.

While I wouldn’t wear it to run, this is totally the kind of bralette I put on after a long run and a shower when I’m going for a nap but don’t want to put on real clothes — IYKYK. If you like the “braless” look under a fitted shirt, this could also work for that little bit of coverage, and, bonus points, it’s sweat-wicking.

At the end of the day, this is a great piece, and it certainly lives up to the advertised characteristics of moisture-wicking, odor-preventing, and breathability, but I’m just not sure I would spend $48 on a bralette. That’s entirely a personal choice, though. If you’re looking for a reliable bralette that has those features listed above, look no further because BRANWYN fills the niche for performance innerwear.

EMILY: I have to say, after running trail for eleven-plus hours through what might well have been eleven different weather systems, the Branwyn Essential Bralette was the last thing on my mind — seemingly by design. Typically after hefty mileage like that, every layer of clothing on my body is sweaty, cold, and funkadelic.

Like many, the clammy drive home in such an uncomfortable state has become a badge of honor (the things we tell ourselves). The grosser I am, the better the run. But why? Branwyn’s Essential Bralette proves that bidding adieu to the woes of boob sweat and uncomfortable funk during and after your weekend long run can actually mean getting home without pruned nipples or goosebumps on your butt.

Woven from the ethereal threads of Warm Nude Merino wool, it’s as though unicorns personally crafted this masterpiece made for the smaller-breasted bunch, ensuring your bosom’s comfort reigns supreme.  It’s always a bonus when you can focus on footwork instead of adjusting your straps. I’d actually liken the support to that of your favorite aunt — it gently cradles you without feeling restrictive, reminding you of the sheer joy of being in your skin.

And for those moments of size uncertainty, the age-old wisdom prevails: when in doubt, go up one size — I was just snug enough in a size Small with a 34B chest.

I do agree it’s a pricey piece of innerwear, though the low environmental impact certainly adds value. And while the convertible straps are snazzy, giving you the option to indulge your fashion whims with a cross-back look or the over-the-shoulders classic approach, that versatility certainly isn’t unique these days. So, the only thing that gives me pause is the price tag. On the bright side, you can save a few bucks when you buy more than one bralette at a time.

Price aside, I truly appreciated the quiet comfort that the bralette provided and even snagged a hug from my kids before I showered without the normal grimace and cry of “Ew, Mom! You’re gross!”

PRICE: $38

Shop BRANWYN Essential Bralette


MELISSA: I volunteered to try out the Busty Bra taking advantage of what might be the only time I’d be able to — I’m breastfeeding and currently at least a cup size larger than my pre-baby days.

I’ll never forget the morning that one of my friends reached out after I posted a video of myself running. She said, “You’re going to have to start double-bagging those girls!” It was after our chat that I realized my chest needs a lot more support than it did before my daughter was born. Since that conversation, I’ve started wearing two sports bras during my runs.

Outside of running, I want a bra that’s supportive, comfortable, and easily removable for breastfeeding. I was pleasantly surprised with how Busty Bra checked off all the boxes. It’s so comfortable with a braless look and feel. It provides plenty of support as well for everyday wear. I wouldn’t wear it exclusively for running, as I’d consider this a low-impact piece; however, I do wear it paired with a high-impact sports bra overtop for running.

The busty bra has become a wardrobe staple, and I’d recommend this for anyone looking for next-level comfort and support. It’s made with care and high-quality fabric and really stands out to me in that it hasn’t changed in color or integrity even after 5-6 washes. All in all, it’s certainly worth the $58 price tag.

PRICE: $58

Shop BRANWYN Busty Bra

BRANWYN Essentials Bikini

RUBY: I paired these bottoms with the Essential Bralette, both in the Warm Nude color, and found that BRANWYN has created a seamless, subtle set. With no frills, bells, or whistles, the form-fitting Essential Bikini is the right amount of nothing and no more: essentials only, as its name suggests. With its minimalistic design and four-way stretch that hugs the body, the Essential Bikini does its job great without showing through even the tightest spandex and leggings.

The low-rise waistband is soft and stretchy, credit to the super-fine Merino wool material that gives the Essential Bikini its premium feel, comfort, and durability. Similar to the Essential Bralette, if you’re looking for a versatile and trusty pair of underwear that won’t chafe or dig into the wrong places, BRANWYN’s Essential Bikini is for you.

While BRANWYN suggests this Bikini is perfect for poolside, it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for swimwear. That said, if you’re stranded on a desert island with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing, I’m crossing my fingers that the Essential Bikini and Bralette are under my t-shirt and pants.

PRICE: $36

Shop BRANWYN Essential Bikini

BRANWYN Essentials Hipster

EMILY: Behold, this petite wonder isn’t just your run-of-the-mill underwear — it’s like the superhero cape your derriere never knew it needed. If you’re prepared for an epic saga filled with dryness, comfort, cool vibes, and funk-free triumphs, then congratulations, my friend — you’ve landed in the right elastic waistband universe!

Like the Hipster’s leading lady, Bralette, these undies are crafted from Merino wool — it’s like wearing a cloud on your nether regions. No more digging, no more rolling mishaps, just pure, unadulterated coverage that sticks with you like a loyal sidekick through thick and thin.

The Essential Hipster offers a bit more real estate than the Essential Bikini, but if you’re worried about doing the cha-cha every half mile during your trot, fear not! This underwear is designed to stay put and groove with you through all your wild adventures- especially the sweaty, long ones. It’s so comfortable you might just forget you’re wearing it — the ultimate undercover hero.

I suppose the $38 price could be justified by the ability to wear the Hipster in two different ways — snug around the hips for that classic vibe or hike it up just below the belly button for a high-waisted extravaganza. But I still hesitate to pay as much for a single pair of underwear as I do for a decent shirt.

All in all, I do think that the BRANWYN Hipster’s ability to single-handedly defeat the villainous wedgie and her sweaty funk monsters mile after mile, is worthy of race-day reverie.

PRICE: $38

Shop BRANWYN Essential Hipster

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