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Running Apparel • June 24, 2022

What We’re Running in Right Now | June 2022

gear of the month - june

What You Need To Know


Not all of our gear makes it into reviews


Sometimes we even pick some pieces up for ourselves


Here’s what the core Believe in the Run team is wearing at the moment


If you follow us on Instagram, you know we get tons of gear through the doors here at Believe in the Run. Usually, it’s in for review, and we get to give you our thoughts quickly. However, we don’t always get the chance to show off some of our personal favorites. We’ve finally decided to do just that and let you in on what we’re actually wearing right now. These are our staff’s picks for the best running gear right now.

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Alright, we’ve reviewed one or two of these pieces, but still. The idea is to shed a little light on some products that might otherwise fly under the radar. After all, we don’t write about socks all that often, but they’re some of the most essential pieces in our drawers. Don’t worry, it’s not all socks — we’ve tried to cover our bases pretty well. Let’s get to the picks.


Robbe | Path Projects MTN TSTD SS T


Lots of letters for a t-shirt | T is for Tencelite, that’s good enough for me

Path Projects isn’t a huge fan of vowels in their product names, but that’s cool because it makes them sound like a cool indie band from Brooklyn. Speaking of cool, their new line of tee-shirts is just that — and comfortable. I’d go so far as to say this is one of the most comfortable tees I’ve ever owned. This should come as no surprise — the Path Projects Graves PX Short is the most comfortable pair of shorts I’ve ever owned (I’m wearing them right now, actually).

What separates this T-bone from the rest of the steak? In particular, it’s made from Tencelite 19 fabric (74% polyester / 19% Tencel / 7% Spandex single jersey) which is highly breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and offers 4-way stretch. Tencel is also a traceable and sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus wood pulp. Essentially it’s premium Pima cotton alloyed with a high-performance synthetic. You have to try it to believe it, and once this is against your skin, you’ll be a believer too.

The reflective hits in the design and on the side are a nice added touch.

It’s also made in the USA, from a small brand based out of California, so be proud you’re supporting a homegrown small business.

So whether you grab this or the Kofuzi Non-Elite shirt (another favorite), know that you’ll be packing some serious summer comfort.

PRICE: $41

Shop Path Projects MTN TSTD SS T – Men


Meaghan| Rabbit Steady State Tank

staff picks best running gear rabbit steady state tank

Sun’s out, fun’s out | Can’t beat Quick’n’fit ICE

This rabbit tank is already a staple in my summer running wardrobe. It’s flattering, comfortable, and really lightweight. Designed with rabbit’s Quick N’ Fit ICE material, this has got to be one of the most breathable shirts I own. It’s light, keeps me cool, and dries almost as fast as I can sweat. It’s a relaxed fit, perfect for tucking into shorts, and it’s just an overall flattering, comfortable top.

Can you tell it’s flattering and comfortable? And also comfortable?

PRICE: $55

Shop Steady State Tank – Women


Thomas | Feetures Socks

staff picks best running gear feetures socks

ALMOST as important as good shoes | So much style, so much comfort

So maybe socks aren’t the sexiest item in the gear category (he’s right, they’re not), but they’re essential among the best running gear to own. In the summer, I only need a handful of essentials. The first is a hat, and nine times out of ten, I have a Believe in the Run hat on. Body Glide or some form of anti-chafe is imperative. The law requires that I wear shorts, and you know I’m addicted to footwear.

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The last thing that I depend on for summer running is socks. Feetures offers thick, thin, wool, synthetic, ankle, no-show, calf, and just about every color and print you can think of. I like the Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock for the summer. I sweat, and a thick sock holds too much moisture, so the thin synthetic provides comfort and protection without turning into a wet mess.

PRICE: Varies

Shop Feetures Socks


Brandon | Saysky Clean Combat Singlet

saysky combat singlet

No chafing, no problem | Combat is not actually a requirement

Saysky’s Clean Combat Singlet does run a little long, but I still think there’s a place for it in my best running gear list. It’s light, breathable, and great for racing or speed days on the track. The design is Saysky’s signature singlet and provides all the lightweight and fast airiness you’re looking for on race day. It even comes in around $55, putting it in a respectable price range. If you’re looking for a snug fit, I recommend going a size down.

The Saysky Clean Combat Singlet is made from 100% recycled Japanese polyester, so it’s an eco-friendly purchase. It offers large cuts around the arm and waist, allowing a full range of chafe-free movement. The singlet comes in a few smart and clean colorways and is great for custom team orders (look at how clean the Believe Run Club looks).

PRICE: $55

Shop Saysky Clean Combat Singlet – Men


Taylor | Outdoor Vitals Tern Ultralight Merino Hoodie

outdoor vitals longsleeve

Ready for fastpacking and fashion | Comfort up to (and above) your ears

Living in the Rockies comes with a full cornucopia of weather conditions. We got smacked with a foot of snow just days before June. A few days after that, it was in the 80s. Outdoor Vitals’ Tern Ultralight Merino Hoodie has been my go-to layer to see me through the ups and downs.

It relies on a very thin layer of Merino wool throughout. Like I said in my review, Merino is a super fabric that gives you everything you want as a runner — it’s soft, stretchy, durable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial (no stink), and packs UPF protection. My favorite aspect is temperature regulation, which is why I’ve been reaching for this layer any time of day, rain or shine. The Tern hoodie will remain one I go for mid-summer as an extra just-in-case layer. After all, this is intended to be a warm-weather layer anyway.

Comfort is sometimes a question when wool is in the mix, but this 115gsm wool blend is one of the softest Merino products I own. I had zero issues with itchiness, and the seams were flat and not an issue at all.

PRICE: $85

Shop Tern UL Merino Hoodie – Men


Bonus| Saysky Blaze Cap

staff picks best running gear saysky blaze cap

Summer is sunburn season | As Wu-Tang put it, “Protect ya neck”

When it comes to caps, I’m incredibly particular about how they fit my head. Not a massive fan of truckers, but I am a huge fan of classic baseball caps. I also love certain slim-fit hats, but not others. Like I said, very picky. So when I got the five-panel Saysky Blaze Cap, I was highly skeptical. It was shallow, which can be hit or miss for big heads. But this was a hit.

You could also grab one of our Believe in the Run hats while you’re here.

PRICE: $42

Shop Standard Version

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