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Running Apparel • April 11, 2022

The Best Boston Marathon Gear Drops

boston marathon tracksmith

What You Need To Know


The third Monday in April is just a week away


That means its time for some sweet Boston Marathon gear


All of the usual suspects are getting in on the fun


Don’t blame us if things sell out… we didn’t buy all of it


Everyone’s favorite day in April is right around the corner. No, not Easter, even though that’s usually in April, too. We’re talking about the Boston Marathon, baby, the only Monday of the year worth looking forward to. Now, not all of us are fast enough to take part in the great Patriot’s Day race — mostly only Meg and Brandon — but it doesn’t mean we can’t drool over the gear. If you’re like us (not slow, just a gear head) you’re probably ready to do the same.

Well, there’s plenty of gear to check out for the 2022 edition of the Boston Marathon, so let’s do it together. We’ve sorted things by brand, just to make life a little easier. After all, you can’t be rolling up in a Rabbit singlet and Tracksmith shorts, even if they both have rabbits on them. Anyway, those two are far from the only options this year, so let’s get into it.

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boston marathon rabbit

Just because Rabbit is the first brand on our list, and it’s what you’ll find us in a lot of the time, doesn’t mean it’s our favorite. We love all of our favorite running brands evenly. This, year Rabbit is sticking to racing tops for the Boston Marathon, but you can pair ’em with any of your favorite shorts — probably black shorts to match the whole vibe, though.

On the men’s side, you can choose from either the Speedeez singlet or the Runtee long sleeve, but you get the same pattern either way. It’s a mix of blue, green, and white triangles from top to bottom, and both pieces are made from the lightweight RabbitSpeed fabric. Women can choose from the same two cuts, but there’s also a Crop Hop style that’s exclusive for the ladies. It’s the lightest of the bunch, and it keeps the same pattern as the rest of the collection.

PRICE: $65-70

Shop Rabbit Boston Collection – Men Shop Rabbit Boston Collection – Women



boston marathon tracksmith shirt

Let’s keep this Boston Marathon train rolling with the other bunny-based brand. I promise we’re not really thinking about Easter, it’s just the way things worked out. Anyway, as a Boston brand, you already know that Tracksmith has a lot in store for race weekend. The designs for men and women are both the same, but you can dig into plenty of different pieces.

For starters, Tracksmith has cooked up two different singlets for the marathon — one Boston Qualifier, and the other that’s just for Boston itself. The designs are similar, and the singlets are even lighter than the Van Cortlandt, but you’ll have to decide whether you want blue and yellow or add a dash of white in there, too. Along with the singlets, Tracksmith has a special pair of Boston shorts, which looks like a special version of the Van Cortlandt split short.

If you’re not looking to gear up for the race itself, there are some Greyboy tees, some Trackhouse sweatshirts, and some special Boston shirts to check out. The Boston shirts (both long and short sleeve) are made from the same material as Tracksmith’s singlets.

PRICE: $65-110

Shop Tracksmith Boston Collection – Men Shop Tracksmith Boston Collection – Women



boston marathon saucony endorphin pro plus

Now that you’ve probably got your outfit settled, let’s talk about race day shoes. There’s no better time to break out some carbon-plated power than the Boston Marathon, and Saucony has just the shoe. It’s another Boston-based brand, so the design team decided to bring back the Endorphin Pro+ for another run. This time, the white colorway is gone in favor of some classic blue and yellow.

You already know how we feel about the Endorphin Pro+ — it’s the best version of Saucony’s racing product you can get. Somehow, the updated upper makes all the difference, and it’s as light as can be. The PwrRun PB won’t ever get confused for the softest foam out there, but it has plenty of pop with the carbon fiber plate and the Speedroll technology almost pulls you towards the finish line.

PRICE: $250

Shop Endorphin Pro+ – Men Shop Endorphin Pro+ – Women


New Balance

boston marathon new balance

New Balance is yet another big-time Boston brand, so you could probably expect an all-out presence on Patriot’s Day. However, there aren’t as many sweet pieces for the Boston Marathon as we expected. This might change by race day, but that doesn’t help anyone who’s looking to shop ahead of time. There are plenty of Boston-themed t-shirts to pick up, though, with quite a few variations on the Boylston or bust slogan.

If you’re determined to rock the hometown brand come race day, your best bet is the Boston Icon singlet. It’s available in both men’s and women’s sizing, and the breathable mesh is decked out with Boston’s finest. We’re talkin’ lobsters, shamrocks, street signs, and a whole lot more. There’s no homage to people getting into fights at Red Sox games, but we can let that slide.

PRICE: $30-160

Shop New Balance Boston Collection



boston marathon goodr

We’ve covered you just about from head to toe in Boston Marathon gear at this point, but there’s one spot we left out: Your eyes! If you need just a little bit more blue and yellow to get you through all 26.2 miles, Goodr has you covered. The fine flamingo folks have put out a pair of their OGs themed around Boston for this year’s destination series. The shades even feature an all-over map of the city in case you get lost. There’s no “you are here” indicator though, because, well, how is a pair of sunglasses going to know?

PRICE: $25

Shop Goodr Boston Marathon OGs



boston marathon launch 9

Don’t tell anyone we said this, but Brooks is kinda stealing New Balance’s lunch money. Instead of throwing its Boston-inspired pattern on a singlet, however, it’s all over the Launch 9. That’s right — if you want a daily trainer to commemorate Heartbreak Hill, it’s gonna have to be the Brooks Launch. The Launch is rarely the most exciting trainer in the Brooks family, but the latest version does offer an extra 2mm of stack, so at least it’s a start.

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As for the shoe itself, you can expect the classic Boston Marathon combination of blue and yellow. In this case, the blue upper is decked out with harbor-inspired designs like a seagull saying “wicked fast.” There’s also a fish, a boat, and a lobster, in case you forget what Boston is all about. We probably wouldn’t recommend wearing the Launch 9 for the most famous 26.2 miles on the east coast, but like, flaunt it if you got it, right?

PRICE: $110

Shop Boston Launch 9 – Men Shop Boston Launch 9 – Women



boston marathon adidas jacket

The last entry on our list is Adidas, but it’s certainly not the least. After all, the brand with the three stripes is an official sponsor of the Boston Marathon, which means it offers more gear than any other. Everyone already knows that Adidas is the only one to offer a shoe named for the famous city — even if we didn’t exactly love the Boston 10. If you liked it more than we did, you’re in luck. There’s a special Boston Marathon edition of the Boston 10 that’s dressed in blue and white from the outsole to the laces.

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Of course, the most important piece in the Adidas Boston Marathon collection is the celebration jacket. It’s been a tradition since 1972 when eight women ran the marathon for the first time, and there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone rocking one from a previous year. Heck, I know I’d be insufferable about my Boston Marathon jacket — if I had one! This year, the jacket is a deep blue with purple and yellow accents.

You can also pick up shorts, tights, singlets, and a whole lot more in the same color scheme. Seriously — hats, drawstring bags, the list goes on.

PRICE: $24-140

Shop Adidas Boston Collection

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  1. Martha Aarons says:

    Serious color identification issue between highlighter green and highlighter yellow! That Saucony Endorphin Pro + is definitely on the green side of the spectrum and despite seeing that ID’s as yellow on a fair amount of Boston merch, I would call it green. Au contraire, the rabbit top which I have right in front of me in our Boston hotel room is decidedly yellow. Maybe not the exactly golden yellow of the finish line and most traditional Boston merch (like that dominating last October’s official race shirt) but definitely not green. I assure you I’m not color blind!

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