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General Running • October 11, 2022

The Best Adidas Releases of the Week

best adidas running shoes

What You Need To Know


We’re all about the brand with the three stripes


Adidas rolls out more launches each week than probably anyone else


Unfortunately, Yeezy still ain’t playin’


If you hadn’t heard, Adidas has some pretty great running gear across the board. The brand with the three stripes keeps racking up podium finishes at marathon after marathon, and its design team ain’t doing too bad, either. We love to see what they come up with each week, and we figured you might want to know, too. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best Adidas releases of the week to share.

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We’ll mostly focus on new releases for our list, but sometimes we find a deal that’s too good to pass up. Either way, we’ll keep the list fresh with a mix of shoes, apparel, and anything else that tickles our Adidas fancy. Let’s go.

If we’ve reviewed one of our picks, we’ll be sure to link it. If not… maybe just trust us? We’d be buying all of this gear ourselves if we had an unlimited budget. By the way, if you’re not in adiClub yet, definitely sign up before member’s week comes around again.

Okay, it’s time for us to leave before we spend our own allowance on all of the below items.

NOTE: We earn affiliate revenue from Adidas, so anything you buy helps us keep the lights on.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 – Sale

adidas adios pro 3

WAS: $250 NOW: $122 with code EXTRASALE

We just got done saying that the Adidas design team is killing it, and you don’t have to look much further than the race day option. The Adios Pro gets better and better each year, and the subtle changes this year are all we could ask for. Its midsole geometry is lean and mean, and the EnergyRods pack more pop than ever.

Shop Adios Pro 3

Marathon Jacket (Men)

adidas marathon jacket

Price: $130

When in marathon season, why not wear a marathon jacket? Really, it’s just a fancy name for an Adidas windbreaker, but it’s basically the same jacket you can get at the Boston Marathon, just without Heartbreak Hill and a turn onto Boyleston behind it. The jacket mixes in around 60% recycled materials for a little extra eco kick, and you can go loud with orange or more subdued with black or blue.

Shop Marathon Jacket – Men

X-City Flooce Hoodie (Women)

adidas flooce

Price: $80

No, we didn’t type that wrong. Adidas is all about flooce these days. It’s basically a type of looped fleece, and we can’t really argue with the results. The material reduces microfiber shedding, so you won’t look like you hugged a cat all day, but it doesn’t reduce any of the warmth. Adidas added a half-zip so you can choose your perfect level of ventilation, and the hood is there for even more warmth.

Shop X-City Flooce Hoodie – Women

Essentials Reflect-in-the-Dark Pants (Men)

adidas reflect in the dark pants

Price: $55

I’ve never said no to comfy pants in my entire life, and neither should you. Adidas is a king when it comes to comfort, but it doesn’t let running safety slip, either. These Reflect-in-the-Dark pants have just enough silver piping to keep you glowing like a Tron character for your after-dark miles. Can’t complain about the price, either, especially when lots of pants cost over $100.

Shop Reflect-in-the-Dark Pants – Men

Adidas Adizero Prime X Strung

adidas prime x strung

Price: $300

If you read our thoughts on the Prime X Strung, you’ll know that it’s nothing like the original Prime X. It’s so, so much better. The stack is still insane, and Lightstrike Pro is still a beast, but the new upper makes all the difference. It’s as if Spider-Man himself wove the upper for maximum speed and comfort.

Shop Prime X Strung

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