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General Running • September 12, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 8 Weeks To Go

train to nyc - 8 weeks to go

What You Need To Know

  • We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022
  • Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer
  • Check out our training recap for the week of September 4 to September 10 (eight weeks until race day)

I was grateful that my body recovered pretty quickly from the Charles St. 12 miler and logged another solid workout on Wednesday: 11 miles at marathon pace with a minute jog in between. My legs felt surprisingly fresh. I also got in my last 22 miles before London, with some marathon-paced segments in there as well. It felt much harder than the miles on Wednesday, which I will attribute to the 80 degrees, 90% humidity, and 75 dew point. I keep telling myself that this will make race day feel so much better. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to racing with the team this weekend at The Bronx 10-Miler!

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It is getting real for London! Wednesday’s workout went really well, but the yin and yang of training struck back on my 20-mile long run. A couple things contributed to making the long run more challenging. First, we were down with family in Florida where we may have had a few cocktails to soften the blow of the memorial service we were down there for. Second, the run started in Florida’s high heat and humidity. I threw out pace goals early into the run; this one was a survival effort run. The good news is I recovered quickly. I’m going to run some hills this week to try to get my legs ready for The Bronx 10-miler.

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And I’m feeeeeelling gooooood! Highlight of the week was a strong finish to a 20-mile run – felt significantly better in the final 10 miles than in the first 10 miles. I blame being almost a new age – older?! Or, do I need to take that Maurten caff sooner?! Either way, solid confidence booster. Another highlight was a bagel store opening <1 mile from my house and crushing ½ dozen bagels pre-20 miler. Carbs ftw every time. I’m looking forward to seeing the RUNYC crew this weekend for the Bronx 10 miler. Watch out NYC, the Supercompers are coming to storm the race!

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After pulling my back last Sunday, it took until Wednesday to feel up to trying to run. Things went better as my back loosened up. The long runs during this training cycle have been an absolute rollercoaster. On Saturday I took my 17 miles to the city, and while I felt amazing during last week’s 16, I did a terrible job of fueling and hydrating this time. I know I would have felt a lot better had I consumed the correct amount of calories. One day I’ll learn my lesson, but as of now I keep touching the stove even though I know it’s hot…

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Second verse, same as the first for me. Another 20 miles for the week as life continues to “life” all up in my face. However, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as I’ve finished my final training shift at my day job while also still hitting great paces and personal bests for my usual weekly group runs. A little bummed that I haven’t gotten any really good long run miles in this week, but I’m gonna take some advice from Kipchoge, the GOAT, and just stay consistent. No human is limited, y’all.

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TAPER TAPER TAPER. My body feels like trash, which I’m trying to remind myself is normal for the last three weeks before a marathon. I took it pretty easy this week, skipping my track workout and doing an easy 4 miles at marathon pace for my tempo. My main priority: recovery. I had a sports massage Tuesday (my left leg is SUPER tight), and enlisted a friend who’s a Pilates instructor to walk me through some glute, hip flexor, quad, calf, and hamstring stretches I can incorporate daily until Berlin race day (and then to get me to NYC in one piece seven weeks later!).

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Either I’m in a constant state of releasing endorphins, or I’m really falling in love with running again. The short runs, the long runs, the hard runs, the easy runs, I just love them all. I wish I could marry running. Dating sucks. Wait what was the question?

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If you checked in last week, you know that I still had a week to go in recovering from my stitched-up leg (DM me for the photos if you’re a freak). After a Labor Day weekend in New York City walking around several miles a day, it wasn’t feeling great, but the good news is that it finally turned a corner around the end of last week. Nature is healing … or something. Stitches come out tomorrow, so I’m hoping I’ll finally start building towards New York in the next few days! I did run a 50-miler on six weeks of training a couple of years ago, only maxing out at a 17-mile long run, so I feel pretty good about pulling this off. Slow and steady, hoping it all strings together in time.

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My entire running from this week consisted of racing a half marathon on Coney Island. I won (all the real fasties were running the 5th Avenue Mile), but it hurt. I spent most of my days hiking around the Tetons and Yellowstone so I guess that counts for some cross-training miles, right? They were at altitude so I’ll take it. Excited to get back to normal scheduled training tomorrow!

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In a desperate attempt to not get injured in this short build-up, I’m putting half my time into the bike and swim. Got a few hours on the bike and in the lake and a solid 12-mile long run which did give me a confidence boost of “okay, this might be possible? This might be possible.” But lots of work ahead. Oy.

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