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General Running • September 20, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 7 Weeks To Go

train to nyc 7 weeks

What You Need To Know

  • We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022
  • Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer
  • Check out our training recap for the week of September 11 to September 17 (seven weeks until race day)

This week, the team headed up to New York City to take on the Bronx 10 Miler, sponsored by New Balance. While some of us couldn’t make it, the rest of the crew showed up and represented well, using the day as a long run mixed in with some middle miles (i.e. the race) at marathon pace. Cooler morning temps are finally here in the Mid-Atlantic, and we’re loving it. This is the golden season of running, time to lock and load!

My body seems to be feeling the cumulative fatigue of marathon training. It’s definitely ready for a short taper before the London Marathon. All that said, we had an amazing weekend in NYC running the New Balance Bronx 10 Miler. I used the race to practice “marathon pace” in the middle of a 20-miler, which was not exactly a confidence booster. The paces felt hard on the hilly course. It was also pretty warm. Looking forward to cooler temps ahead!

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What a crazy week. I felt like this week’s training flew by. Regular miles were unremarkable, but Wednesday’s workout was a tough one, and it helped build my confidence. Saturday we headed up to NYC to take on the NYRR New Balance Bronx 10 Miler. We ran up from Columbus Circle (6 miles) to the start of the BX10. I spent most of the race miles running with Jarrett and enjoyed the rolling course. I had an unofficial finish time around 1:19, which put me right around marathon goal pace for London. This was awesome because the conditions were warm, and the course had more hills than I will have to navigate in London.

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Capped off another week of training with the Bronx 10 Miler smack in the middle of a 20-mile long run. I’m not going to lie– that race didn’t feel nearly as good as I was expecting. So naturally, I questioned my fitness and every race for the remainder of 2022,  thinking all good training runs up to this point was just a fluke, just as any good runner does. But it was good for the soul to be around most of the Train to NYC crew this weekend and we missed Robbe, Ashley, and Laura who couldn’t join us. Being in NYC really made the hype of the NYC Marathon start to come into focus– let’s do this!

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Early on in the week, I was feeling good after completing my 5 x 1 mile repeat workout smoothly on Wednesday. I wrongly assumed Friday was my rest day, but failed to figure out that it had been moved to Saturday since that was our travel day. My legs must have been happy with that extra rest day because the Bronx 10 Miler felt great. I ran the first 6 miles with Thomas and then wanted to see if I could open things up. I ended up negative-splitting the race and threw down a monster kick. Maybe this whole “smart racing” thing isn’t a bunch of malarkey.

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What a week!? I had made a promise to myself to get outside and get some more miles in, what with the Bronx 10 Miler being this weekend. Did my usual group runs as fast as ever and got in a really solid solo 8-miler during the week as a sort of “long run” for the long run I was going to have. We did a 6-mile warm-up to the race start. Something I was totally psyched for when I first heard the news, but a little anxious over when I stopped my alarm at 5 am the day of. I almost psyched myself out during the race when my legs started to feel tired as early as mile 3, but when it was all said and done I had actually set a PR for every distance from the 5k to the 10 miler lol. Whoopsies!

Maybe I am pretty fit!

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Less than two weeks until Berlin! I had an easy track workout (running by feel not pace) and a 10-mile long run. My legs aren’t feeling quite as fresh as I would like them to, but I think that’s more psychosomatic than anything else. I’ve got my mantras lined up! I’ve also picked out my outfit for race day (new sunglasses included), stocked up on all my fuel, and started packing on Sunday. Yes, I’m that person who packs a week before her trip—and it was a great way to console myself at home while the rest of the BITR was racing in the Bronx!

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A really rough week to start. Had great runs over the weekend, and just felt off for the rest of the week. Haven’t been sleeping well, cut two of my runs short. Was feeling pretty defeated. I had a secret goal of hitting 90 minutes for the Bronx 10 Miler … and I did! Even with a 6-mile warm-up to the start, I was 40 seconds off my 10-mile PR. I’m definitely fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. Even if I don’t always feel like it.

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Well, I was a little bummed to not be in New York City with the crew, but there’s also no way I was running a 10-mile race bookended by warm-up runs to and from the race. The good news is that I’m finally back to running after almost three weeks off. I got most of my stitches removed last Tuesday, then took the final one out myself on Friday night basically cause I just wanted to get on with this thing. So while I only logged six miles at the end of last week, I felt surprisingly good, though there was certainly a little bit of rust. Anyway, thinking I’ll do a 10/12/14/16/18/20 long run progression over the next six weeks then roll it right into the marathon. Don’t need a taper since I’m not racing it, so just need to build the endurance.

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Training was more consistent this week so that was pretty awesome. Another week of strong training and workouts is in the books. Ran the Bronx 10 Miler with Meg and we cruised it in nicely at her marathon race pace. We filmed and documented the whole race via GoPro and had a great time! It was nice to get back together with the gang in NYC and drink way too many beers and eat soooo much food.

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You aren’t going to see any big jumps over here, just a painfully slow build in a short period of time to keep my bones intact. A 14.5 mile long run felt like running in mud, so I think that means I’m right on track. 

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