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General Running • September 8, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 9 Weeks To Go

train to nyc - 9 weeks to go

What You Need To Know

  • We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022
  • Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer
  • Check out our training recap for the week of August 28 to September 3 (nine weeks until race day)

Getting ready for peak London Marathon training with an intense Wednesday workout consisting of 13 miles of varying paces. My body is feeling strong, but I didn’t know what to expect when I ran the Charles Street 12-miler as part of my 22-mile long run on Saturday. It turned out I had enough fitness to pull off a first-place finish with a time of 1:12:37. I didn’t stick around for the podium cause I didn’t want my legs to cramp up before I finished the final 5 miles of my run. PS- I warmed up in the SC Trainer and wore the New Balance SC Elite 3 for the win. Get excited for the Elite 3, the shoe is fire.

This week felt great! My workout on Wednesday had me running 2 miles at MP then 800 at MP -10 seconds, and then 2 miles at MP for a total of 10.75 miles with warm up and cool down. I nailed the paces which always helps with confidence. On Saturday I had 20 miles, but they were broken up. I started with a 3-mile warm-up, then ran the Charles Street 12-miler as a training run and negative split the hell out of that course. Finally, I jogged 5 miles home to complete the workout. I was easily dropping marathon pace for the second half of the 12 miler, again, building confidence for London and NYC. Meg and I finished Saturday by riding our bikes almost 14 miles to get back to the car where the Charles Street 12-miler started. All in all, a solid week of training.

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Another solid week in the books of waking up too early, chugging obscene amounts of coffee, leaving graham cracker crumbs in my bed, and hitting the pavement. Two workouts this week gave me all the marathon miles to try to get me familiar with the ‘feel’ of MP. Still not “feeling” marathon pace so well and continue to be a watch watcher but imma keep trying! High was snacking on brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts pre-long run and low was having to share said Pop Tarts with my tiny humans. I’m looking forward to my first 20-miler next week – it ain’t marathon training until we get excited for that 20-miler, right?!

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It was fun getting back to speedwork on Wednesday with 6 x 800m repeats and a few 30-second strides. Nothing like getting your butt kicked by a workout. We then secured the house movers for Saturday, so I improvised and switched my 16-mile long run to Friday. The weather was fantastic at 5:30 am and I felt really good the whole time in the SuperComp Trainers. Saturday I wrecked my body lifting boxes and my back tightened up Sunday 1 mile into my shakeout. I guess a little rest and relaxation are on the schedule (which is totally fine with me). Fingers crossed I’m good to go by Wednesday!

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Small mileage week for me. I’ve been pretty preoccupied with a promotion that’s been in the works at my day job, and it’s really been taking all my attention. Scheduling inconveniences aside, I still had a pretty great week of running! Hitting several PRs in my group runs and even getting a sub 6 mile while doing 800s on the track for speed work! I’m excited to hit the ground running for next week with more runs in the evenings.

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Last week was peak week for the Berlin Marathon! I crushed some Yasso 800s on Tuesday, but I think I might have gone a little too hard because my left calf has been acting up a bit. I ended up cutting my long run workout a little short to avoid exacerbating the issue and prioritized some quality rest over the weekend (along with a sports massage). My main goal right now is to get to the Berlin start line healthy so I can build on that racing strength to go straight into more NYC Marathon training (read: hills. Lots and lots of hills).

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Last night I found myself making a waffle at 11 pm. I don’t know what day it is. I haven’t felt like this since training for my last marathon and I think… I missed it?? The feeling of being dedicated, with a few fleeting thoughts of retirement. This is the part of training that I love. It has nothing to do with mileage or pace, just sheer amazement of my mind for staying committed and body healthy enough to see me through it. High of the week – 15 miler. Low of the week- having to uber home from a run I cut short.

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I’m still recovering from the freak laceration I had a week and a half ago. Good news is the redness and swelling have started to go down, but I don’t get the stitches out until next week, so no running until then. Did a lot of walking around New York City last weekend and it was cool seeing the finish line for the New York City Marathon from a friend’s rooftop. All of it gave me some inspiration for when I’m finall able to run. That said, it’s driving me crazy not being able to run or do anything aside from walking. Hoping that next week we’re good to go!

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Brandon is currently on vacation, somewhere in the Grand Tetons. We’re assuming he’s running, but hopefully not from a mountain lion or grizzly bear.


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