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General Running • October 3, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 5 Weeks To Go

train to nyc 5 weeks

What You Need To Know


We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022


Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer


Check out our training recap for the week of September 25 to October 1 (five weeks until race day)


Well, last week was a big week for half of our home team here at Believe in the Run. Thomas and Meaghan headed over to London for the London Marathon on Thursday before helping host a shakeout run from the all-new Tracksmith Brand House on Chiltern St. The crowd that showed up was absolutely mind-blowing and inspiring and a real booster going into race day. The rest of us are just running some big miles (for us, anyway) trying to get ready for New York– hard to believe we’re just over a month away!

Tracksmith Shakeout Run


On the way to the start of the London Marathon




With London marathon on Sunday, I dropped the mileage quite a bit this week! I loved just about everything about the race. The crowds were phenomenal, the course was fun and the whole atmosphere was one that I’ll never forget. It was not my best race, but I’m so grateful to have had this experience, in this amazing city. Another down week ahead before we build back for NYC!

Follow Meaghan’s journey on Instagram at @meaghanjmurray.



What a crazy week. Taper was in full swing, and anxiety about running the London Marathon kicked in hard on Friday night. I was able to get some distraction when we went to the Tracksmith shakeout run and met a lot of runners that support what we do at Believe in the Run (if you’re reading this, thanks for coming out).

London is beautiful and the shakeout weather was perfect with sunny temps in the 50F range. After tons of carb loading, we went to sleep early to be fresh for the marathon. The marathon was incredible. Lots of shoutouts “Hey Believe in the Run!” The encouragement really helped me keep rolling through the amazing course. The finish in front of the palace is surreal.

Pro tip: keep your medal handy for the rest of the day. It got us free food and drinks, and bonus– it turned a 45-minute restaurant wait into “we have a table for you right now.” All in all, an incredible experience that we will cover in-depth on the podcast.

Follow Thomas’s journey on Instagram at @tfneuberger.



Next stop on this train is the Chicago marathon so we started the taper this week and legs are feeling pretty good! I hit just over 300 miles in the FuelCell Supercomp Trainers and a fresh pair arrived just in time for my Sunday run– for sure the highlight of the week. Nothing fancy this week,  just darker and darker morning runs fueled by graham crackers and coffee.

Follow Meghann’s journey on Instagram at @featherstonenutrition.



I’ve been quietly dreading this week as it is the highest mileage week of my training cycle. I’ve been exhausted every night and the days have been gray and dreary. Saturday I had a 20-mile long run (I’ll reach 22), and made my way to the city to run it with Robbe (who had 12) and Ally (who had 16). I wore the SC trainers and we cruised and chatted the whole time. After I finished my run, I devoured some food and then took a nice nap. Upon waking up, I was surprised to not feel sore. My legs felt good and so did my hips. Either I’m getting stronger (maybe) or these shoes really do keep me fresh (definitely)!

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Fall is definitely here in Baltimore. A week of running in t-shirts, tights, hats, and gloves as opposed to my usual “Just Shorts” uniform has really got me in a mood. But I’m happy that I’m getting out there and putting in some decent miles. Wanted 40 for the week, but will take a decent 35, what with all my friends getting ready for their races. It’s good inspiration for the eventual 20-mile days I’m gonna have to hit, but for now I’ve gotta slog it out while the sky’s a little grey.

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Recovery time! After finishing marathon #11, I unplugged and headed to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, where I ate my body weight in pasta and pizza (refueling my depleted energy stores post-marathon: ✔️). My goal was to do literally nothing that would tax me physically, but I averaged about 10 miles of walking per day (so. many. stairs.) and my legs actually feel totally recovered from the race. Time to get back to NYC Marathon training!

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Can’t decide if the best part of the week is reaching 50 miles or the accountability I got from my friends over the week. Looking forward to seeing what else this body can do in 2 weeks before the taper. I feel really strong!

Follow Alison’s journey on Instagram at @alioop_0_o_runs.



This week was the first week of running that felt relatively normal in about two months. Got a double in on Tuesday cause the weather was so nice and crisp, and ran some hard hills with the Faster Bastards on Wednesday night at Druid Hill Park. Luckily nobody got beaned by drive-by cans of soup this week, so that’s always good. Saturday long run (12 miles) with Jarrett and Ally was a lot of fun as we took a route up into Herring Run park and around Lake Montebello. Since it was rainy and cloudy out, we mostly had the pavement to ourselves so it was a pretty peaceful fall run. Overall I’m feeling more and more confident about this training, I feel like getting back to mid-thirties was a good milestone. Looking forward to getting more fitness back and rolling it into New York in five weeks!

Follow Robbe’s journey on Instagram at @normcorerunner.



Another strong training week. Probably not enough miles under the belt, but sometimes it be that way. The highlight was definitely a strong 18-miler with 2 sets of 6-mile pickups. Baltimore Marathon in two weeks so I’m sort of tapering. The race will be a good training run and an indicator of how hard I can go in NYC. With the SC Elite 3 on the way I’m pretty excited to get started with running some aggressive workouts in them!

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Gon in a 16-mile long run so I guess that mean’s I’m ready to go! Oh wait, there’s still 5 weeks until race day? That’s a taper period, right? For real though, feeling really good and I think I’m going to be able to pull this off relatively fine.

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Training for your own marathon?

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