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General Running • October 11, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 4 Weeks To Go

train to nyc 4 weeks

What You Need To Know


We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022


Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer


Check out our training recap for the week of October 2 to October 8 (four weeks until race day)


To say last week was a whirlwind of all things would be an understatement. To start things off, Thomas and Meaghan ran the London Marathon (which they recapped and included in last week’s mileage). After a couple days of R&R in London (recapped in this episode of The Drop podcast), Thomas and Meg came home with quite the souvenir, as you’ll find out below.

As for the rest of the team, Meghann crushed the Chicago Marathon, Robbe checked out North Carolina, Jarrett kept putting in the work, Alison wants this all to be over with, and, well… you can read the rest. Less than a month to go until we race the streets of NYC!



I was planning on recovering from the London marathon, but COVID really set that plan into action. Spent most of the week feeling like a trash bin.

Follow Meaghan’s journey on Instagram at @meaghanjmurray.



That’s right– zero miles! An entire week of lounging. I actually planned on running Saturday, but I was struck down by Covid. I don’t even know what number of Covid we’re on now, does it go by years? Did I catch Covid 22? Anyhow, the nasty ish kicked my butt sideways and had me horizontal through the weekend. Maybe it was divine intervention and the extra days of rest will have me even more powerful for the NYC Marathon. Fingers crossed. Robbe, Jarrett, and I are going to Powerman 5000 that 26.2. Not sure what that means, it might be the fever. Anyhow, I’ll be back to running this week.

Follow Thomas’s journey on Instagram at @tfneuberger.



What a week! Grabbed a second marathon major star and a wicked PR at the Chicago Marathon. Just a reminder, in case anyone forgot: carbs = PRs. Looking forward to getting to do this all again in 4 weeks for star number three at NYC!

Follow Meghann’s journey on Instagram at @featherstonenutrition.



After hitting 53 miles last week, I was relieved to get a down week to recover. My wide (yes, you read that correctly) pair of SuperComp Elite v3s showed up, which is what I’ll be running in on race day. I wore them for both my workout on Wednesday and my 16-mile long run on Saturday (side note: I find it hilarious that I’m happy to see a shorter 16-mile run like that’s nothing, but in reality it’s still so much). These shoes have me really hyped for the marathon. Four freaking weeks to go!

Follow Jarrett’s journey on Instagram at @jarrettweisberg.



Not much to tell this week. Been a bit of an “off” week for me and couldn’t really get the wheels spinning. Made it to my group runs, but not much in the way of a solo run.  Before the week was out I was able to at least get a good 13-miler in. Try again next week.

“The lights are on, and SOMEBODY’S home, at least…”

Follow Renaldo’s journey on Instagram at @renofit410.



Back at it! I kicked off the week with a very easy trail run (and by “run” I really mean it was an excuse to take photos with the aspens out here in CO!) followed by a belated birthday 5K. My legs were feeling pretty heavy at the start of the week and I was nervous about throwing myself right back into a 12-mile long run, but I laced up my SuperComps and put on a hydration vest like a big girl and absolutely crushed it. Watching the Chicago Marathon today got me super pumped to do this all again in less than a month!

Follow Ashley’s journey on Instagram at @ashleymateo.



Whyyyyyy is the race not here yet??? Can we just be doooone! This has been thee most successful training cycle I’ve had, but I want it to be over. Highlight of the week was a hilly 16-mile solo run. Really proud of myself for not getting lost and finishing all 16. Loved watching all the friends crush Chicago! My New Balance SC Elite v3 arrived in the mail, and I can’t wait to take them on a date through the streets this week. Overall, another great week of training in the bag!

Follow Alison’s journey on Instagram at @alioop_0_o_runs.



I swear, just when I think I’m starting to string a few good weeks together, some random other shit happens and I’m back to a rebuild. Last week it was just not being able to fall asleep, so then I’d tell myself I’d run after I dropped the kids off at school, but then I started working, and nothing happened. Honestly, that’s just a straight-up lack of discipline.

Also, we drove to North Carolina on Friday morning for a family weekend vacation at the Outer Banks, where I did manage to squeeze in a 7-mile run (half of my original planned long run). I was hanging out with friends, late games of ping pong and Cutwater may have been involved.

Also, my kids enjoy collecting colds like Pokemon, so I ended up getting a really nice head and chest cold for the second time in the last 6 weeks. I was totally drained on my 7-mile run and took a couple more days off. It wasn’t Covid, so at least there’s that. Am I going to run NYC? Absolutely. Will I finish under 4 hours? Magic 8 ball says we will see.

Follow Robbe’s journey on Instagram at @normcorerunner.



Getting ready for the Baltimore marathon and tapering for that race. Last really hard workout is in the books and now just time to get after in on Saturday. Then gearing back up for NYC.

Follow Brandon’s journey on Instagram at @brandonrossi001.



Germy kids gave me all the germs but here’s the most embarrassing thing: I strained a muscle in my abdomen from doing a 20-minute slow-flow yoga class. Brutal. So between those two things, I didn’t run much until Thursday and then painfully pulled off an 18-mile long run. Terrible week of training but honestly? There’s nothing left to be done. Let’s zoom through this last month! I’ve done what I can, haha.

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Training for your own marathon?

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  1. Brian says:

    Eeek! Hope everybody that’s not 100% feels better soon! Covid derailed my training for Marine Corps marathon back in August….and then another minor chest cold last week had me taking a few more days off. Hoping to keep the germs at bay for 2 more weeks! I’m way undertrained….if I’m walking much of the final miles, so be it. Just excited to get back out there in a big race atmosphere!

    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      Thank you, good luck in your race!

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