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General Running • October 17, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 3 Weeks To Go

train to nyc 3 weeks

What You Need To Know


We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022


Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer


Check out our training recap for the week of October 9 to October 15 (three weeks until race day)


This past weekend was runner’s Christmas in Baltimore, aka the Baltimore Running Festival. Brandon was the only one on our team who actually ran (the rest of us were doing things in a working capacity), but he excelled above and beyond the call of duty. Some of us are still cruising in our training to NYC, while others are hitting some road bumps, but that’s just running, right?

No doubt, things are getting down to the wire as we’re less than three weeks out from race day. Crossing our fingers for good health over the coming weeks! See how all our training is going below.



Starting to come back to life after COVID! I’m still not feeling 100%, but sooo much better than last week. I kept every mile super easy. The highlight of this week was spectating the Baltimore Marathon. I just love watching runners go to the well and leave it all out on the course. I’m feeling motivated and inspired to get back at it this week.

Follow Meaghan’s journey on Instagram at @meaghanjmurray.



After an entire week and a half off, I’m back baby! Maybe Covid will turn out to be a good thing? It made me chill out after London whether I wanted to or not. The first couple runs back didn’t feel great and I was worried that I might have to struggle through NYC. I gave myself a head check and reminded myself that I still had three weeks to go. Nervously I agreed to get in a 10-mile run with Jarrett, though I was unsure if I was ready for a double digit run. However, once I got warmed up, I ended up doing 12 with him and ended up doing a negative split for the run. Watching friends take on the Baltimore Run Fest was a trip. The emotions around distance events are addictive.

Follow Thomas’s journey on Instagram at @tfneuberger.



After PR-ing at the Chicago Marathon last week, I did, well… nothing! Looking forward to re-upping in three weeks!

Follow Meghann’s journey on Instagram at @featherstonenutrition.



Can it be marathon weekend already?? I’m putting in the miles and getting the workouts done. Saturday was supposed to be my long run, but I pushed it to Sunday so I could cheer on everyone at the Baltimore Running Festival. It’s the best day in the city and this year was a blast. The problem was I was so wiped from the day that I was going to knock down my 22 mile run to 20 miles. Halfway through my run on Sunday, Thomas agreed to do 12 instead of his planned 10 and that was the push I needed to get the whole run done. Afterwards I had a legendary bagel from Meg, took a patented nap, and then devoured so much food. Marathon training has turned my stomach into a black hole. There’s no bottom. I’m forever hungry. Maybe I’ll go have my 12th snack today. Brb…

Follow Jarrett’s journey on Instagram at @jarrettweisberg.



I got a cold at the start of the week that was pretty bad. Not Covid thankfully, but it laid me out for about two days. I love running, but I can get real anxious about it when I’ve got big plans within it. Usually a run is the first thing I want to do when these feelings hit, but this week with being sick, having some heavy news hit here and there throughout the week, and the Baltimore Running Festival this past Saturday, I had found myself in a bit of a wind tunnel.

But, my cold subsided (still sound like I’m talking through a can), cheering for BRF and my run crew “A Tribe Called Run”  went amazingly well, and I was able to get in a nice 16-mile run in this Sunday. I really owe a lot to the running community here in Baltimore. Life throws many challenges your way, but you can overcome them with solid people and by solid yourself. Looking forward to doing 20 for next Sunday.

Stay solid.

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This week was all about reintroducing some speed to see if my legs were truly recovered from Berlin. I did a track workout with with 15+ minutes at threshold pace (my first run in the SC Elite!) and nailed it, and then did a 17-mile long run (oy) with 2 sets of 4 miles at marathon pace and also nailed it. My main priorities for the next three weeks are non-stop fueling and lots of sleep (I got 10 and a half hours after yesterday’s long run lol). At first I couldn’t believe I was doing this whole back-to-back marathon thing again, now I can’t wait to do race number two this fall.

Follow Ashley’s journey on Instagram at @ashleymateo.



Training has been going… well?? This  past week, I’ve gotten some hefty achievement trophies on the old Strava, which is comforting to know that even though I feel tired from all the miles in my legs, I’m able to still push. Whatever happens on race day, I know I’ve put the work in, and that’s a good feeling in itself.

Follow Alison’s journey on Instagram at @alioop_0_o_runs.



I was still getting over the previous week’s head cold at the start of last week, so was honestly just trying to sleep properly, which ended up not happening. That, combined with some other stressful life stuff just had me completely off everything and I just wanted the week to end. Part of that mess was that when I finally got a good run in, I rolled my ankle a half-mile from home, fell down, cut my hand all up on the pavement (which actually hurt more than my ankle), and was covered in mud. Oh, also it was pouring rain and happened in front of a bunch of stopped traffic. Luckily the sprain wasn’t super severe, so I was able to get a 5-mile “run” in this morning.

I also biked about 10 miles on Saturday covering the Baltimore Running Festival, so that was nice to get back to that after a few months off since I got doored. A two-mile hike on Sunday got me back on my feet. But I’m probably still a week out from actual solid running shape. I’m gonna be real– after the garbage mileage the last two weeks, it’s clear that I have no business running a marathon in three weeks. It could go spectacularly horrible. But I’m running that race, come hell or high water. Hoping to just string together time on feet over the next 20 days and see what happens.

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This past week was Baltimore Running Festival and race weekend for me. The week started out a little bit more rough than expected. I only logged 7 miles going into the marathon on Saturday so things were questionable to say the least! Despite the low mileage, I was able to race the marathon in Baltimore representing BITR and the Under Armour Flow Elite program. The result was good for 21st overall and a time of 2:49:38. I’ll take it considering the hilly course and hotter than expected conditions. Feeling strong for New York.

Follow Brandon’s journey on Instagram at @brandonrossi001.



I broke 40 miles! And got a couple bike rides in there as well. I’m so jazzed my body is holding it together, even with debilitating passive yoga injuries. I think I’m ready to taper though. Tapering is when I truly shine.

Follow Laura’s journey on Instagram at @lauramcgreen.


Training for your own marathon?

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