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General Running • October 25, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 2 Weeks To Go

train to nyc 2 weeks

What You Need To Know


We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022


Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer (and Supercomp Elite v3!)


Check out our training recap for the week of October 16 to October 22 (two weeks until race day)


Wow, we are seriously less than two weeks out from the New York City Marathon. At this point, we’ve logged hundreds of miles in our pairs of New Balance Supercomp Trainer (and a lot of miles in the Supercomp Elite v3 at this point). It’s taper time, so it’s time to trust our training and see what happens once we line up on that Staten Island start line. Are we feeling good? Most of us, yes. Some of us… we’ll see what race day brings.

If you are looking for that race day edge, check out the now-available Supercomp Elite v3 NYC edition, a pre-release of the shoe that won’t be available in standard colorways until February 2023. A handful of sizes remain, so get it before it’s gone.

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I did my first workout back after the London Marathon and ensuing bout with Covid. It felt great to get the legs turning over a little faster, but my body is feeling beat up. Not sure if that’s more related to the marathon or illness, but I think I’ll be good to go in two weeks. Can’t wait!

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I’m tired. It was my first week back to full training with speed work and everything. Even though we are running the marathon for fun, it is sinking in that this is gonna be hard regardless of pace. I did get in a 16-mile long run with Jarrett, clearly we had a pretty good time.

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Here we go again! Back at the miles; body isn’t sure what’s happening. Some days it’s supportive of two marathons in a month, some days it reminds me I’m a lunatic. Either way, I got a solid 18-miler in so that puts us straight into taper mode, I believe. Had fun trying out all the new New Balance kicks this weekend, which is very uncharacteristic for me. This #traintonyc has changed me!

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My body was wiped from my 22 miles last Sunday, so I took Monday off. It ended up being a good choice. Rest is important! Anyways, Wednesday was a hill repeat workout. I decided to pick a very steep hill and was regretting my decision by my second set of six repeats. Saturday I ran 18 miles with Thomas and we were working on our marathon plan. It involves handcuffing ourselves together to keep each other from getting too excited and picking the pace up.

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With only two weeks to go before the marathon, I feel like I’m preparing for a big quiz but started studying waaay late lol. That being said, I feel good! Ran a decent and easy 20-miler last Sunday, piggybacking off a nice 16-miler the Sunday before that. This has been a pretty interesting training period for me to be completely honest. There’s been a lot more “life” popping up than usual for my marathon training blocks, but I’m still feeling confident that I’ll achieve my goals come the big day. The year has been full of challenges, but my running has been consistently improving.

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I am so happy to be tapering again (for the second time in a month lol). I crushed a tempo track workout on Tuesday, but I was absolutely beat as a result when it came to my 16-mile long run on Saturday. It dinged my confidence a bit, but then I reminded myself that a) I’m doing the NYC Marathon for fun and b) one “eh” workout does not define your fitness. I’m excited to prioritize recovery and eating for the next two weeks, and could not be more pumped that we’re in the final countdown to NYC!

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It’s so weird having to restrain myself to 40 miles. Like what? Who am I even?? Highlight of the week was giving myself an awesome hilly workout on the tread, with nearly equal time spent in zone 2 and zone 4. My marathon level has gone up 3 times this week. Thanks Coros! 🤓 Also, equally as fun: polishing off an entire tub of cookies.

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So you know when taper time comes and people say “the hay is in the barn?” Dude, my hay is still growing in the field and I’m gonna pre-harvest that sh*t the morning of race day. Good news is that my rolled ankle feels fine after four highly-suspect runs last week where I overworked every muscle in my legs over-compensating.

I finally, finally, got in a longer-than-average long run with a 16-mile jaunt around Baltimore on Sunday. Granted, we had a neighborhood porch and patio crawl on Saturday and I was a host house, so we got tuned up pretty good for most of that day, which made Sunday a drag. Nevertheless, I got off the couch and got in the run late in the afternoon. Rain, darkness, dehydration, one gel, and a long hill at the end seemed like a pretty good race-day simulation for suckiness. Not even gonna lie, I was kinda trashed afterwards. Will be very interesting to see if I can tack on another 10 miles come race day. Somewhat nervous, somewhat excited, but I guess that’s no different than any other race.

Also, I ran in the Supercomp Elite v3 and am excited to take it the full distance. I like it much better than the last version, not as soft, and more responsive (for me anyway).

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Whoops! That did not go to plan, but some rest after Baltimore isn’t the worst thing. Been dealing with a foot injury so it’s first priority to get that sorted. But it has been healing progressively. Going to try running for the first time again on Monday. Hoping for a good run.

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I genuinely am so relieved to almost be done. I’ve been nursing a sore Achilles since day 1 and am thrilled it’s never escalated into anything and that I am so close to pulling this couch-to-marathon feat off. Also I’m entering that headspace of “I can probably PR” which is wildly optimistic, but that’s just what my competitive brain does. So, maybe we go for the PR? That could be fun.

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Training for your own marathon?

Make sure to pick up the New Balance Supercomp Trainer to get you through the bulk of your mileage. It’s one of our favorite shoes right now and gives you a ton of comfort and bounce over long miles. You can pick it up at the shop link below.

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