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Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 1 Week To Go

train to nyc race week

What You Need To Know

  • We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022
  • Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer (and Supercomp Elite v3!)
  • Check out our training recap for the week of October 24 to October 30 (race day is on SUNDAY!)

It’s hard to believe we’re finally here: race week for the New York City Marathon! We’ve put in so much work over the last 12 weeks (running in the New Balance Supercomp Trainer) getting ready for this race, and we’re ready to put it all out there on Sunday. Of course, we’ll get into town on Friday to pick up our bibs at the expo, but much more important than that– we want to meet you on Saturday!

We will be doing a shakeout run (around 3 miles) for anyone who wants to come, and let us just tell you now– it is going to be insane. I mean, just look at the roster of run royalty that will be showing up. We’ll also have some sick gear giveaways, all paces are welcome, and we’ll also have storage for anyone who wants to drop their stuff. So you really have no excuses. Please RSVP at the link below!

RSVP For The Shakeout Run

It’s raaaaace week! I logged a pretty solid workout last week consisting of 800’s followed by a few marathon-pace miles. I love the hybrid workouts that mix some shorter, faster paces and longer cruise miles. I absolutely hate taper week, so the next few days will be much less fun, but I cannot wait to run the New York City Marathon on Sunday. Let’s get to it, already!

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Coming in smooth for the second to last week. All the lights are green, easy runs, speed work, long run, check. I even got to test out our team singlet, and that thing is sweet! Cool temps made the miles more tolerable, but it looks like we are heading for a warm up. I am glad this isn’t a marathon that we are going after with maximum effort.

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New Balance team kits are absolute fire!

It’s the final count dowwwwwwn!!! And I couldn’t be more excited! This week the miles felt okay, a little flat still, and slightly unsure how this body is going to feel running another marathon. But, I am very excited to see the crew, rock this 400+ person shake out run, and experience all that is the NYC marathon together. I’m pretty sure the energy in NYC can carry me through anything; so if you see us, cheer extra loud (imma need it).

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s race week, and clearly the whole team is losing their mind. Runs are getting shorter and efforts are getting easier, yet I’m still devouring everything. I’ll definitely be carb-loaded for at least the next few days/years from all the bagels, mac and cheese, and baked ziti I had yesterday. Instead of water being 60% of the human body, I’m fairly certain I’ll be 60% gluten by race day.

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Are these things street legal?

Happy Halloween! This week I took it super easy and only ran my weekly group runs to ease into next week. I’ve been getting nothing but encouragement from everyone here in Baltimore, and a few folks are even coming up to New York to cheer me on! The amount of support has really been the driving force behind my outlook on the race. I’ve done what I could with my training and now it’s time to execute. For myself and for the people rooting for me!

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It’s the final countdown!! I did my final workout (6 miles at marathon pace) and my final long run (just 10 miles!), and I actually feel really ready for NYC despite the fact that I just ran a marathon six weeks ago. My run club in Denver has a whole crew going out, and we spend the week psyching each other up. The stoke level (and carb intake) is high! I can’t wait to be back in NYC on Friday.

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In the past week, I’ve gained 25 pounds and all my runs are now 30 minutes. Not total. Per mile. My body has shut down. The world is ending. Can we restart this thing so I can train again but do the taper week better?! I am FAILING the taper. Bring on race day.

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What a difference a week makes. I was really feeling beat up physically and even mentally after last week’s long run, so took two days off before logging three consecutive 6-mile days. Really felt good on that last one, but even so, was still not completely looking forward to an 18-20 mile long run on Sunday.

After getting a little bit of a late start, I did 8 miles on the hills in Loch Raven, outside of Baltimore before joining up with the Faster Bastards for the last 10 miles. Turns out they’re still way faster than I am at this point (really at any point), so I essentially finished the run alone, which was fine. The radiant peak foliage combined with temperatures in the 30’s provided all the elements for a classic fall long run. The hills are no joke up there; I bagged 1,200 feet of elevation over the run.

Felt pretty strong throughout, except for some soreness on long climbs. However, I was able to pick it up the last couple miles and finish strong. Overall, felt pretty great afterwards and today, which is a good sign for New York. Because I had missed so much training to due to injuries and sickness this go-around, it was a huge mental boost being able to get in a strong 18 before race day. Tapers are only real if you say they are.

Fully confident I’ll be able to line up and have a good, fun race, seeing all of New York City in a whole new way. Which is all I really want. So let’s do the dang thing.

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 Time to taper: let’s goooooo. Pretty stoked for the NYC marathon with it being my first major. Only one tune-up workout before getting on the line. Nervous, excited, but feeling ready to go.

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 I am a rare species that thrives in a taper because my mileage just never got high enough to feel the effects. That’s the trick, my friends. Low mileage just means you run right up to the marathon and just… go for a long 26.2 mile run. Ready to get this party started. And ended. I’m ready to shut this party down. 

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Training for your own marathon? Make sure to pick up the New Balance Supercomp Trainer to get you through the bulk of your mileage. It’s one of our favorite shoes right now and gives you a ton of comfort and bounce over long miles. You can pick it up at the shop link below.

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