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Under Armour Speedform Running Shoe Review

Thomas: I will admit at the outset that I am biased towards Under Armour’s running shoes. I have always thought they relied on gimmicks and flash instead of creating a quality running shoe. Personally I don’t know of one serious runner that wears Under Armour running shoes. They have been designated to gym rats, meat heads, and people that like wearing athletic shoes for fashion. On the other side of the coin, I have been hoping that Under Armour will fix their shoes and put out great products for runners. After all, Under Armour is a Baltimore based business and I live in Baltimore. I would love to support a local company and become a brand advocate for their running shoes. While Under Armour did not provide me with a pair of Speedform shoes, my friend Pete from Runblogger received two pairs from UA. Pete offered a pair to me that he hadn’t worn. I jumped at the chance to check out the Speedform. I had been hearing positive feedback from some runners I trust. Could Under Armour finally have a winner in the running shoe category?

The Good

The Under Armour Speedform shoe is super cool looking. When I slipped it on my barefoot the first time I was surprised how good it feels against the foot/skin. I rarely run sockless. I felt comfortable running sockless in the Speedform and had no blisters and only a minor hotspot on my right pinky toe. It may be a result of almost always wearing socks and then going sockless. The Speedform didn’t convert me to sockless running, I still prefer the protection of the extra layer. The upper fits well with room to wiggle your toes while both the heel and the mid-foot are secure in the shoe. The outsole is firm with enough stack height to keep your feet protected. I was happy with the firmness of the outsole paired with a good amount of flexibility. The shoes ride is light on the feet and have a fast feel. No energy is lost on squishy cushioning or extra weight (under 6 oz.) It is hard not to enjoy running in these shoes.

The Bad

Some may find the shoe too firm. After running sockless I did get a hot spot on the outside of my pinky toe, however this may be a result of me having pampered feet. Like I mentioned above I rarely, almost never run sockless.

The Conclusion

The Under Armour Speedform is the first Under Armour running shoe that I would recommend. It has a firm ride, paired with a low heel to toe differential leaning more to the “natural” side of running shoe category. It is a unique running experience, the closest comparison I can come up with is that the Speedform feels like a cross between Skechers GObionic and the GOrun Speed. I would limit my long mileage in the Speedform to half marathon distance. I would not recommend the shoe to a beginning runner. This shoe is more suited to mixing into your shoe rotation. The answer to the question, “Has Under Armour finally made a good running shoe?” The answer is no, it is a great running shoe.

Here is Runblogger’s take on the Under Armour Speedform

UA Speedform


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  1. Ryan McGrath says:

    I recently began running in the Speedforms and was surprised with the result. In the previous two “launches” of UA running shoes, I have not been pleased with the products. But the Speedform is different. I had a chance to speak with the guys who developed the shoes and understand the process behind it, and knowing their background, they wouldn’t put a shoe on the market they weren’t absolutely happy with.

    I wore the shoe once for a 6 mile run (with socks) before wearing it in a half marathon a few days later, opting to not wear socks. I don’t often go sockless and unfortunately I paid for it. I would have been okay if it were <10k, but the distance was just a little much and my feet got cut up. I have worn it for a few runs since and plan on continuing to race in it this fall. The fit is spot on, it's a light shoe but still supportive, and the sole is surprisingly cushioned.

    This is going to be my go-to shoe now for faster training efforts and races. I suspect it's probably good for about 250 miles so it won't be an every day trainer for me. I highly recommend this shoe.

  2. patrick voo says:

    thanks thomas – and also for your comment, ryan!

    the speedform definitely looks interesting – how did the outsole handle in terms of traction and perceived durability?

    1. Hi Patrick, Traction is solid, I intentionally ran through wet pavement and tried to slide my feet. The shoes passed the test. No skidding.It is a solid one piece midsole/outsole I think the durability should be good. I am curious where these shoes will break down. It will be awhile before I find out, we have a lot more shoes to review.

  3. Dillon Dunn says:

    As far as the fitting of the shoe would you prefer getting them in your regular size or going a size down. For instance I wear a size 12, should I go to a size 11.5?

    1. Regular size. I would NOT recommend going down a size. -T

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