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Newton Gravity Running Shoe Review

There are only around five running shoes that I recommend on a consistent basis over the last four years. They need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Lightweight

  • Low heel to toe drop

  • Durable

  • Good ride (how the shoe feels from landing to take off)

  • Flexible

  • In the middle of the spectrum between minimalist and over cushioned

The Newton Gravity is one of those shoes that meets these criteria. The first pair I purchased I took a gamble on. Not too many people had even heard of them. I had to order them online and they were the most expensive running shoe I had ever purchased. They cost $175 + shipping. About $65 more than any of my other running shoes. Running shoes for the most part were pretty dull looking back then, white or gray with a few color highlights in the overlays. The Newton Gravity at the time I purchased them were BRIGHT red with metallic silver overlays. In a word they were COOL. I had to have them. I am a midfoot striker so I took to the Newton lugs like a fat kid to cake. I could feel the energy return with every stride. The Newton Gravity were also a lot lighter in weight than other shoes on the market at the time. I was in love. I had a light weight shoe made for the way I run and they were fricken bright red!

Fast forward four years later and I don’t think you could find a runner that hasn’t heard of or seen Newton running shoes. Even with the color explosion that has swept the running shoe industry Newton still stands out. I have had three generations and four pairs of the Gravity. Two red pairs and two different electric blue pairs. Most of the changes happened in the 2012 version of the Gravity. The colors were updated for 2013. If it ain’t broke… The significant changes are:

  • More level profile: Sidewall EVA has been removed the midsole to reveal the shoes’ near-level profile (the Gravity has only a 3 millimeter drop).

  • More breathable: The wider-mesh upper to allows more rapid moisture evaporation, keeping our feet cooler and drier.

  • Improved Fit: Design changes to the upper create a wider toe box, and now fits more true-to-size.

  • Lighter weight: The net result is that the Gravity is 5% lighter than before

The Newtons used to be lightest training shoe in my rack. Other shoe companies have really been working hard to lighten up their shoes. Light shoes are huge on my list of what I like in a shoe. The Newton Gravity are still a light shoe weighing in at 9.1 oz.

Newton GravityI have narrow feet and the Newton Gravity fit my foot sublimely. I do know several runners that have wide feet and also find the fit perfect. Looking at the construction of the shoe I would attribute the versatility of the fit to the wider toe box and the “open throat” of the lacing and tongue area of the shoe. (insert picture) With this design the laces can be let out to create more room for wider feet or tightened to hold narrow feet secure.

Not everyone I recommend the Gravity to ends up buying them. I think one of the biggest deterrents is the price. At $175 a lot of runners don’t want to take the risk. You can get a large amount of terrific shoes around $100, almost 50% less. But I would counter that you can easily get the mileage out of the Gravity that will help make up the difference in the price.

So I have told you all about the things I like about the shoe. I must have some stuff I don’t right? Of course. My biggest issue with the Newton Gravity arises from the way my foot strikes the pavement. I supinate, meaning my foot lands on the outside edge when running. After awhile I start to saw down the outside lug on the shoe, which eventually leads to a lopsided shoe. Once it gets severe enough I have to retire the Gravity so that I don’t cause an injury. That’s it that is my problem with the Gravity. I still recommend you try them out. I know many runners at all levels that swear by their Newtons.


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  1. Brad Patterson (@patterbt) says:

    What are the other 5 shoes that you consistently recommend?

    1. Funny you should ask, I will be posting them in time for X-mas shopping. 😉

  2. Tom Quade says:

    I like the gravity, but also like the energy even more. Like the author, I land on the outside lug the most, and it wears a bit quicker than all the others. would love them to try a 5 lug gravity…….

  3. Tera says:

    I am a fellow supinator and just ordered some gravity’s. How many miles do you typically put on them before you have to replace them? I have always ran with mizunos and around 300 miles they start bothering my foot. I am hoping my newtons will last longer.

    1. Did you order the latest model with 5 lugs?

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