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Road Running Shoes • September 14, 2022

First Look: New Balance NYC Marathon Collection

new balance nyc marathon collection
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What You Need To Know


New Balance is gearing up for a trip through the five boroughs


You can almost feel the ‘Murica in the three special colorways


Between the More v4, Rebel v3, and SC Elite v3, it’s a complete training rotation


Available September 20 (More v4 and Rebel v3) and October 18 (SC Elite v3)


The rumors are true — the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon is right around the corner. If you haven’t heard (which we doubt), we’ll be there. We’re deep in the middle of training for the tour of all five boroughs with a bit of help from New Balance, and now they’re making training a little better for everyone. The famed Boston-based brand (and sponsor of the race) has finally unveiled its special NYC Marathon colorways for three shoes, and we’ve already opened our wallets. (Especially since we won’t see the SC Elite v3 again until its wide release in February 2023.)

Even though we’ve been training in the New Balance SC Trainer for most of our miles, this unique set of shoes is basically a dream rotation. Between the everyday cruising More v4, the tempo-ready Rebel v3, and your first official chance at picking up the carbon-plated SC Elite v3, the only thing you’re missing for New York is a bib. Let’s take a quick look at each of the special colorways.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our weekly training log as we work up to race day.

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New Balance Fresh Foam More v4

new balance nyc more v4

As with any good marathon training block, we’ll start slowly and work through the paces. The first shoe in the New Balance NYC Marathon collection is the Fresh Foam More v4 with a midsole thicker than a schmear of cream cheese on an everything bagel, and a colorway that’s just as clean. The design team probably didn’t take inspiration from the classic post-run meal, but good luck picturing anything else now.

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New Balance’s white upper and Fresh Foam X cushion slab are highlighted with a few well-placed red hits, as well as some bright red rubber for the outsole in case you need more color. We’ve declared the More v4 as a worthy successor to the max cushion crown, and a clean, monochrome colorway certainly doesn’t take away from that, at least until your first training run in the pouring rain.

You’ll be able to pick up this version of the New Balance More v4 on September 20 for $165.

Shop New Balance More v4 – Men

Shop New Balance More v4 – Women


New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3

new balance nyc rebel v3

We’ll be honest, the Rebel v3 surprised us a little bit. Not because it’s a great shoe (we were hoping for that), but because it broke cover early. This is your second shot at a colorway for the new uptempo trainer after the all-white version dropped out of the blue last week. We’ve had plenty of time to put some miles in the shoe, which just might eclipse the previous version. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to organize our full review yet, but we can offer you some first thoughts while you wait for the whole shebang.

As for the design, the New Balance Rebel v3 might not be as visually stunning as last year, but it’s built to last longer. The previous two-piece upper tended to blow out the lateral seams, so the folks at New Balance decided to switch to a one-piece upper. This time around, it comes in a stunning blue color that’s topped off with red hits that match its More v4 cousin perfectly. The white FuelCell midsole helps to wrap everything in a patriotic bow, and yes, it’s a little thicker than last year.

This version of the New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3 is set to launch on September 20 for $145.

Shop New Balance Rebel v3 – Men

Shop New Balance Rebel v3 – Women


New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3

new balance nyc sc elite v3

Last and certainly not least (I mean, it’s the racer, how could it be least?), we have the New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3. Yeah, the shoe that’s not supposed to be coming out for months is making a surprise early appearance. Why? Well, if the pros want to run in it, it has to be available to the public first. It’ll certainly be the hardest of the three to get your hands on, though, just like when Puma dropped its Fast-R a few months back.

If you do manage to get a pair into your cart, you’re in for a treat — at least, we assume so. We haven’t actually gotten our own feet into a pair yet, but what more could you want? We loved the cushion and pop of the RC Elite v2, and this figures to be a more refined version of the same. After all, doing all of our training in the SC Trainer has us sold on Energy Arc.

The shoe itself features a bright red upper with blue details that slowly fades into a dark blue heel. You won’t have to guess who makes the shoe since the New Balance logo is absolutely massive. The stack of FuelCell foam looks like it wraps up around the sides of your foot, which should be a nice boost in terms of stability.

So far, the FuelCell SC Elite v3 is the only one of the New Balance trio with a product page, so you can earmark your $250 and wait anxiously at the link below. Get it while you can, because you won’t see it again until 2023.

Shop New Balance SC Elite v3 – Men

Shop New Balance SC Elite v3 – Women


Last note

The collection also features New Balance’s premium Impact Run and Q Speed apparel, which blends modern and sleek looks with high-performance technology. Notable pieces within the collection include the NB Essentials Logo Crew and Impact Run Tank that feature graphic renderings of the Empire State Building, and a variety of tees that sport a “Marathon State Of Mind” tagline. Consumers will also find a variety of pieces that were designed with versatility in mind, such as the Q Speed Sherpa Anorak Jacket, a black asymmetrical Q Speed Crop Bra and a Q Speed 7/8 Tight. These pieces vary in suggested retail prices of $30 to $130.


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