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Road • August 31, 2022

New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 Review: More? More Like Most

new balance fresh foam more v4 cover
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What You Need To Know


Weighs 11.7 oz. (330 g.) for a US M10.5 / 8.9 oz. (252 g.) for a US W7


There’s somehow even more foam underfoot


It’s still the gold standard when it comes to long runs


Oh, and somehow it got a price cut?!?


Available now for $150


MEAGHAN: The New Balance More v3 came in real hot last year. I think it caught us all by surprise in the best way possible. More recently, I had the opportunity to provide wear testing feedback on newer versions of this model, and it’s been quite the treat.

If you were delighted with the stack on the last iteration, you’ll be excited to hear that the Fresh Foam More v4 gained an extra millimeter (34mm heel / 30mm forefoot for a 4mm drop). This update has 66% more displacement (cushioning), and it’s the softest Fresh Foam X midsole compound yet. With the extra foam and softer cushioning, you also get 6% more energy return. It’s a bouncy cush. Similar to the SC Trainer, New Balance carved out foam through the heel to reduce weight, provide extra bounce and increase the overall stability.

The upper remains similar to the previous version, a modified engineered mesh with reflective details for visibility. There are some new overlays through the midfoot, which provide some additional structure. Flat, stretchy laces and a plush collar and tongue (though slightly less padded) remain for overall comfort.

So is more really more? Let’s dive in.

THOMAS: If you didn’t know, Meg and I are married and business partners. As married people, we’ve visited Home Goods, TJ Max, or Marshalls and have seen the apex of home decor, the “Happy wife, happy life” painted wood sign planted comfortably next to the classic “Live, Laugh, Love.” And as corny as that saying is, when Meg is happy, everything is better. Running in max cushion shoes makes Meg happy, so by proxy, the New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 makes us both happy.

As Meg mentioned above, we didn’t see the More v3 coming. It ended up being our favorite max cushion shoe for 2021. I wanted to know how New Balance could improve the shoe, so I was eager to try the new version out.

JARRETT (WIDE-FOOT): The chonkiest of chonks is back to try to hold on to the title of the cushion king. I’ve been waiting quite some time to see the New Balance Fresh Foam More v4. With the new iteration, it seems like the only obvious update was more. More everything. And guess what? More everything was the right choice.

new balance fresh foam more v4 heel

The Good

MEAGHAN: If you know anything about my shoe preference, it’s that I love a giant slab of foam. No ground feel needed. As I noted in the introduction, that’s exactly what you get with New Balance Fresh Foam More v4. The step-in feel has got to be one of the best. It’s an all-around plush shoe, and the soft Fresh Foam X underfoot provides comfort that’s hard to beat.

I was worried that this foam compound may have gotten too soft, but the shoes came to life on the roads. There’s an unexpected responsive, bouncy element, and the wide base/platform and a (34mm/30mm stack) 4mm drop ensure a stable ride. Similar to its predecessor, there’s some rubber placement beneath all the foam for added durability and traction. I’ve easily put 200+ miles on this shoe without any real wear and tear.

The engineered mesh upper is simple in design, with a comfortable stretch through the forefoot. I found the shoes fit true to size and accommodate my wide feet well. The flat, stretchy laces keep the foot locked down, and I never had any hot spots or blisters (a rarity this summer).

Even with all the cushioning, the shoes are a very reasonable 8.9 oz. for a US W7. I also have to note the $150 price tag. This shoe actually went down in price ($165) from last year’s model.

THOMAS: I don’t think there’s another shoe on the market with this much cush for $150. The New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 feels so premium, I checked the price to make sure we had it right.

Typically, I don’t like super soft shoes for anything but slow recovery miles. However, The More v4 has some bounce and is fun to turn over. Don’t get me twisted, I’m not using it on tempo days, but the shoe is much more versatile than I expected.

The shoe is generous in the toebox and the upper as a whole. People complaining about the Hoka Bondi being too narrow will love the fit of the More v4. There isn’t anything out of the ordinary about the upper. It breathes well and fits true to size, if not a little on the big side. I wonder if I could go down a half size, but overall, I had no issue with my US M10.5.

JARRETT (WIDE-FOOT): New Balance says this is the highest stack and softest Fresh Foam X midsole ever. The More name is really living up to the expectations we’ve put on it. That extra mm of Fresh Foam X makes a difference and is noticeably softer in the heel than the v3. In addition to the height, the width increased slightly to ensure it would remain stable and not end up like some of the wobbly nightmares.

I think the shoe shines on easy or long runs where the pace isn’t as important. It’s soft, insanely comfortable, and easy on the feet. However, I did a 15-mile run and could speed it up a little during a few middle miles. The cushion feels so good, but it has a bounciness to it that is great.

I love when a 2E fits well without discomfort, and the More v4 does not disappoint. The engineered mesh upper fits my foot extremely well, and the toe box has enough room. The lateral N logo is reflective for the runners looking for extra visibility, and so are two strips around the heel.

Shop New Balance More v4 – Men

Shop New Balance More v4 – Women

new balance fresh foam more v4 on step

The Bad

MEAGHAN: I really don’t have anything negative to say about this shoe, but if we’re nit-picking, the upper can feel warm. I’ve been logging miles in Florida’s hot, humid air, and while the plush upper is comfortable, it can also heat up pretty quickly.

THOMAS: This is where things get personal. Like what I would want to be tailored to me. The upper is very generous. Pulling the laces tight enough to get a secure lockdown took a couple of tries. I’ve been told my foot is a pencil, but if they didn’t make a 2E wide for Jarrett, I would recommend he try the regular D width.

My other gripe is the tongue. There isn’t a gusset. Again if you’re on the edge of wide feet, the lack of gusset might work for you, but I want the foot hug the gusset provides. Finally, the weight. Why are shoes getting heavier? The More v4 weighs 11.7oz/330g for a US M10.5. The bounce from the Fresh Foam X helps you forget the weight, but holy cow.

JARRETT (WIDE-FOOT): On a few of my runs, I noticed the tongue slide over to the side. A gusseted tongue would have solved this and kept it in place. My US M10.5 2E weighed 11.9 oz. It doesn’t feel like a super bulky shoe, but I need to comment on the weight gain from v3 because it’s borderline hefty.

Something else to be aware of is the width. In the More v3, the upper was incredibly accommodating and was one of the widest wide shoes. Some people who wear 2E could wear the regular width easily. On the v4, the lateral sidewall foam sits up almost above the foot. This keeps the midfoot in place well but also doesn’t allow as much stretching. The 2E fits me very well, but I wanted to be clear that if you wear wide and went standard width on the last model, the 2E may be more necessary here.

Shop New Balance More v4 – Men

Shop New Balance More v4 – Women


New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 Conclusion

MEAGHAN: The New Balance MoreV4 is the ultimate plush max cushioned trainer. I laced this shoe up run after run for airport trips, grocery shopping, and everything in between. It’s hard to beat this comfort level, and the bright white aesthetics are icing on the cake. If you love plush comfort, put this shoe on your list.

THOMAS: There’s a strong chance that the New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 will be my pick for max cushion trainer. You might ask, what about the New Balance SC Trainer? And I will admit that it will be a close call that comes down to how I would use the shoes and the price tag.

At $150, the More v4 is a no-brainer to add to your collection. You’ll be getting soft, responsive, stable cushioning that will help your body avoid taking a pounding. The Hoka Bondi was the gold standard in max cushion, but the More v4 makes the Bondi feel like a brick underfoot by comparison. Some runners will like the firmer feel of the Bondi, but the soft landing a rebound from the Fresh Foam X won me over. Now, if I could put the Bondi narrow upper on the More v4, I might be in heaven.

JARRETT (WIDE-FOOT): If you have run in the other New Balance Fresh Foam shoes and just wanted extra cushioning, look no further. The Fresh Foam More v4 might be the golden standard of max-cushioned shoes. I know there will be a million questions regarding this and the SuperComp Trainer, so here is my quick take. The More v4 is more stable and has a much more traditional daily trainer feel, but with a ton of underfoot foam. The SuperComp Trainer has a sleeker feel and is more squishy because of how soft the FuelCell foam is.

I could see myself running in the More v4 on easy or recovery days and doing my long runs where I’m not too worried about pace in the SuperComp Trainer. To my #WideFootFam, the new struggle is figuring out which wide shoes to get. It’s a problem we have been practically begging for. I will say the More v4 should definitely be on the buy list.

You can pick up the New Balance Fresh Foam More v4 for $150 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

Shop New Balance More v4 – Men

Shop New Balance More v4 – Women

new balance fresh foam more v4 toe


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  1. Miki says:

    Which shoe has a higher stack height- the More 4 or the SC Trainer?

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